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the Society;' at the January meeting, his possession, is on a subject so interhe communicated an Account of seve- e-cing to humanity, that I promise myral Improvements in Arts, Manufac- self you will oblige me by inserting it tures, and Agriculture,' with which he in your Repository. had been favoured by an ingenious cor

I remain, Sir, your's, respondent; and in February, a Letter, Clapton, Dec. 16, 1806. J. T. ROTT. inclosing a copy of the Preliminary Discourse delivered to the Society of Anti

SUPPLEMENT quaries at Perth, by the Rev. James Scott, their President, was delivered by THE MADRID GAZETTE, Mr. Clennell, who at the same time an- Of the 14th October, 1806. nounced that the said Society had agreed

On Sunday, the 7th of September to reciprocate the privilege offered in last, Dr. Francis Xavier Balmis, Surour last Report to the members of literary institutions and proprietors of pub- the honour of kissing his Majesty's hand,

geon Extraordinary to the King, had lic libraries. Similar comniunications

on occasion of his return from a voyhave also been received from Felton,

age round the world, exocuted with the Ayr, Paisley, Greenock, and Kelso.

sole object of carrying to all the posses. "'Among the Members whom we sions of the crown of Spain, situated have this year lost by death, it would beyond the seas, and to those of several have been particularly gratifying to your other nations, the inestimable gift of Secretary to have taken this occasion of Vaccine Inoculation. His Majesiy has testifying his high respect for eminent inquired, with the liveliest interest, into merit, and his sense of many personal all that materially related to the expediobligations, in recording the loss of our tion, and learned, with the utmost saexcellent and most regretted associate, tisfaction, that its result has exceeded Dr. Clark : but, besides that he has alrea- the most sanguine expectations that dy availed himself of a more immediate were entertained at the time of the enopportunity of doing both these, he is

terprise. happy that to this Society more substan

This undertaking had been committed tial testimony to his abilities and great to the diligence of several Members of professional eminence has already been the Faculty and subordinate persons, bers, who were so much better qualified carrying with them twenty-two child

ren, who had never undergone the to appreciate his worth. The Society small-pox, selected for the preservation will learn, with great satisfaction, that of the precious fluid, by transmitting is this united tribute to the memory of successively from one to another, during their friend will shortly be presented to the course of the voyage. The expedithe public at large, through the medium tion set sail from Corunna, under the of the press. *"

direction of Balmis, on the 30th NoSir J. E. Swinburne, Bart. is the Pre- vember, 1803. It niade the first stop, sident;

the Rev. W. Turner, who has been before named as Lecturer, is Secre- at Porto-Rico, and the third at the Cas

page at the Canary Islands, the second tary.- We shall be glad to receive simi

On leaving that province, by Jar notices of other provincial Literary the port of La Guayra, it was divided and Philosophical Societies.

into two branches : one part sailing to South America, under the charge of the Sub-director Don Francis Salvani; the

other, with the Director Balmis on To the Editor of the Monthly board, steering for the Havannah, and Repository.

thence for Yucatan, There a subdivi. SIR,

sion took place: the Professor Francis

Pastor proceeding from the port of SiThe inclosed paper, which I have sal to that of Villa Harmosa, in the just received from my friend Dr. Jenner, province of Tobasca, for the purpose of iran-laced from the Spanish original in propagating Vaccination in the district

of Ciudad Real of Chiapa, and on to * Since published under the title of Goatenala, making a circuit of four “ Sketch of the Profe:sional Life and hundred leagues, through a long and Character of John Clark, M.D. Fellow rough road, comprising Oaxaca ; while of the Royal College of Physicians at the rest of the expedition, whinh arrived Edinburgh, &c. &c."

without accident at Vera Cruz, traverscd

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not only the vice-royalty of New Spain, epidemic small-pox. The principal perbut also the interior provinces ; whence sons of the Portuguese colonies, and of it was to return to Mexico, which was the Chinese empire, manifested themthe point of re-union.

selves no less beholden, when Balmis This precious preservative against the reached Macao and Canton; in both pavages of the small-pox has already which places he accomplished the introbeen extended through the whole of duction of fresh virus, in all its activity, North America, to the coasts of Sonora by the means already related-a result and Sinaloa, and even to the Gentiles which the English, on repeated trials, and Neophites of High Pimeria. In had failed to procure, on the various each capital a Council has been insti- occasions when they brought out portuted, composed of the Principal Autho- tions of matter in the ships of their Eat ritis, and the most zealous Members India Company, which lost their effiof the Faculty, charged with the pre- cacy on the passage, and arrived inert. servation of this invaluable specific, as After having propagated the Vaccine a sacred deposit, for which they are ac- at Canton, as far as possibility and the countable to the King and to posterity political circumstances of the empire

This being accomplished, it was the would permit, and having confided the Deit care of the Director to carry this further dissemination of it to the physipart of the expedition from America to cians of the English factory at the aboveAsia, crowned with the most brilliant mentioned port, Balmis returned to saccess, and, with it, the comfort of Macao, and embarked in a Portuguese hamanity. Some difficulties having vessel for Lisbon ; where he arrived on been surmounted, he embarked in the the 15th August. In the way he stopped port of Acapulco for the Philippine at St. Helena, in which, as in other Islands; that being the point at which, places, by dint of exhortation and perseif attainable, it was originally intended verance, he prevailed upon the English that the undertaking should be ter- to adopt the astonishing antidote, which mipated

they had undervalued for the space of The bounty of Divine Providence morc than eight years, though it was a having vouchsafed to second the great discovery of their nation, and though it and pious designs of the King, Balmis was sent to them by JENNER himself. happily performed the voyage in little

of that branch of the expedition more than two months ; carrying with which was destined for Peru, it is ascer. him, from New Spain, twenty-six chil- tained that it was shipwrecked in one of dren, destined to be vaccinated in suc- the mouths of the River de la Magdacession, as before ; and as many of them. lena; but having derived immediate were inlents, they were committed to succour from the natives, from the Mathe care of the Matron of the Foundling gistrates adjacent, and from the GoverHospital at La Corunna, who, in this, nor of Carthagena, the Sub-director, the as weil as the former voyages, conducted three Members of the Faculty who acherself in a manner to merit approba. companied him, and the children, were tion. The expedition having arrived at saved, with the fluid in good preserva. the Philippines, and propagated the spe- tion, which they extended in that port cific in the islands subject to his Catho- and its province with activity and suclic Majesty, Ba.mis, having concluded cess. Thence it was carried to the Isth his philanthropic commission, concerted mus of Panama; and persons, properly, with the Captain-General the means of provided with all necessaries, undertook catending the beneficence of the King, the long and painful navigation of the and the glory of his august name, to the River de la Magdalena; separating, remotest confines of Asia.

· when they reached the interior, to disIn point of fact, the Cow-pox has charge their commission in the towas of been disseminated through the vast Ar- Teneriffe, Mompox, Ocana, Socorro, chipelago of the Visayan Islands, whose San Gil y Medellin, in the valley of Cuchiefs, accustomed to wage perpetual cuta, and in the cities of Pamplona, Giwar with us, have laid down their arms, ron, Tunja, Velez, and other places in admiring thegenerosity of an enemy, who the neighbourhood, until they met at conferred upon them the blessings of Santa Fe ; leaving every where suitable health and life, at the time when they instructions for the Members of the Pae were labouring under the ravages of an culty, and, in the more considerable


towns, regulations conformable to those cude of his coantry, not the lease cose rules which the Director had prescribed sists in having iniported a valuable asfor the preservation of the virus ; which semblage of trees and vegetables, in a the Viceroy affirms to have been com- state to admit of propagation, and which, municated to fifty thousand persons, with- being cultivated in those parts of the out one unfavourable result. Towards Peninsula that are most congenial to che close of March, 1805, they prepared their growth, will render this expedi. to continue their journey in separate tion as memorable in the annals of agritracks, for the purpose of extending culture, as in those of medicine and themselves, with greater facility and humanity. It is hoped that the Subpromptitude, over the renaining dis- director and his coadjutors, appointed tricts of the Vice-royalty, situated in the to carry these blessings to Peru, will road of Popayan, Cuenca, and Quito, as shortly return by way of Buenos-Ayres, far as Lima. In the August following after having accomplished their journey they reached Guayaquil.

through that vice-royalty, the vice-royThe result of this expedition has been, alty of Lima, and the districts of Chili not merely to spread the Vaccine among and Charcas; and that they will bring all people, whether friends or enemies with them such collections and observaamong Moors, among Visayans, and tions as they have been able to acquire, among Chinese-but also to secure to according to the instructions given by posterity, in the dominions of his Ma- the Director, without losing sight of the je cy, the perpetuity of so great a bene- philanthropic commission which they tit, par:ly by means of the Central Com- received from his Majesty, in the plenimittees that have been established, as tude of his zeal for the welfare of the well as by the discovery which Balmis human race. made of an indigenous matter in the cows of the valley of Atlixco, near the

AN ORATION city of Puebla de los Angeles ; in the neighbourhood of that of Valladolid de Delivered by BENJAMIN MILNE, Esq. Mechoacan, where the Adjutant Anto- Collector of His Majesty's Customs at Bride nio Gutierrez found it ; and in the dis

lington, on the Exbibition of the Lights trict of Calabozo, in the province of Ca.

at Flamborough-Head-1806. raccas, where Don Carlos de Pozo, physician of the residence, found it.

Rone, in the plenitude of power, en. A multitude of observations, which riched with the plunder of conquered will be published without delay, respect. provinces, and elated with pride, erected ing the development of the Vaccine in stately pillars, ornamented with exquivarious climes, and respecting its effe. site. sculptnre, to commemorate the cacy, not merely in preventing the natu

achievements of her illustrious citizens ; ral small-pox, but in curing simultane- but those splendid embellishments were ously other morbid affections of the hu- che ostentatious monuments of unman frame, will manifest how important universal dominion, and, in the career

bounded ambition, which grasped at to humanity will provę

the consequences of an expedition which has no parallel ruin and desolation. Under the influence

of victory, extended a wide scene of in history: Though the object of this undertaking

of a better principle, and for purposes was limited to the communication of the infinitely more useful, this superb ediVaccine in every quarter; to the in. fice, for the exhibition of lights, is struction of Professors, and to the esta. erected. It was raised with the bene: blishment of regulations which might volent intention of securing the property serve to render it perpetual; neverthe

of individuals, and of preserving human less, the Director has omitted no means life from the calamities of shipwreck, of rendering his services beneficial, at To the honour of the elder brethren the same time, to agriculture and the of the Trinity-house, Deptford-Strand, sciences. He brings with him a consi- London, it must be observed, that with derable collection of exotic plants. He laudable zeal they have patronized the has caused to be drawn the most valua- undertaking, and completed the building ble subjects in Natural History. He has in a style superior to every other of the amassed much important information; same class in the United Kingdom-an arid, among other claims to the gratis eminent display of taste and judgment,

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The grandeur of its situation, on this not visionary ideas: they are scenes, clevated promontory, is unequalled: the alas! which have too frequently been sablimity of the prospect must excite realized. With such impressions on the admiration of every beholder : the your minds, you must assuredly acvast sweep of the Northern Ocean fills knowledge the utility of a design calcuthe eye with its immeasurable expanse, lated, under Providence, to prevent conand exhibits a scene which inspires ex- sequences so wounding to the tender senalted ideas. Innumerable fleets, laden sibilities of human nature. Had this with the produce of the coal-mines, and building been erected at a more early rich trading vessels from Scotland, daily period, the loss of his Majesty's ship pass in view. Ships, freighted with na. Nautilus, Captain Gunter, from the Balval stores and valuable merchandise, tic", and several of the vessels under her from Archangel, from Norway, the convoy, with many valuable lives, might ports of the Baltic, and Holland, and in all hunian probability have been preothers from the Whale Fisheries, direct vented. From the exhibition of these their courses to this distinguished pro- brilliant lights, innumerable will be the montory: Scenes of this kind are cha- advantages to navigation. I will detail racteristic of national grandeur. The the most prominent. The sight of them bold enterprise and mercantile spirit of will dispel the gloom which frequently Britain astonish the world; the magni- seizes the boldest and most skilful navitade of her commerce covers the sea gator in a critical moment, and direct with her fleets; her flag waves trium- him, when surrounded by the obscurity phant in every quarter of the globe; the of a winter's night, to avoid the dangers unrivalled skill

, industry, honourable of this projecting coast : they will guide conduct, and opulence of the country, the tenipest-heaten mariner to the Humare the solid basis of its stability. Surely, ber, or to a safe anchorage in Bridlingsuch important interests merit a sedulous ton Bay, famed for its convenience and attention to their security. While you security: diffusing their friendly lustre view with complacency the multitude of afar, they will shine as leading stars to ships floating on the extended ocean, enable ships, in a large offing, to ascer. should you at the same moment take tain their situations with accuracy, and into consideration the immense value of to take a new departure; and also to their cargoes, and the many thousands warn others contending with Eastern of seamen by which they are navigated, gales, to keep at a proper distance from you would then be able to form some the dangers of a lee-shore. To the fishjudgment of the extensive advantages ermen, who are frequently exposed to which must result from the execution of great danger on the unstable element, a plan so highly useful and beneficent. they will be infinitely useful in the night: If prompted by curiosity, you have ever they will guide them to the proper fishsurveyed the formidable rocks which ing grounds, and direct them, on their line the adjacent- shore, and have obe return to the shore, to a place of safety. served the foaming waves of the stormy Numerous have been the disasters of this oceari, dashing with irresistible fury industrious race of men at Flamborough. against the perpendicular cliffs, the sight I am persuaded that many of you who are alone must have filled you with asto- now present have witnessed the painful nishment and dread! Figure, then, to scene of the whole village in mourning: yourselves the melancholy scene of some the lamentations of the disconsulate wiunfortunate vessel, enveloped in mide dow and mother must have pierced night darkness, driven by the tempest: your souls. With inexpressible anguish and suddenly stranded on the tremen- í have seen the tears of the helpless ordous coast ! Paint to your imagina- phan low for an indulgent parent, who tions the crews of helpless seamen sink- perished in the merciless waves. While ing among the overwhelming billows, I retain the faculty of memory, the sad and raising their supplicating voices, in impression will never be erased; and at vain, for aid! Reflect on the inexpres- this moment it is difficult to restrain my sible agony of their tender connections, emotions; but the consideration that my deprived in one sad moment of all thai humble exertions have been instrumental is esteemed dear in life, and left perhaps in promoting a design to prevent those desolate and forlorn, in a state of helpless indigence, to mourn the loss of a husband, a father, or a son! These are

* In the year 1799.

calamities in future, will be a source of exalted virtue, oppose an insurmourco satisfaction to me to the remotest period able barrier to the impetuous torrent of life. This description of an undertak- which threatens to overwhelm the ing so conducive to the security of navi- carth! May Britain ever continue the gation will not, I trust, be deemed too envied possession of the Empire of the highly coloured: the facts are incontro- Main, and lifting her unclouded head vertible, the utility is indisputable. So with distinguished lustre amid the gloom long as this noble edifice shall stand un- which, at this awful crisis, overshadows shaken on its firm foundation, and lift the world, exhibit to desponding nations its aspiring summit to the view of the a bright example of glory-invincible admiring spectator, it will remain a on every hostile shock, unshaken as the conspicuous monument of the humanity rocks which guard her sea-girt shore. and munificence of the British nation, unparalleled by any other of the mari. N. B.-The heicht of the building, time states on the face of the globe. from the basis to the summit, is 85 feet, May the kind providence of Almighty and from the level of the sca 250 fert. God favour this and every other effort The lanthorn contains three frames, with of national utility with success, and seven large lamps and reflectors in euch, crown with glory the ardent courage making in the whole twenty-one. The and determined resolution of our match- lights revolve, and the motion is holess seamen, in defence of their native rizontal. One of the lights is red, to land! While afflicted Europe mourns distinguish Flamborough lights from her desolated provinces and subjugated all others; and in a clear night, they state, may the United Kingdom, firm may be seen at the distance of thirty in loyalty, in patriotism, and every miles.




The Doctrine and Duty of SelfPhysical and Metaphysical Enquiries Examination ; two Discourses. By J. on Matter, Deity, and Free Will. 8vo. A. Haldane. 75.

Preparation for Death, and the Para. Considerations on the Alliance between ble of the Sower; two Sernions. By the Christianity and Commerce, applied to late Rev. W. A. Gunn. 8vo. the present State of this Country. 25. The Albion Catechisin; illustrating

The Leading features of the Gospel the Doctrines and Duties of the Christian Delineated, in an attempt to expose some Religion. 12mo. is. 6d. bound. Unscriptural Errors; particularly the ab- A Concise Statement of the Evidence surd Tenet, that Mistakes in Religion for the Obligation of Christian Churches are of trifling consequence. By Nicho- to celebrate the Lord's Supper, every las Hoare, Minister of Dornock, Dun- Lord's Day. 6d. fries-shire. 8vo. 75. 6d.

The Work and Reward of Faithful Bibliotheca Sacra; or, General Dictio- Deacons; a Sermon, addressed to the nary of the Bible; explaining every Baptist Monthly Association ; with an Word, Terni, History, Type, Doctrine, Appendix, including a Sketch of the Place, &c. occurring in the Sacred Ora- Character of the late Mr. Booth. By cles. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 2s.

W. Newman. A Sermon, preached at the Opening of A Chart of the Revelations of Saint the Chapel of the Philanthropic Society, John. is. Nov. 9, 1806. By Vicesimus Knox, Lectures, delivered in the Parish D.D. 25.

Church of Wakefield, in the Year 1802, Strictures on a Visitation Sermon, on that part of the Liturgy of the Church, preached at Danbury, in Essex, July 8, of England contained in the Morning : 1806. 2s.

Prayer. By Thomas Rogers, M. A.. An Essay on Marriage; or, the Duty 4 vols. crowa 8vo. Il. 4s. of Christians to Marry Religiously; A Defence of the Established Protese, with a few Reflections on Imprudent tant Faith ; a Sermon, preached in the Marriages. By W. Jay, 8vo. Is. 6d. Parish Church of St. Mary, Newington!


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