The cruise of the Challenger life boat, and voyage from Liverpool to London, in 1852

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William Pickering, 1853 - 119 strán (strany)

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Strana i - If by your art, my dearest father, you have Put the wild waters in this roar, allay them : The sky, it seems, would pour down stinking pitch, But that the sea, mounting to the welkin's cheek, Dashes the fire out. O ! I have suffered With those that I saw suffer : a brave vessel, Who had no doubt some noble creature in her, Dash'd all to pieces. O ! the cry did knock Against my very heart. Poor souls ! they perish'd.
Strana 117 - Unfortunately for the author, it is of that kind which is known among logicians as an
Strana 31 - Enough, I sought to drive away The lazy hours of peaceful day ; Slight cause will then suffice to guide A Knight's free footsteps far and wide, — A falcon flown, a greyhound strayed, The merry glance of mountain maid ; Or, if a path be dangerous known, The danger's self is lure alone.
Strana 117 - St. David's Head, and in the Bristol Channel, off Padstow. The coxswain declares that no sea ever broke over them, but that the raft rose buoyantly to the waves. On a trial in smooth water, off Woolwich, it held way fairly with a life-boat. No opportunity has yet been afforded for trying its powers in pulling off shore against a gale of wind to a wreck, but she has frequently beached and rowed off again in a strong breeze. THE LIFE-BOAT.
Strana 76 - Catamarans comprises a numerous body— but they cannot be made applicable to the purposes of a Life-boat, when required to pull off a lee-shore in a gale of wind.
Strana 2 - ... lifted by the sea, so as to throw one tube out of the water, the wave would immediately have free course between the tubes, and would, by its own action upon the second tube, compel a righting of the boat.
Strana iv - ... faulty in their form, faulty in their fittings, and faulty in their mode of ballasting, as we shall proceed to show.
Strana 2 - ... one or two compartments from an accident of this kind would not materially impair the efficiency of the craft. Along the outside of each tube there is a substantial circular cork fender, which...
Strana ix - BOATS, which can be upset, swamped, or waterlogged, by any contingencies of winds or waves, in the open seas, are unworthy of the name of Lifeboats.

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