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It far surpassed Tremaine's, and having recovered from the sort of stupefaction into which he first fell, and afterwards from that quick throb of pride which has been mentioned,-and which lasted for six or at most ten pulses,—misery and agitation, and wonder, hesitation and irresolute purpose, yet mixed, if I may 50 say, with resolute despair, all got possession of him, and all left him by turns. The only thing certain and permanent about him was his misery.

And now, reader, shall we close this account, and leave the rest to conjecture? Willingly would we do so rather than have to record the unhappiness, nay, the wretchedness, of the excellent Georgina.

It must however be recorded, for it involved her in a struggle which, day after day, and week after week, consumed her, till it proved to be beyond her strength, and ended at length in a decline of health which sank the good Evelyn as well as herself to the brink of the grave.

It is certain that the abandonment of Woodington, (for it was abandoned) by its owner, left a blank in Evelyn Hall, which nothing could fill up. Its occupations, useful and immocent, and therefore happy; its comforts, its cheerfulness, and even its hospitalities, seemed to have left it for ever; and many a time has honest Jack been known to stop his horse as he rode across the avenue, and shaking his head, observe, while a tear unchecked would course down his cheek,

that the chimnies did not smoke as they used to do. The poor

indeed came as usual, and as usual never were turned away ; but the cottagers no longer ran out to their little gates in the eagerness of joy, to welcome dear Miss Georgy, and tell her how pure rosy she looked :-to hope she was better, and that the fever had left her, and then return to their wheels or chimney-corners, with blank looks and sighing hearts, was now the sad termination of interviews once so exhilarating

As to Evelyn, bowed to the earth, and nearly broken-hearted, his resignation only kept him from sinking quite. And who shall describe the look with which he sometimes contemplated the fading face he so much loved, or the agony with which, in his closet, or his solitary walk, he commended his amiable daughter to the protection of her God !


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