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iniquity, and consign themselves to the execration of mankind. But the people of England will have no part with them,—they will never consent that the blood of the brave should flow in such an unhallowed cause, they will never believe it to be their interest to devastate one-third of the empire with sword and famine, to annihilate their resources, to waste their strength in internal dissensions, to expose themselves defenceless to the contempt and hostility of their neighbours. No; they will sooner decree the extinction of Orangeism; they will rather aid the gigantic efforts of a whole people, grown too big for their chains, and too strong for their bondage, to overturn that proud, selfish, obstinate, vindictive, and tyrannical ascendancy, which has so long been the bane of England and the curse of Ireland. The conquest will be easy : let us not calculate the strength of the ascendancy faction by its apparent tenacity of life. The dying struggles of a reptile are more convulsive than the expiring agonies of a lion. That a handful of miserable bigots, besotted with indulgence and blinded by self-love, should strut, and fret, and vapour in the impotence of their rage, is only consistent with the folly by which they have so long been guided. Whether this innate folly is to accomplish their ruin by an act of felo de se, or whether the Duke of Wellington is to have the honour of adding one more to his

triumphs, by annihilating this pigmy race at the sound of his voice, a few coming months will determine. But the merit of destroying them, happy as the achievement would be, would fall infinitely short of the glory of restoring a whole nation, sick with the fatal malady of tyrannic misrule, to liberty and life. This splendid triumph is still within the grasp of the gallant duke : if he desire immortality, he may now insure it. In the joy of her liberation, Ireland will forget that she was ever straitened;—in her new-born happiness she will cease to remember that she was ever miserable;—the reign of love will obliterate the dominion of terror;—an exuberance of generous feeling will absorb all the bitter recollections of her former wrongs; and the rising generation will hail him as their deliverer and regenerator, and hand him down to posterity, not only as the first captain of the age, but as the SaviouR OF HIS COUNTRY.

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As those parts of the Oaths and Declarations required of members of Parliament, which touch

upon controverted points of Religion, form the basis of this discussion, I will begin with the tenets recited therein, taking them in the order in which they are there introduced.

The Oaths and Declarations to which we object, are as follows :

“And I do declare, That no Foreign Prince, Person, Prelate, State, or Potentate, hath, or ought to have, any Jurisdiction, Power, Superiority, Preeminence, or Authority, Ecclesiastical or Spiritual, within this Realm."


I, A. B. do solemnly and sincerely, in the Presence of God, profess, testify, and declare, That I do believe, that in the Sacrament of the Lord's

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