The Ecology of Learning: Sustainability, Lifelong Learning and Everyday Life

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Earthscan, 2006 - 241 strán (strany)
A key starting point for understanding and achieving sustainability are our experiences of everyday life, the meanings and the connections we develop, and the learning and action these experiences engender. This book explores how learning throughout and across life is, and may become, an integral aspect of the process of sustainable development. It addresses the need for "life-long learning," that is, learning that occurs in various aspects of our lives including work, families, home, community groups, or any non-traditional ‘school’ or learning environments, to seriously engage with sustainability issues.

Coverage includes the relationship between learning and sustainability, sustainability and everyday life, environmental mediascapes, public space and landscapes, learning networks and community action, sustainability learning and leisure, work and the need to reshape our understanding of a learning society. The breadth is impressive with an approachable and easy-to-read engagement with theoretical approaches to lifelong learning and sustainability and a vast range of evidence and case studies drawn from dozens of contexts in the UK/Europe, the USA and Canada.

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Sustainability and the Practice of Everyday Life
Learning through Leisure
Building Sustainable Neighbourhoods and Communities
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John Blewitt is Director of Professional Development and Innovation, School of Education and Lifelong Learning, University of Exeter and co-editor of The Sustainability Curriculum (2004).

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