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thein chat there was something rotten in deen, and the Professors of the Colleges all the damnatory systems opposite to there, are to chuse three judges, to dcthe benevolent and rational principles of cide the merits of the Essay. Four hunthe gospel. I am, your's, &c. dred pounds will be given to the author

W. H. R. , of the second-best Essays; and all comP. S. 'The King of Sweden has called munications are to be addressed to Alcx. together the Jews of his dominions, and Galen, Esq. Aberdeen. forbidden them, on pain of thc confisca. Mr. George Dver is proceeding tion of their property to actend, or kold with the Inquiry into the State of the correspondence with the Sanhedrim at Public Libraries of this Kingdom," ParisThe Polish Jews ac Vienna, and which was announced by him some time other cities in Germany, have transmite ago. He has had free access to various red large sums of money to Warsaw, for public libraries in different parts of Engthe purpose of cloathing the Polish pa- land, and has visited every one of those triots who foilow the French standard. in Scotland ; and he proposes, in pro

portion to his encouragement and oppore Mr. Joseph Nightingale is preparing tunities, to pursue his researches till he for publication an impartial View of the completed his design. The Inquiry will Origin, Progres, Doctrines

, Discipline, make 3 vols., and is intended to come and Singular Customs of the Wesleyan prehend a short accoant of every public Methodiscs, in a Series of Letters, ad. library of a particular description in the dressed to a Lady. This work is intended island, together with such biographical to include several interesting particulars sketches and literary observations as will relative to the divi-ions which have taken be naturaily connected with such a work. place among the Methodists since the The Rev. W. MAGEE, Professor of death of Mr. Wesley, and will be inter. Mathematics in the University of Dubspersed with a variety of curious anec. lin, has in the press a New Interpretadotes.

tion of the Prophecy of the Seventy ACADEMICAL PRIZES.-The Weeks of Daniel, accompanied by Cris Gold and Silver Medals offered by Dr. tical Dissertations; together with an William Turton, for the best poetical Appendix, enumerating the different çffusions to the Atemory of Lord Nele schemes that have hitherto been proson, have been adjudged to Mr. Raleigh posed for is solution. Trevelyan, of St. John's College, Cam- The Rev. Dr. GREGORY has underbridge; and the second, to Mr. Main, taken to be the Editor of a new edition waring, of Bronbow Hall, Cheshire. of the Holy Scriptures, which will conThese compo-itions, together with soine tain the various readings of all the ediother pieces in the Latin and English tions and English translations of the languages, will be published in the Old and New Testaments : a Reference course of the ensuing Spring,

to Parallel and Corresponding Passages, A Scotch Gentleman, lately deceased, as in Canne's Bible; and a series of Exs has bequeathed 12001. to be paid to the planatory Notes, in the manner of tho:c person who shall write the best treatise annexed to the Varioruin ed't ons of the on the following subject: “ The Evie Clas-ics. This edition will be illustrated dence that there is a Being, all-powerful, with nearly one hundred copper plates, wie, and good, by whom every thing engraved after the most admired proexists; and to obviate the difficulties ductions of the greatest masters of the terarding his wisdom and goodness."- various schools of painting. The Ministers of the church of Aber



velation, in a Series of Discourses ada ** Sermons by Edward Evanson, A.M. dressed to young Persons. By Thomas to which is prefixed a Memoir of his Belcham, Minister of the Unita ian ChaLife, Writings. and Religious Opinions. pel in Essex Street. 8vo. 2 vols. 8vo. II. Is.

An Attempt to display the Original A summary View of the Evidence and Evidences of Christianity in their Genu. practical Importance of the Christian Re- int Simplicity. By N. Nisbett, A.M.






Rector of Tunstall

. 8vo. 3s. 6d. The Evidences of the Christian Relie The Rule and Exercises of Holy Liva gion, by the Rt. Hon. Joseph Addison, ing. By Jere. Taylor, D.D. By the with the Notes of the learned Gabriel Rev. Thomas Thirwall, M.A. "Edi. Seigneux de Correvon, Counsellor of

Lausanne, now first translated into EnAn Abstract of the History of the glish, by the Rev. R. Purdy, D. D. 8vo. Bible, for the use of Children and young Preparation for Death, and the Parable Persons; with Questions for Examina- of the Sower. Two Sermons hy the late tion, and á Sketch of Scripture Geogra- Rev. W. A. Gunn phy, illustrated with Maps. By the Rev. Periodical Accounts relating to the W. Turner, Half-bound. IS.

Missions of the United Brethren estaba Select Portions of Psalms, extracted lished among the Heathens. No. 64. Is. from various Versions, with Hymns for The Young Christian's Guide. By C, the principal Festivals of the Church of Buck.

35. England. 25. od. bound.

An Affectionate Reception of the GosX Charge to the Clergy, at the Pri- pel; Two Sermons by G. Clayton. 8vo. mary Visitation in August 1806, of the 2s. tate Bishop of St. Asaph. 25.

Funeral Sermon for the late Rev. J. The Beneficial Effects of the Christian Moody, with an Account of his Life. By Teniper on Domestic Happiness. 2s.6d. G. Burder. 8vo.

The Glory of the Heavens. By T. A Defence of Christian Liberty, in Basely, A. M. 45.

Answer to the Question,---- Is the Call of A Sernon preached at Leicester, Junc a Church necessary to constitute a Prea 6, 1806, at a Visitation of the Rt. Rev. cher of the Gospel ? is. the Lord Bishop of Lincoln. By the Hon. The Guide of Youth ; a Sermon to and Rev. H. Ryder, A. M. Rector of Young People at Sion Chapci. By W. Lutterworth. 15. 6d.

Bennett, of Dursley. 8vo. is. A Sermot preached at Leicester, Sep. A Sermon, occasioned by the Decease 9, 1806, at the Annual Meeting of the of the Rev. T. Towle, B. D. preached Governors of the Leicester Infirmary. at Aldermanbury Postern, Dec. 14 By the Hon. and Rev. H. Ryder, A. M. 1806. By W. Kingsbury, M. A. And is. 6d.

the Address delivered at the Interment Primitive Truth, in a History of the in Bunhill Burial Ground, Dec. 1o. By Internal State of the Reformation, ex- John Kello. 8vo. Is. 6d. pressed by the early Reformers in their Popular Preaching Recommended by Writings; and in which the Question the conduct of Christ as a Teacher, in a concerning the Calvinism of the Church Sermon preached to the Supporters of of England is determined by positive the Unitarian Fund, in Parlianıent Evidences. 8vo. 75.

- Court, Spittalfields. Nov. 26, 1806. By Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles, Joshua 'Toulmin D D. to which is andelivered in the Parish Church of Scocko nexed ike, Report of the Committee of ton-upon-Tees, during Leni, in the years the Unitarian Fund. IS 1803, 4, 5, 6. By John Brewster, Á.M. Rector of Redmarshall, Durham, 2 vols. The Shipwreck, a Poem. By Wil8vo. 3 maps. 145.

liam Falconer, a sailor. The Text illus Letters on Hereditary Depravity, ad. trated by addicional Notes, and a Life of dressed to W. Wilberforce, esq. By A the Author. By J. S. Clarke, F.R. S. Layman. 2d Edition. 16. 6d.

Vicar of Preston and Librarian to the The Impersonality of the Holy Ghost; Prince. Crown 8vo. 8 Engravings, 124 an Humble Endeavour to refute the Buonaparte. A Poem. Opinion that God and his Spirit are two A Monody on the Death of the Right Distinct Persons. By John Marsom. Hon. C. J. Fox; by Richard Payne 24 Edition, 6d.

Knight. 850. A Charge delivered to the Clergy of Solyman, a Tragedy. 25. 6. the Diocese of Durham, at the ordinary The Progress of a Corrupt Senacor Visitation of the Diocese in the year Exemplified, in 6 characteristic engrav3806. By E. Shute, Bishop of Durham. ings, with illustration; in verse. By w.

M. Woodward, Esg. 45. and 7s.6d. Essays on the Language of Scripturs. coloured. By John Simpson. 8vo.


Is. 6d.


Is. 6d.

Burke. 35.

Ode on the State of Europe, at the general view of the different ranks of Close of the Year 1806. 15. 6d. Society in England and Wales By P.

Musical Dramas ; with Select Pooms Colquhoun, Esq. L. L. D. 8vo. 78 68. and Ballads. By J. Rannie. 95. South American Independence; or • MISCELLANEOUS.

the Emancipation of South America, the The Third Report of the Committee Glory and Interest of England. By Wm. of the Patriotic Fund. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Letter on the Abolition of the Slave Observations on Reversionary Pay. Trade. By W. Wilberforce, Esq. ad- nients. By Richard Price, D.D.F.R.S. dressed to the Freeholders and other In- The whole newly arranged and cnlarged habitants of Yorkshire. 6s.

by Algebraical and other Notes. By W. Flower's Political Review and Month. Morgan, F.R.S. 2 vols. 8vo. 185. ly Register, for January 1807. No. I. A Detailed Account of the Battle of 8vo. 15. 6d.

Austerlitz. By the Austrian Major Geo: A Tour to Sheerez, by the route of neral Scutterhum; with Notes.' By a Kazroon, &c. With various Remarks French officer. Translated from the on the Language, &c. of the Persians, French, by Major Pine Cuffin. 8vo. By E. S. Warins, Esq. of the Bengal Travels in Scotland, by an Unusual Establishment. 4to. "Portraits, il ss. Route; with a Trip to the Orkneys and R. P. il. 16s.

Hebrides. By the Rev. Jas. Hall, A. M. Abridgement of the Light of Nature, a vols. royal 8vo. II. 6s. pursued in 7 vols. 8vo. Io 1 large vol. General Biography. By John Aikin, 8vo.

M.D. The Rev. T. Morgan, &c. vol. Essay on the Character of Ulysses, as VI. 4to. il. 11s. 6d. delineated by Homer. By the late Rich. Modern Geography, on a new Plan. Hole, L. L. B. 38. 6d.

By John Pinkerton. With an Astrono. Report of the Highland Society of mical Introduction. By the Rev. 3. Scotland, respecting the authenticity of Vince, A. M.F.R. S. Maps, &c. &c. Ossian's Poems. Drawn up by Henry 3 vols. 4to. 61. 6s. Mackenzie, Esq. 8vo. 125.

Observations on the Fairy Queen of The History of Egypt from the ear. Spencer. By Thomas Wartoa, A. M. liest Accounts of the Country, till the 2 vols. 8vo. 148. expulsion of the French from Alexan- History of the Westminster and Mid dria, in 1801. By James Wilson, D. D. dlesex Elections, in the Month of No. 3 vols. 8vo. Il. is.

vember, 1806. 8vo. gs. A Treatise on Indigence, exhibiting a


The Secretary of the Unitarian Fund has received 21. as an annual subcription to that Institution, from the Accidental Disorverer, whose letter to us was noticed in our last number, and takes this only opportunity of acknowledging the liberality of this unknown friend. We have also received another letter from the same gentleman expressing the lively interest hc takes in the success of the Montbly Repository, and pointing out a variety of means of making it known among ratioca. al Christians. Those nethods are now pursuing : with what effect, time must determine. There wants but a few such ardent friends to our work, as the Accia dental Discoverer, to place it on a level with the most fortunate of its competitors for public favour.

We have received two letters, in answer to the enquiry of the Accidental Dis. cererer, concerning the York Academy, by C. C. and Neocomensis, which will appear in our next.

'The letter signed s. complaining of our Obituary of the Rev. T. Towle, and correcting some mistakes into which we are supposed to have fallen, we will cheerfully insert in our ensuing number, notwithstanding the “ unfriendly spirit, which it breathes, if the writer will send us his name. It cannot be expected that we should yield credit to an anonymous writer in opposition to a correspondent of uhquestionable veracity, by whom the article alluded io was drawn up.

B. O's Defence of his letter on card-playing, Whistonius's second letter on 8. Ine's visitation Sermon, and Gogmagog, shall appear in the ensuing oumber, and many other intereacing communications as early as possible.

[blocks in formation]

MISCELLANEOUS COMMUNICATIONS. * * We are constrained to omit the Biograpby this month, in order to bring in some Miscellaneous Articles, which have been lying by us a long time. Editor.


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To Mr. John Marsom.
Dear Sir,

AST night I read through with great pleasure the little your understanding and judicious knowledge of the scriptures. Í have long been persuaded of the non-existence of that Being whom Churchmen have christened the Holy Ghost. To a person who reads the Bible with any care, it must appear very evicient that the Holy Spirit only means the power and agency of the One supreme God. You have proved this great position to a demonstration. What has aisled Christians in this country particularly, is the term Holy Ghost, which ought to have been translated Holy Spirit in every place. The phraseology shedding, pouring out, proves that nothing animate, nothing personal was exhibited. I once read carefully the Fathers of the three first Centuries, and know that in the early ages of the Church the Holy Ghost is never mentioned as a Person. The Heathens in those primitive times reproached the Christians with believing in two Gods. This shews the state of things at that time among the Christians. The very first time the word Trinity is mentioned, is about the beginning of the third Century. Even the Papists assert that the Trinity was never taught in the Church till the Council of Nice. Calvin did not like the word Trinity. It is a barbarous word, he says: the Popish God, unknown to Prophets and Apostles. So did Luther. With regard to the Holy Ghost, how seldom has his Divinity been contended for in the disputes that have variously arisen in the Church. In the controversy about the Trinity, which was agitated in old

On the Impersonality of the Holy Ghost.


Sherlock's time 1690, &c., there is little said about hiin. 'In Pierce's Controversy, in the year 1719, he is past over in neglect. In the present Controversy between Badcock, Horsley, and Priestley, the Holy Ghost has very great reason to complain of the clerical disrespect shewn him by these zealots. If the Son be but exalted to a level with his Father, or, rather, exalted above his Father, they do not care what becomes of the fag end of their mystery. There is no prayer or praise addressed to the Holy Ghost in Scripture. This is unaccountable, if he is co-equal, and co-eternal, and as great as any of them. A time is fast approaching, when the Athanasian chymistry will be held in equal abhorrence as the doctrine of Transubstantiation. How infinitely superior in good sense is the Creed of Mahomet, to the Creed of modern Christians! That impostor inculcated upon all his followers the Doctrine of the divine Unity, solemnly assuring them that this great Being had no partner. He exhorts them to contend for this great fundamental Article, and detest Christians for their departure from it. Mahomiet arose at the time when the Churches of Asia were clamouring Consubstantiality, Coessentiality, triune Relation, mutual Circumplection ; and when no stranger in Constantinople could buy a loaf of bread, or a pound of any thing, but he was interrogated, if he believed the Son to be consubstantial with the Father. Mahomet arose, and wiped this corrupt and corrupting mummery from the Eastern Churches, and established the Doctrine of the supreme Unity. Though Mahomet was an impostor, yet surely his Religion inculcates the primary and capital Article of all Religion, ihe peerless Majesty of une supreme Being.

I have written this in a hurry, but it flows from a sincere and upright heart, which never dissembled in matters of Religion. You may make what use of it you please; only believe ine, my worthy and sensible neighbour, to be Hyde Street,

Your sincere Friend, Bloomsbury, Nov. 7, 1786. EDWARD HARWOOD.


To the Editor of the Monthly Repository. SIR, The enquiry of the “ Accidental Discoverer” in your num. ber for last month (January. Vol. 11. p. 56.) has given me the greatest pleasure, both as it brings to light a new friend to the cause of genuine unadulterated christianity, which I consider as the cause of truth, and therefore inscparably interwoven with the best interests of man; and also as it supplies an opportunity of communicating to himself

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