Herodotus, Zväzok 4

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L. Hansard & Sons, 1812

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Strana 215 - And the pots, and the shovels, and the snuffers, and the spoons, and all the vessels of brass wherewith they ministered, took they away.
Strana 180 - And there was trembling in the host, in the field, and among all the people : the garrison, and the spoilers, they also trembled, and the earth quaked : so it was a very great trembling.
Strana 388 - Wherefore they arose and fled in the twilight, and left their tents, and their horses, and their asses, even the camp as it was, and fled for their life.
Strana 260 - The advantage of receiving the earliest intelligence, and of conveying their orders with celerity, induced the emperors to establish, throughout their extensive dominions, the regular institution of posts. Houses were everywhere erected at the distance only of five or six miles ; each of them was constantly provided with forty horses, and, by the help of these relays, it was easy to travel an hundred miles in a day along the Roman roads.
Strana 318 - HIGH on a throne of royal state, which far Outshone the wealth of Ormus and of Ind, Or where the gorgeous East with richest hand Showers on her kings barbaric pearl and gold, Satan exalted sat...
Strana 336 - Achilles (thus the phantom said,) Sleeps my Achilles, his Patroclus dead ? Living, I seem'd his dearest, tenderest care, But now forgot I wander in the air. Let my pale corse the rites of burial know, And give me entrance in the realms below : Till then the spirit finds no resting place, But here and there the unbodied spectres chacc 90 The vagrant dead around the dark abode, Forbid to cross the irremeable flood.
Strana 17 - ... their principal dependence in action is on cords made of twisted leather, which they use in this manner : when they engage an enemy they throw out these cords, having a noose at the extremity : if they entangle1 in them either horse or man, they without difficulty put them to death.
Strana 174 - He spake ; and, to confirm his words, out flew Millions of flaming swords, drawn from the thighs Of mighty Cherubim ; the sudden blaze Far round illumined Hell.
Strana 198 - But if they say thus, Come up unto us; then we will go up : for the LORD hath delivered them into our hand : and this shall be a sign unto us. And both of them discovered themselves unto the garrison of the Philistines: and the Philistines said, Behold, the Hebrews come forth out of the holes where they had hid themselves.
Strana 31 - Who can think one thing, and another tell, My soul detests him as the gates of hell : — siitog that is, I hate him as death, or I hate him mortally.

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