The Cross in the New Testament

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Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 1965 - 454 strán (strany)
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From time to time in the study of theology it becomes necessary to evaluate what Scripture has to say on certain crucial doctrines of the faith. Leon Morris presents here a survey of the vast subject of atonement as it is considered in the New Testament, also taking into account the most significant work that has been written on the subject.

While Morris is concerned to emphasize the necessity of appreciating the many strands that are woven into the Christian doctrine of the atonement, he does not hesitate to criticize the views of modern scholars when those views are not wholly in accordance with the New Testament teaching. Here is a valuable apology, from an evangelical point of view, for the biblical doctrine of the atonement in the face of modern liberalism.

At the heart of this doctrine is the idea of substitution, Morris believes, and his thorough examination and defense of this view contribute to making this volume a theological treatise of great usefulness and significance.


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Companion volume of lighter scholarship to "Apostolic Preaching of the Cross." This worthy volume has been helpful to my preaching. Čítať celú recenziu


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Leon Morris (1914-2006) was one of Australia's most prolific Bible scholars. He wrote over forty other books, including commentaries on Matthew, John, and Thessalonians.

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