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The Victrola's
priceless service
in home and camp

Victrola VI
Mahogany or oak

Measured by every standard, what could be more valuable, more concretely useful, as well as more delightfully entertaining than the Victrola ?

Second only to the actual physical needs of the body is the impera-
tive hunger of mind and spirit for their essential “ foods”—music, litera-

ture, inspiration, education, comfort and laughter. The Victrola is their
tireless servant, bringing to them at any place, any time, the greatest art
and entertainment of the whole world.

Victrolas by the tens of thousands are in daily use by our military
forces on land and sea. In more than 25,000 public schools the Victrola
is helping to build Young America into a better citizenship. The
Victrola has taught French to our soldiers, wireless to our sailors and
aviators. In millions of homes the Victrola is educating, refining,
uplifting our mighty democracy.

Send the Victrola to the boys in camp to cheer and inspire them !
Place it in the home for the benefit and pleasure of old and young alike.
Prize it for its value, its usefulness, its service, as well as for its unlimited,
wholesome pleasure.

There are Victors and Victrolas in great variety from $12 to $950.
Any Victor dealer will gladly demonstrate the Victrola and play any music you wish to hear.

Victor Talking Machine Co., Camden, N. J., U. S. A.

For the folks at home.


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One of America's
great contributions
to the advancement

of mankind


Important Notice. Victor Records and Victor Ma-
chines are scientifically coordinated and synchronized in
the processes of manufacture, and their use, one with the
other, is absolutely essential to a perfect reproduction.

New Victor Records demonstrated at
all dealers on the 1st of each month

“ Victrola" is the Registered Trademark of the Victor
Talking Machine Company designating the products of
this Company only.

trademark. "His Master's Voice
products of the Victor Talking Machine Company.
To insure Victor quality. always look for the famod


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