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On Lord's day, the 12th of July last, and into this party all the indifferentists, the CHAPEL belonging to the Protest. from other sects, who do not choose ant Dissenters of the PresBYTERIAN for political motives to join the Estab. Denomination, at OLDBURY, Staf- lishment, naturally fall. The estabfordshire was OPENED AGAIN, after lishment itself furnishes a supply by having been rebuilt, by Dr. Toulmin, of the falling off of those of its members, Birnin ham. The Sermon was ground, who, in the progress of inquiry, disco ed oni Chron. xxix. 9. " Then the peo- ver that the church of England is nei ple rejoiced, for that they offered will ther one thing nor the other; that in ingly, because with perfect heart they matters of religion all must rest upon offered willingly to the Lord : and Da- faith, or upon reason; and have unvid, the King also rejoiced with great happily preferred the sandy foundation joy.” The worthy minister of this of human wit. Crede ut intelligas, noli Christian society the Kev.M..Procter, intelligere ut credas, is the wise precept is laid aside from his public labours, of Saint Augustine; but these heretics by a paralytic stroke. It is a happy have di carded the fathers as well and au picious circunstance, under as the saints. These become Socini. this aff cting, event, that the Rev. ans; and though many of them do not Herbert Jenkins, having some months stop here in the career of unbelief, since dis olved his pa toral connexion they still frequent the meeting houses, at Stourbridge, has been prevailed and are numbered among the sect. on to accept an unanimous invitation With these all the hydra brood of Arito effi iate at Oldbury, limiting in. anism and Pelagianism, and all the deed, for the present, his services Anticalvinist Dissenters have united; to the term of one year.

each preserving its own peculiar tenets ENOLISH UNITARIANS.—The but all agreeing in their abhorrence following brief account of this niuch of Calvinism, their love of unbounded vilified denomination, we extract from freedom of opinion, and in consequence a work just published in 3 vols. 12mo. their hostility to any church establishentitied, “ Letters from England: by ment. All, however, by this union Don Manuel Alvarez Espriella; trans- and still more by the medley of doclated from the Spanish.” The Spaniard trines which are preached as the pulmight pass for an Englishman; an En- pit happens to be filled by a minister glishman too of no mean education of one persuasion or the other, are inor acquirements; somehow or other, sensibly modified and assimilated to be or bis translator always contrives each other, and this assimilation will to give the reader a favourable impres- probably become complete, as the sions of whiz politics and rational re- older members, who were more rigidly ligion! The work is dist nguished by trained in the orthodoxy of heterodoxy, anecdote, drollery and irony: The drop off. A body will remain re. author's prophecy concerning the Uni- spectable for riches, numbers, erudition tarians is we would hope mot oracular, and talents, but without zeal and but it suggest: an useful hint to us. It without generosity; and they will fall needs scarcely to be premised that the asunder at no very remote period, besoi-disant Spaniard writes as a good cause they do not afford their ministers Catholic.

stiperds sufficient for the decencies of “ I have related in my last how the life. The church mu

be kept toge Dissenters, from the republican ten- ther by a golden chain; and this which dency of their principles, became again is typically true of the true church is obnoxious to government during the literally applicable to every false one. pre:ent reign; the ascendancy of the These sectarians call themselves the old high church and tory party and the enlightened part of the Dissenters; but advantages which have resulted to the the children of Mammon are wiser in true religion. Their internal state has their generation than such children undergone as great a change. One of light. From this party, therefore, part of them has insensibly, lapsed the church of England has nothing to into SOCINIANISM, a heresy, till of late fear, though of late years its hostility years, almost unknown in England; has been erringly directed against them. They are rather its allies than MAHOMETAN Coin.--An Arabian its enemies, an advanced guard who coin has been discovered on the occa have pitched their camp upon the very sion of removing the materials for the frontiers of infidelity, and exert them- foundation of a house, on the ramselves in combating the unbelievers parts at Nismes. By Professor Jeauon one hand, and the Calvinists on bert's account, it appears, that this the other. They have the fate of Ser: coin was struck at Waseth, on the vetus for their warning, which the fol- shore sof the Tigris. The inscription on lowers of Calvin justify, and are ready one side is, “ There is but one God, to make their precedent. Should and that God has no companions." On these sworn foes to the establishment the reverse is, “God is one, he is etersucceed in overthrowing it, a burnt- nal, neither begetting or begotten, offering of antitrinitarians would be the none can beflike unto him." The legend first illumination for the victory.Voł. runs thus" Mahomet is the apostle II. p. 35.

of God, who sent him for the guidance UNITARIAN FUND.—The An- of the faithful. The religion of the nual Meeting of the members of this true faith is manifested above all other Society will be holden on Wednesday, religions, notwithstanding the hatred October the 21st, in the Unitarian of those (Trinitarian Christians) who Chapel, Parliament Court, Artillery associate companions with God.' Lane, Bishopsgate-street, London,when THE DELUGE.-The President of a Sermon will be preached on the the United States, some time since, occasion, by the Rev. Robert Aspland, communicated to the Congress the of Hackney, and a Collection made discoveries made by Dr. SIBLEY and on behalf of the Fund. Public service Mr. Dunbar, in exploring the rivers will begin at 11 o'clock in the morn- Missouri, Washita, and the Red Rim ing. The business of the Society will ver; but this official message did not be transacted after service. The Sab- give the details of the expedition. The scribers and Friends to the Institution account states a remarkable tradition will dine together, at the King's Head among six or seven nations inhabiting Tavern, Poultry. Dinner on Table at the Western shore of the Red River, 3 o'clock.

which deserves particular regard, as it JEWISH SCHOOLS.-The Lona adds to the testimony, in confirmation don Missionary Society among other of the Scriptural narrative, of the Deschemes for converting the Jews to luge. The tradition is, that the world Athanasianism have established schools was entirely covered with water, with for the gratuitous education of their the exception of one hill, which was youth of both sexes. These have inhabited by a family of one of these been little attended, and will probably nations called the Caddos. This fami. be less so, as the leading Jews rigorous- ly was preserved by the Great Spirit, ly prohibit their people from frequent, and the whole'world is peopled with ing them. 'Dr. Herschel, the Rabbi, their offspring. of the German synagogue, has pub- YORK ACADEMY.-On Sunday lished two exhortations to his brethren, Aug. 30, a Sermon was preached at the in which, after stating that the plan Unitarian Chapel, Norwich, by the formed by the Missionary Society,“ is Rev. J. Rudd of Bury St. Edmunds, but an inviting scheme, a decoying for the support of the Academy at experiment, to undermine the props of York. His text was the 13, 14, and their religion,” and “ to entice inno- part of the 15th 'verses of the roth. cent.Jewish children from the obser- chapter of Romans, from which he vance of the law of Moses;" he re. shewed the necessity which Christians quires the congregation to send no in general lie under to have religious child to any such seminary, on pain of instruction communicated to them in being considered as having forsaken a public way. The peculiar advanie their religion, as having lost all title tages of protestant dissenters who en to the name of Jews, and forfeited joyed the benefit of public religious all claims on the congregation, buih in instruction, and instructors, without Life and death.

being subjected to the temporal power VOL. II.

3 U

or spiritual domination of priests. He a fresh contest; but, covered with lauenforced the importance of right sen- rels, how distinguished has been your timents concerning the character of victorious career! more honoured, if the Deity, and the person of Christ, possible, by your moderation than by and shewed that a want of attention your success; by the noble sacrifices to what are frequently esteemed usc. you have made to humanity than by Jessly controverted points in religion, all the brilliancy of your triumphs! was not becoming such as aspired to Sire, with the return of peace, France, the character of searchers after truth. and all the nations of Europe, expect That it was neither conformable to the from you a reanimating prosperityprecepts, or the practice of the Apos- the happiness of the people shall bless iles to esteem error in matters of reli- you the approbation and the wishes gion as of no importance. He shewed of religion will every where accompathe necessity of persons intended for ay, you! It is religion, Sire, which the ministry receiving an enlarged brings the Consistory of the Reformed and liberal education, that unfettered Church of the department of the Seine by, creeds and subscriptions, they to the foot of your Majesty's throne. might equally contend against bigotry Vouchsafe graciously to accept their and superstition on the one hand and respectful homage. The more they infidelity on the other, and concluded are already indebted to your protecting with a brief account of the plan and goodness, the more from you they venpresent state of the Academy. The cure to hope. Sire, it has pleased the collection amounted to about 171. King of kings to shed in abundance

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY IN his choicest blessings over you. The FRANCE.-At a time when the Bri- roofs of our temples resound, and ever tish Government has been convalsed shall resound, with those prayers and by an attempt of one set of ministers songs of praise, which are dictated by to relievo the consciences of Dissenters the sentiments, equally pure and unfrom the established religion, France changeable, that we have consecrated is quietly establishing the religious to your Imperial and Royal Majes rights of her subjects on the surest ty." foundations, and her Emperor from the His Majesty answered this address throne pronounces sentiments which in the most gracious manner, and the are equally philosophical and Christian following expressions in his reply have The revilers of the French Emperor been recollected: object that this is a mere measure of “ I accept the blessing and the conpolicy. Granted. It was meant to be gratulation of the Consistory. You so; and in fact, justice and generosity owe me no obligation ; I wish net men to are always politic. However if the think themselves indebted to me, because I objection be persisted in, we shall most bave been merely just. CONSCIENCE IS readily absolve our own government Not WITHIN THE JURISDICTION OF from the shame of having adopted HUMAN LAWS. I guarantee to you, measures of policy with regard to the for myself, and my successors, not religious parties of Great Britain. only the intendance,

but also the perThe following is the ADDRESS OF THE fect freedom and inviolability of your FRENCH PROTESTANTS TO THE EM. worship. The Protestants have als PEROR on his victorious return to Pa- ways proved themselves to be good ris, with. THE EMPEROR'S ANSWER. citizens and faithful subjects of the

On Sunday August the 9th, the law. Though I do not profess their Consistory of the Protestant Church religion, tell them that place them in being admitted to an audience, their the circle of my best friends." President, M. Marron, addressed the On the tolerant spirit of the French Emperor in the following speech: Government an auonymous political

« Sirew-You have exhausted sur. journalist of the last month, makes prise by the performance of new won- the following just reflections.-“ Boders. What bounds can be prescribed NAPARTE is returned to Paris. The Lo our gratitude when the benefits you hero is returned to receive the congrahave recently bestowed are contempla- tulations of all his subjects. France, ced? In spite of yourself, Sire, the which our dull politicians had in their base spirit of discord involved yeu in closets blotted out of the map of Europe, now gives the law and reigns very different manner from what they lord paramount. Her Emperor left have been accustomed to do for the Paris for a year, and in that time what last 1260 years. has be not accomplished? The early “ Onc circumstance demands pecuvictories of this wonderful man placed liar attention. WHEREVER BONAhim on a level with the greatest com- PARTE BAS GONE, RELIGIOUS INmanders the world has seen: to whom TOLERANCE HAS FLED BEFORE HIM. shall we now compare him? The pas- Freedom of religion has been establishsage of the Alps, and the battle of ed. by him at home, and it is made a Marengo; the battle of Austerlitz part of the terms of peace with other and campaign which led to it; the bato nations. Poland had been torn to picces tles of Jena and Friedland, with the by religious dissensions. In that counconcluding conference at Tilsit; these try the reformation was carried farare battle and subver ions of kingdoms, ther by that eminent body of martyrs, that, as long as misitary glory is the commonly called Polish Brethren, than theme of general applause, must ele. Luther and Calvin, and their adherents vate the hero of France high above would acknowledge. The Polisbre his predecessors in the same career. tbren hated tyranny over themselves, France formerly adored their grand me and they would not tyrannizo over narque. A Louis XV.anda LouisXVI, others. It is not to be wondered at were greeted with acclamations: what that popish zeal and barbarity should must have been those acclamations, plot and accomplish their ruin, and those shouts of applause, when the that the Calvinists should rejoice at it, hero returned, after accomplishing for the Polish Bretbren abominated the what the ambition of Louis XIÙ could cruelty of Calvin, in the murder of never conceive. If he is our enemy, Servetus, as much as if it had been we cannot enviously pluck from him committed by popish priests. The his justly acquired laurels. The claims Polish Bretbren were driven after sufhe has on the gratitude of France are fering extreme hardships, from their undoubted: from the lowest state of country; but their works have enconfusion he has raised her to the lightened all Europe. The decree of highest pitch of glory.

Bonaparte, by which Warsaw is But is there not something more erected into a Duchy, establishes como in his exploits than the superficial ob- pletely the freedom of religion, and the server acknowledges. This change successors of the Polish Bretbs en may in the state of Europe is it not con. now worship, without fear or restraint nected with events, which may call the God of their fathers. the attention of all mankind? With- “ The circumstance of religious out endeavouring to find the hero in freedom springing up from France nay ancient prophecies, as some have done, justly astonish us. This country had and we will not say that they have been above all others noted for its crudone it injudiciously; without implicit- elcy against the Protestant. The day of ly relying on those who assure u that St. Bartholomew and the revocation of he is the man on the white clouds in the edict of Nantz presented scenes at the Revelations, with a golden crown which humanity shu.c. - France has on his head, and a sharp sickle in his nobly wiped away these ugmas by the hand, to reap the harve t of the earth; frecdom in religion which it has not without committing ourselves to de- only esta olished in its own dominions, i clare that he is the angel of God, com- ' but has introduced into so many other missioned for high and importaut pur- countries on the ontinent. Spain and poses, though it is to be noticed that Portugal will soon feel the etfect of the moral qualities of the agent, do this dispo ition in onaparte; and as not prohibit that epithet being applied the Inga. ition has been for some time to him: whatever he may be, we can- depriv. of much of iis authority, we not doubt that through hím Europe has may -xpect to hear that it is entirely undergone a reat change: and, what- abolisried, and all its trumpery of monke ever may have been the cost of it, the and nuns driven away as completely as consequences are such as will lead the it has been done in France. 'The En. rising generation to estimate them- glish nation woull longer reiain its preselves and sheir fellow crcatures in a judices. We did not reform the calen

dar, till the shame of ignorance forced whole of the amount collected is to be us into it; and though we profess to be expended in tracts, to be circulated Protestants,we shall be the last probably among our soldiers, and sailors, and to acknowledge that a difference in the prisoners of war, in this counreligious opinions is no reason for a try. difference in civil rights; and that

LITERARY, there is no connexion between eat- Shortly will be published the First ing bread, and drinking wine in a Volume of a work, which is to be comchurch with certain ceremonies, dis- prised in two thick Octavo Volumes, gusting perhaps to the receiver, and containing the History of the Rise, Prothe occupancy of a post in the army or gress, and Accomplishment of that navy, or the law. The Hottentots great event, the ABOLITION OF THE have an odd ceremony in marriage, SLAVE-TRADE : with proper Engravwhich creates the disgust of the civi- ings. Price 11.15. By Thoma Clarksor. lized European: this rite of eating Prospectus :- The Author, after bread and drinking wine, when forced having explained the nature of the upon a person, is infinitely more so Slave-Trade, shows that, from the vein the eye of reason; and of its re- ry establishment of it; individuals bepugnancy to christianity, there cannot gan to be raised up whó niay be conbe a sloubt in the mind of any one sidered as so many preparatory instru: who con iders the origin of the insti- ments for bringing about its abolition. tution."

These he divides into four classes, as INDEPENDENT UNION.-A they took up this cau e on grounds inselect meeting was held on the 22d, dependently of each other. at the King's Head, Poultry, to carry

The first class consisted of persons, this object into effect. We under. chiefly of England, of various relistand the Rev. Mi. Palmer, of Hack. gious deriominations. The e fo'lowed ney, is expected to preach the fir:t one another, from Richard Baxte in Sermon, on the occasion of the estab. 1663 to the poet Cowper in 1787. lishment of the projected society. They were forty-three in number.

HIBERNIAN SOCIETY. -A spe. Their names, with interesting excial general meeting of this society, tracts from their publications, both iti was held on the 2d Inst. at the New poetry and pro e, are given. London Tavern, to receive the Report The 'second consisted of the Quz. of the Treasurer, and of the Rev. kers in England. 1. Of George Fox, Mesrss. Bogue, Charles and Hughes; 2. Of Friends as a body, both as they who had been deputed, on betalf of attempted to purify their own memthe Society to visit Ireland, for the bers from the guilt of this commerce purpose of ascertaining the present and as they attempted to awaken the state of Religion there, and the best legislature and to enlighter the pubmeans to promote the object of the lic mind upon it. 3. Of six indiviInstitution, which is "to endeavour duals, who came out of the body at to extend divine knowledge in Ire- large in 1783, and were found acting land, by the ministry of the Gospel, as a little committee by themselves in by the dispersion of the Holy Scrip: 1787. The different measures and

tures, and religious - tracts,' by the resolutions both of the Society and of • formation and support of schools, and these individuals on this great sub

by every other lawful, and prudent ject are recorded also. measure, calculated to promote pure The third consisted of the Quakers religion, morality, and loyalty." The in America from 1696 to 1774. 1 of meeting was respcotably attended; and Friends as a body in their six different we understand the report of the de- Yearly Meetings. 2. Of Friends as putation was encouraging to the views individual labourers by themselves of the society.

within the same period. 3. Of indi. RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCI. viduals who came out of the body at ETY.-On the 13th. ewo sermons large in 1974, and were joined in that were preached by the Rev. Mr. Jay, year by per ons of varijas other reliat the Rev. Rowland Hill's Chapel, gious denominations. An account of for the benefit of this society. The this important junction is detailed,

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