The Cassique of Kiawah: A Colonial Romance

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Redfield, 1859 - 600 strán (strany)

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Strana 59 - Fie, fie upon her! There's language in her eye, her cheek, her lip, Nay, her foot speaks ; her wanton spirits look out At every joint and motive of her body.
Strana 140 - To sigh, yet feel no pain, To weep, yet scarce know why ; To sport an hour with Beauty's chain, Then throw it idly by. To kneel at many a shrine, Yet lay the heart on none ; To think all other charms divine, But those we just have won. This is love, faithless love, Such as kindleth hearts that rove.
Strana 453 - How, if he will not stand ?"— " Why, then, take no note of him, and let him go, and thank God you are rid of a knave.
Strana 363 - I dreamt my lady came and found me dead — Strange dream, that gives a dead man leave to think ! — And breathed such life with kisses in my lips, That I revived and was an emperor. Ah me ! how sweet is love itself possessed, When but love's shadows are so rich in joy ! Enter BALTHASAR.
Strana 56 - Whom his ain son o' life bereft, The grey hairs yet stack to the heft ; Wi' mair o' horrible and awfu', Which ev"n to name wad be unlawfu'. As Tammie glowr'd, amaz'd, and curious, The mirth and fun grew fast and furious : The piper loud and louder blew ; The dancers quick and quicker flew ; They...
Strana 438 - And overcome us like a summer's cloud, Without our special wonder ? You make me strange Even to the disposition that I...
Strana 597 - Perhaps — perhaps! But I have much to do here at Kiawah." "You are right! Make it a world to itself, and your world. You can transplant civilization to the wilderness, and so train it as that refinement and art shall be triumphant without excess or sensualism. That is the nice point for the study of the philosopher — how to secure the blessings of the higher moral of society, involving the full development of the best human powers, without endangering or degrading the essential manhood of the...
Strana 588 - ... he rather courted than avoided interruption. When he had passed the upper gate, he turned his horse, and looked at the castle with a fixed eye; then set spurs to his good steed, and departed with the speed of a demon dismissed by the exorcist. CHAPTER XXXIV. Who comes from the bridal chamber? It is Azrael, the angel of death.
Strana 197 - All Europe shall drink of the wine of Carolina!' Them's grand idees, your honor, and them's the idees of Colonel Berkeley. He's got no sort of little meanness in all his nature. He's for taking the rough world, jest as you see it, and making it smooth for man! He's a-blundering, it's true; for you see he comes to Carolina, not knowing much about it, with all his grand English idees; and he kain't git quite right till he l'arns all about the actual sarcumstances of the country. But give him time,...
Strana 22 - ... TOUCHSTONE and QUICKSILVER at several doors, QUICKSILVER with his hat, pumps, short sword and dagger, and a racket trussed up under his cloak. At the middle door, enter GOLDING, discovering a goldsmith's shop, and walking short turns before it.

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