... Sir Roger de Coverley Papers: From the Spectator

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Century Company, 1902 - 108 strán (strany)

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Strana 31 - lias often told me, that at his coming to his estate he found his parishioners very irregular; and that in order to make them kneel and join in the responses, he gave every one of them a hassock and a common-prayer book : and at the same time employed an itinerant singing-master, who goes about the
Strana 7 - upon by his friends rather as matter of raillery than truth. He is now in his fiftysixth year, cheerful, gay, and hearty; keeps a good house in both town and country; a great lover of mankind; but there is such a mirthful cast in his behaviour, that he is rather
Strana 96 - —Hor. MY friend Sir Roger de Coverley, when we last met together at the club, told me, that he had a great mind to see the new tragedy with me, assuring me at the same time, that he had not been at a play these twenty years.
Strana 67 - a goddess. Upon my soul, I speak what I think; she 's an angel." " Ah, Mr. Thornhill, you only flatter my poor girl. But we have been thinking of marrying her to one of your tenants, whose mother is lately dead, and who wants a manager. You know whom I mean, Farmer
Strana 38 - lumen, ave.—Epig. i. 69. Let Rufus weep, rejoice, stand, sit, or walk, Still he can nothing but of Naevia talk; Let him eat, drink, ask questions, or dispute, Still he must speak of Naevia, or be mute. He writ to his father, ending with this line, I am, my lovely Naevia, ever thine. R. No. 114.]
Strana 121 - REFORMATION IN THE JAIL—TO MAKE LAWS COMPLETE, THEY SHOULD REWARD AS WELL AS PUNISH. THE next morning early I was awakened by my family, whom I found in tears at my bedside. The gloomy strength of everything about us, it seems, had daunted them. I gently rebuked their sorrow, assuring them
Strana 82 - to its inhabitants. What they may then expect may be seen by turning our eyes to Holland, Genoa, or Venice, where the laws govern the poor, and the rich govern the law. I am, then, for, and would die for, monarchy, sacred monarchy, for if there
Strana 88 - —This was followed by a vain laugh of his own, and a deep silence of all the rest of the company. I had nothing left for it but to fall fast asleep, which I did with all speed.—" Come," said he, " resolve upon it, we will make a wedding at the next town: we will
Strana 38 - and the musical glasses. But we could have borne all this had not a fortune-telling Gipsy come to raise us into perfect sublimity. The tawny sibyl no sooner appeared than my girls came running to me for a shilling apiece to cross her hand with silver. To say the
Strana 103 - the knight put me in mind of my promise from the bottom of the staircase, but told me that if I was speculating, he would stay below till I had done. Upon my coming down, I found all the children of the family got about my old friend; and my landlady

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