Statistical Survey of the County of Mayo: With Observations on the Means of Improvement : Drawn Up in the Year 1801, for the Consideration, and Under the Direction of the Dublin Society

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Graisberry and Campbell, 1802 - 168 strán (strany)

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Strana xi - State of education, fchools, and charitable inftitutions, — — of abfentee and refident proprietors^ — — of circulation of money or paper, of farming or agricultural focieties, ; of manufactures, whether increafing, of encouragement to them, and the peculiar aptnefs of the...
Strana ii - REPORT is at present printed and circulated for the purpose merely of procuring further information, respecting the state and husbandry of this district, and of enabling every one interested in the welfare of this country to examine it fully, and contribute his mite to its improvement. The Society do not deem themselves pledged to any opinion given by the Author of this Survey ; and they desire, that nothing contained in it be considered as their sentiments; they have only published it, as the Report...
Strana ix - Ipecies of grain fowed, Courfe of crops, Ufe of oxen — how harnefled, Nature and ufe of implements of hufbandry, Markets for grain, Ufe of green food in winter. PASTURE. Nature of it. , Breed of cattle — how far improved, , — — — how...
Strana 78 - ... -analyfis, and an appropriate manure applied ; in general, they fhould firft be burned, if capable of that operation, then gravelled ; if their upper parts contain a fufficiency of the carbonaceous principle, as often happens, they need not be burned. Limeftone gravel will...
Strana x - Price of wages, labour and provifions, ' * State of tithe, its general amount on each article — what articles are exempt, and what charged by modus, fc Ufe of beer and fpirits — whether either or which is increafing, State of roads, bridges, &c.
Strana 60 - I fhall lay down a fecond general maxim, which is, that dung is a proper ingredient in the appropriated manures of all forts of foils , as it fupplies the carbonaceous principle. Of Clayey Loam. This foil is defective, either in the calcareous ingredient, or in the fandy, or in both ; if in the firft, the proper manure is chalk * ; if in the fecond, fand ; if in both, filiceous marie, or limeftone gravel, or effete lime and fand.

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