Letters of Alexander Von Humboldt: Written Between the Years 1827 and 1858, to Varnhagen Von Ense. Together with Extracts from Varnhagen's Diaries, and Letters from Varnhagen and Others to Humboldt

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Trübner and Company, 1860 - 334 strán (strany)

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Strana 70 - Save base authority from others' books. These earthly godfathers of heaven's lights, That give a name to every fixed star, Have no more profit of their shining nights, Than those that walk, and wot not what they are.
Strana 125 - Although I have not the honour of being personally known to you, I hope you will excuse the liberty I now take, in addressing you on the subject of a transaction more than once alluded to by you, in which an ancestor of mine was unhappily concerned. I allude to the slaughter of Lord Kilpont, son of the Earl of Airth and Monteith, in 1644, by James Stewart of Ardvoirlich.
Strana 57 - Nunc demum redit animus; sed quamquam primo statim beatissimi saeculi ortu Nerva Caesar res olim dissociabiles miscuerit, principatum ac libertatem, augeatque cotidie felicitatem temporum Nerva Traianus...
Strana 58 - Quod si vita suppeditet, principatum divi Nervae et imperium Traiani, uberiorem securioremque materiam, senectuti seposui, rara temporum felicitate ubi sentire quae velis et quae sentias dicere licet.
Strana 182 - Humboldt writes (27th February, 1847). 'and this man made an uncomfortable impression upon me at Stolzenfels. "I know," ho said to me, "that you sympathise greatly with the misfortunes of the Russian Poles. Unfortunately, the Poles are as little deserving of our sympathy as the Irish.
Strana 163 - Quindia, les magnifiques Céroxylons à l'époque de la maturité des fruits, en a fait abattre un, et a bien voulu, à son retour, me faire part des semences qu'il en avait recueillies. Mises en terre le printemps passé, aucune n'a encore levé; mais les ayant visitées dernièrement, je les ai trouvées toutes saines, et il y en avait deux où l'on voyait un léger renflement à la base. Je serais heureux, et même un peu fier de posséder quelque...
Strana 179 - Kosmos" there occurs once (p. 159) the expression Star-carpet, to explain the starless spots by openings in the firmament. The book on Mexican Monuments, which he makes me a present of, I bought two years ago. A fine illustrated edition of Lord Byron's works would have been a more delicate compliment. It is strange, too, that he never mentions Queen Victoria ; who, perhaps, does not find my book on Nature sufficiently Christian. You see, I judge severely when Princes write.
Strana 82 - Humboldt has given me a very favourable account of England. At court, great splendour, but a simple and natural mode of private life ; conversation easy and friendly, and good-natured in its tone, even between the members of rival political factions. Peel he does not like, did not like him before, says that he looks lite a Dutchman, is rather vain than ambitious, has narrow views.
Strana 15 - ... personally informing myself as to my friend's health, I am driven, alas ! to writing to beg you will kindly send me back the letter of the Duchess of Dessau, containing the kind expressions about our dear beatified friend. A. v. HUMBOLDT. Thursday. XVI. HUMBOLDT TO VARNHAGEN. Berlin, 27 October, 1834. I am going to press with my work, — the work of my life. The mad fancy has seized me of representing in a single work the whole material world, — all that is known to us of the phenomena of...

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