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temptuously disdain the invitation here given him to learn. Let him pass on from this hum. ble porch which we, unworthy, have presumed . to raise before the entrance of the stately build.

ing, to judge for himself of its fair proportions, stable grandeur, and rich furniture. But let him first pause upon the threshold, and there kneeling, implore that light and grace from above, which alone can give efficacy to the words of man's lips, or value to the dispositions of his heart. And, good reader, dear to us in Christ, our poor prayer accompanies you for blessing on your endeavours; and at their close, when, as we trust, you will be one with us in faith, you will lovingly repay us by yours, thus requiting any little pains we may have taken for your sake.

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LETTER VIII. Second fallacious rule, the

scriptures according to each person's particular
interpretation of it. Christ did not intend

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