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The aim of the writer, throughout the following pages, has been to present a true picture of the poet MOORE--the man, his life, and works. The facts have been carefully culled from reliable sources; and various opinions regarding the poet and his writings, although formed from different points of view, have nevertheless, in accordance with this aim, been duly recorded. Copious extracts from his Poems and from his Diary are also given, so as to enable the reader, while making use of the information, criticism, and guidance herein afforded, also, independently, to judge of and enjoy for himself what we set before him.

A. J. S.





The pieces distinguished by an asterisk (*) are given in full.

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Page *ODES OF ANACREON XXXV. XXIV. XV. XXIX. XLI. XLVI., 13-17 Lines to his Mother,

20 My Birth-day,

21 To Lord Viscount Strangford,

25 To the Marchioness Dowager of Donegall. From Bermuda, 26 To George Morgan, Esq. From Bermuda,

27 Bermuda,

28 To the Hon. W. R. Spencer, from Buffalo, upon Lake Erie, 29 To the Lady Charlotte Rawdon. From the Banks of the St. Lawrence,

32 *Canadian Boat-song,

33 Byron on Jeffrey and Moore,

36 *Susan (Young Love liv'd once in a Humble Shed),

38 From THE TWOPENNY POST-BAG.— *Letter I.,

42 Do.


*Letter V., with Inclosure, 44 Lines addressed to Leigh Hunt and his Brother,

46 * Dialogue between a Sovereign and a One Pound Note,

47 *The Irish Slave,

49 *A Vision—in Imitation of Coleridge,

50 From LALLA ROOKH.From 1. The Veiled Prophet: Zelica's Love,

63 From II. Paradise and the Peri: Introduction,

63 Syria,

65 The Tears of Penitence,


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