Frid. Aug. Guil. Wenckii ... Codex iuris gentium recentissimi, Zväzok 2

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Strana 470 - Jerusalem, de Navarra, de Granada, de Toledo, de Valencia, de Galicia, de Mallorca, de Sevilla, de Cerdeña, de Cordova, de Córcega, de Murcia, de Jaén, de los Algarves...
Strana 493 - ... of the Lord Chancellor or Lord Keeper of the great seal for the time being, and...
Strana 379 - LOUIS, par la grâce de Dieu, Roy de France & de Navarre: A tous ceux, qui ces pre'fentes lettres verront, SALUT.
Strana 369 - ... car tel est notre plaisir. En témoin de quoi nous avons fait mettre notre scel à cesdites présentes.
Strana 267 - Ъе it further enacted by the Authority aforefaid, That it fhall and may be lawful to and for...
Strana 337 - Saint Esprit. Ainsi soit il. Soit notoire à Tous Ceux, qu'il appartiendra ou peut appartenir, en Manière quelconque.
Strana 585 - Bashaw himself, from whom only they shall receive judgment, in case the difference should happen between a subject of Great Britain and another of this Government, or any other Foreign nation ; but if it should be between two of His Britannic Majesty's subjects, then it is to be decided by the British Consul only.
Strana 455 - And if after* the conclu firm of this peace, any fhips fhall happen to be taken by either powers, within fix months after the proclamation of the peace, that the fame, with the people and effects, fhall be reftored. Made and declared in the presence of the Emperor's fervant Ahammed , Bafha, fon of Alli\ fon of Abdula, by the authority given to him by the Emperor.
Strana 267 - ... aggrieved to take and enter in open Court, at the time of pronouncing such decree, judgment, or sentence, or at any time thereafter, within ten days, by lodging the same in the hands of the Clerk of Court, and...
Strana 496 - ... and that I will administer the government of this realm, and of all the dominions thereunto belonging, according to the laws, customs, and statutes thereof, and will in all things, to the utmost of my power and...

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