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1 & J.

29, 648



Poster's essays, obsservations on onc Hibernian Society


314 Hindoo village of Roman Catholics,
Foster, Dr. James, life of, 1, 57. 560. Christians, the text i John,

His prayer against the Papi ts, 181 v. 8. wanting in their N. T.
Fourniere, a convert front Popery 232 Hoadly, Bp. on M. Pilloniere 232
Fox. Rt. Hon. C. J. the abolition of Holland, Rev. John, his advice to
the slave-trade his first and last

parents on baprism

carc, 84. His last moments, Holland, commendable, precautions
218. Sketch of his character by of king of

Sir Janies Mackintosh 505 Holt, Justice, his opinion concern-
France, a public defender of Uni- ing negroes in England

tarianism in, 284. Religious Horrid Sect
liberty in

“ Free and Candid Disquisitions,"

644. Bp. Warburton on the

character and success of 646 Jackson, Mr. John, poems by
Irench Protestants, their address Jamaica, enactmenis in, for the
to the emperor, with his answer 502 support of religion

Idolatry, consequences of


Jefferson, president, Ictter of on
religious liberty

Gall, Dr. his apology opening

Jerome, St. his meckness and can-
his lectures

dour (note)

General Baptists, assembly of, 218, Jesus Christ, comparison of with
283. Association of the Welsh, Hyrcanus, 90:

Made perfect
333. Wiltshire conference of

559 through suffering, 308,640. How
Genoa, wise regulations of French he fulfilled the law, 324. Did no
government at

miracles for his own advantage,
Germain, St. account of


378. Why called a lamb, 403.
Gildas the historian, account of In what sense he bare our sins,

227 404

In what sense our pass.
God, not absolutely perfect, 276. over, 405. Purpose of his agony

Could not prevent evil, ib. An- in the garden, 427. Considered
swered, 414,

467 as the judge of mankind, 461,
Gogmagog on Lord Nelson and the 612. On the Spirit's not being

given him by measure, 469. On
Gospel, its first introduction into

his being without sin, ib. Rye
Britain, 225, 289. Testimony of land's view of the extremes in
Gildas concerning it, 227. Ac- the person of, 533. Silence of
cording to some, by Joseph of the evangelists on the early part

291 of his life accounted for, 666.
Gospel Magazine, a word to the Himself a carpenter, 567. Pur.
editor of

670 pose of his death, 596. His ex-
Griesbach's Gr. Test. vol. 2, review ample capable of imitation, 645.
of, 151, 209,


Why generally fallen short
Grotius and Lardner on the silence of

of the evangelists concerning the Jewish schools, establishment of

carly part of Christ's life, 566 Jews, on the measures taking with

respect to them on the Con-
tinent, 106, 614. Buonaparte a

temporal Messiah, 108. Deistical
Harrison's Miscellanies, account of 247 in Prussia,' 107. Conversion and
Harwood's Dr letter to Marsom restoration of

108, 109
on the Holy Ghost

113 Independent Union.
Hebrew literature, inquiry respecto Indians, proceedinis of the Quak-

485 ers in their civilization,
Heretic, a term in common use Ingri-er, No. 3, p. 86. Answers
amongst adversaries
35 to, 348, 644, No. 4.

Herring, archbishop, testimony in Judgment, the last, remarks on 612

favour of



282, 304






Mary, the virgin, on the worship


Matter, self-ezistence of, asserted,
Kenrick, Rev. T. of the state of 275. Replied to, 361. All not
the dead

369 one and the same substance
King, Edward, esq. strange conceits Matthew, on the genuineness of

280 two first chapters of his gospel 367
Kirkland, Mr. on Chri tian churches 239 Mauro, a Venetian monk, the sup-
Knowledge, subscrvient to virtue 385 posed author of a supposed chart 164

Memory, extraordinary powers of 370

Metaphysics no cause of sceptici: m 254

Methodism, Mr. Nightingale's Por-
Lamb, paschal,, why Christ is so traiters of

110, 3352

405 Methodise', their numbers in Ame-
Lancaster, Mr. his mode of edu- rica, 165. Sixty-fou th annual
381 conference of

Lawyers and statesman, certain not. Military tribunals, remarks on

able witnesses to the truth of Milne, B. esq. oration of, on the first

Christianity amongst them 606 exhibition of the Flamborough
Leet-nien, tyrannical regulation re- lights

specting in Carolina

84 Milion and Bacon, inquiry respect-
Letter to the supporters of the ing

Unitarian Fund, 71. From Lord Ministers, dissenting,on their play-
Nelson in support of the slave, ing at cards, 125. Christ in all
tr.de, 202. To a Unitarian con- things their pattern, 126. Querics
gregation from their minister, on the education of
249. Of Dr. Sam, Clarke, 296. Minutes of the Westminster As-
of Dr. Priestley

sembly of divines

Light and Caloric, sun not the Miracles, remarks on, in opposition
source of

158 to Hume, 208.

Singular of
Liturgy, American

Austin of Rome

Locke, defended against Eldon, on Missionary Society, its scheme for

the subject of the slave trade, the establishment of auxiliary

83. Watts's remark on 535 societies, 106. Thirteenth gene-
Luke, on the genuineness of the ral meeting of, 333. Its insti.
first chapter of his gospel 367 tution of Jewi. h schools

Monthly Repository, L. C.'s sug-
gestions concerning,


Morgant, comdionly called Pela-
Mackintosh, Sir James, his charac-

ter of Mr. Fox

Magec, Rev. Dr. reply to certain

strictures of his upon the Unita-
358, 570 Necessity. on the doctrine of

Mahomet, creed of superior to that Negroes declared merchandize by
of modern Christians, 114. A


strenuous contender for the di- Neg oes in England, liberation of,
vine unity

114 345. Laws affecting, 531. Jus-
Mahometan coin

SUI tice Hol's opinion concerning 532
Mahonctans, orthodoxy and cha- Nelson, Viscount, Gogmagog's re-
rity united amongst


marks on, 201. An outrageous
Marcion, remarks concerning 369 abettor of the slave-tradc, 202.
Mairiage Act, royal, remarks on

The best of Christians

Marsom, Mr. Dr. Harwood's let- New-Hail, in Essex, short notice
ter to on the divinity of the

of, note)
Holy Ghost

113 New publications, 54, 110, 165,
Mirten, Mr. on the indecency of 223287, 338, 395, 451, 307,

Mr, Berneti': sirinon before Ge- $62, 618,670.
neral Baptists, 564. Answered Nighingale, Mr. communication
by Mr. Sturch

584 from of poetry by John Jackson,


gius, account of


重 A

28. His work on the Wesleyan 496.

Rev. Dr. M'Gill, 178.

110, 335 Rev. John Mainwaring; 279.
Notices, literary, &c. 49, 110, 163,

Edward Miller, Mus. D. 555.
117, 282, 334, 393, 440, 504, Mr. John Mirehouse, 496. Mrs.

M. Austin More, 389. M. Blin

de St. More, 609. Mr. Abraham

Newland, 611. Miss Newton,

556. T. M. Nowell, esq. 534.
Obituary-Robert Aiken, esq 278.

Silvester O‘Ha loran, esq. 498.
Mrs. Ande son, 279. G. At- John Opie, esq. 279. Florence
wood, csq. 439. Rev. Mr. Bar. O'Sullivan, 281. Rev. F. Owen,
ker, 3yo. Rev. S. Barnard, 4.38. 389. Madame de la Pagerie,
Mr. S. Barton, 556. Rev. Mr. 498. General Paoli, 160. Mr.
Braithwaite, 610. Le Brune, G. Paton, 609. Mr. Paulson,
554, Dr. Buchoz. 553. Mrs. 160. Mr. William Peebles, 280.
E. Bulk ey, 281. Mr. T. Call- Mrs. Peppen, 609, M. Pfeffel,
away, 495. M. Antoine Bernard

553 Mr. Pier e, 282. Rev.
Calliard, 553. G. Saville Carey, John P. F. I. Plunquette, 6:0.
439. Rev. Dr. Carr, ib. Mr. John S. M Portalis, +96. Mrs.
Clark, 609. Mrs. Cooper, 438. $. Porter, 389. Mrs. Powell,
Jas. Crowe; esq.

160. R. 390. William Preston, esq 214.
Dawson, esq. M. P. 556. Noel Rev. Mr. Rance, 161. Isaac
Desenfans, esq. 439. Mr. Dilly, Reed, esq. 103. Duke of Rich-
389. Rev. Dr. W. Disney, 278. mond, 41. William Robetts, esq.
Bp. Douglas, 330. Mrs. Doug- 602. Miss E. Robinson, 439.
las, 161. Mr. Martin Duns. Earl of Scarborough, 554. Rev.
ford, 279. L'Abbé Edgworth, F. Sherrat, 281. Jas Simmonds,
438. John Fewings, 553. Mrs.

c*q. 314. Peter and Samuel
Eliza Filliter, 390. Miss Mary Smith, 495. Sir William Staines,
Fin h, 282. Rev. Dr. Fisher, 555. William Stevens, esq. 161.

Miss M rtha Fordham, Dr. S. Sti Iman, 388. Dr. Sy
391. Duchess of Gloucester, monds, 21 j. Rev. 8. Thomas,
554. Rev. P. Good, 44. Rev. 389. Jean Thu el, 438. Mar-
Dr. Gordon, 610. Miss Eliza qus of Townsend, 555. Rev.
Gregory, 281.

Mr. Wijan Robt. Trotter, 214. Mrs. Phabe
Grigg, 117. Guillet, +95. Mat. Tyley, 609: Rev. T. Uiwick,
Guthrie, M. D. 604. Mr. 161, 215. Mr Kydd Wake,
Thomas Haggerty: 5:56. J. P. 117. Rev. G Walker, ib. Mr.
Hankey, esq. 329
ír. Hard- John Walker, 439.

Mr. G,
ing and four children, 49). Sir Wansey, 216. Sir Brook Wate
Fdward Harrington, 388 Rev. son, 610. Master H. White,
W. Harris, 496. Mr. Robert

161 . Mr. John Wilson, 556.,
Hieron, 280. Lady Hesketh, Mr. Wil on and child, 495. Mi
104. Rev. John Hodgson, 281. Wilson, 105. Cardinal York,
Dr. Hulme, 278. William Hur. 496. Richard Corric, esq. 661.
ry, €:9. 214. Dr. Jackson, 214 Rev. Jonathan Scott, ib. Ge-
Jolin Jackson, esq. 495. Rev. neral Peter Muhlenburg, 662.
Lewis James, co9.

Mrs. A

Rev. Dr. Sturges, ib. Rev.
Jerningham, 389 Mrs. Ken-

Jo hua Jeans, 663. Dr. Maik.

216. Dr. Kenncdy, ham, archbi hop of York, ib.

Edvard King, esq. 280. Mr. Henry Holden, 664: Ms.
Mr Kirk, 609. Mrs. Knowles, Newton, ib. Mr. Edward Bost,
160. Mr. Jamncs Lack, 556. M. 665. Mrs. Clara Reeve, ib.
de Lalande, 217, 138. M. Liv- Thomas Pomeroy, ib: Mr.
sus 554. Mr. C. Lawson, 231. Judith Gundry, ib. Denis Hanpo
Mrs. Levy, 495. Mr. Lilly, son, 666. Mrs. Poole, ib. Earl
105. M. de Lolie, 217. Mrs.

Grey K. B.

Lungworth, 495. Chas M (or- Oldbury chapel, re-opening of 500
mick, 553. Capt. John Mac. Omnipotence, vulgar idea of cr-
donnel, 556. Dr. Macfarlane, roncous



ph cies



O'Neil, an Irisk priest, shameful a young lady on het birth-day,
treatment of

363 by the same, ... To a friend
Ordination of Rev. D. Ri hards, on his voyage to the W. Indies,
618. Of Rev. Mrs. Seaward 538

by Mrs. Cockle, 649. To a sol-
Original sin, sentiments of Pelagius dier's widow

512 Popcry, less mischievous than Pro
Orthodoxy and charity illustrated te tantism, 636. Under the con-
by cramples

479 trol of Buonaparte, ib. Among

diesenters, ib. Ameng Quakers 6.37

Preachers, itinerant, a word to

Preaching, popular, queries con.
Paine, Thomas, notice concerning cerning

a suppo.ed letter of his, 670. Pre-existence of Christ allowed to
His new
work on the pro be unsupported by threc evan-


Papises, Dr. James Foster's prayer Priest ey, Rev Dr. letter of, in an-

against, 181. As loyal and faithe swer to address from Essex dis-
fulas Protestants.


senting committee, 6. Remark)
Patrick, St. concise notice of (note) 626 on his examination of Reid,
Paulus, his commentary on Zech. Beattie, and Oswald,.65. His
ix-1.1, p. 38.

correspondence with Toplady,
Pelagianism. view of the history 67. The great opponent of inti-

and progress of, 289, 509, 621. delity, 253. Strictures on, 308.
The religion of Britain


Letter of, 397. Wyvill's culo-
Pelagius, account of

509 gium on, the On the pre-
Perfection, on the doctrine of

641 existence of Christ, 5.39. Charge
Peters, Hugh, observations re- of double dealing brought so
specting, (note)

gaiust, by his brother. refuted,
Physical and metaphysical inquiries, 633. Mr. Toms's attestation to
review of, 156, 274. Strictures

his sincerity

361, 465 Prophecy, its weight in the argu-
Pilloniere, M. account, of 7, 232 ment for Christianity
Pice, Re. Hon. William, a pretended Protestant's appeal against the Ca-

abclitionist, 84• Contrasted ac- thoic
counts of his death

666 Prote tants, persecutors amonget,
Poetry-To solitude, by John Jack- 194. Orthodox, their inconsi.co

son, 29. The orphan, by the ency in railing against the Pa-
saine, ib. Stanzas supposed to pists
be written near the grave of Proud, Rev. Mr. Wright's reasons
Burns, 91. Verscs on the open. for not replying to
ing of a campaign, 92. Vicis. Psalmody in Unitarian congrega-
situde, 147
Verses on Master tions

W--, trampkd to death at the Puni hment, eternal, reflections on,
Old Bailey, 148. Stanzas on a

475 Inconsistent with the
1 little girl, 149. Epitaph on Rev. justice and goodness of God, ib.
B. Cole, 150. The choice, 260. Doctrine of lax in it: tendency,
The pilgrim, 261. Midnicht, ib. Not taught in scripture
379. Friendship, 380. A mo. Puritans, the exiled, their absurd
ther to her child, ib. Summary rigour and persecuting «pirit,
of human consolacion, 381. Ver- 480. Specimens of their laws
ack to Naimbanna, an African
prince, 492. Lines written in

my N. T. 493. Shepherd's song,
494. To a glow-worm, 551. Quakers persecuted by the Puri.

The negro bay, 552. Prologue tans, 181. Inquiry respecting
to a theatrical exhibition pre- their payment of taxes levied for
vious to a school-vacation, 600. military pterpo-es, 415. Rep'y
To the nightingale, by E. Dun- to, 520. Their yearly cpistle,
cannon, 601. Love and friend.

447. Their proceedings in the
ship, by John Juckson, 648. 1. civilization of the iudinus






225, 289

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• New Sanhedrim, with reflections

on the conduct of Buonaparte
Rational Diesenters, remarks on the towards the Jews, 650. Parkes'


Chemical Catechismn, 30. Phye
Reason, on the use of, 421.--conse- sical and Metaphysical Inquiries,
quences of the abandonment of,

156, 274. Proceedings of the
in matters of religion,


Quakers in the Civilization of
Rebellion, generally the consequence the Indians, 606. Rogeri's Lc-
of bad government


tures the Liturgy, 429.
Rede dale, Baron, Mr. Evanson's Scarle's Church of God, 93. Se
Letter to,

363, 423

vern's Vindication of the Unita.
Reformers, moderation of the,

36 rians, 97. Smith's (Rev. Sydney)
Religion, influence of,

240 Sermon on the Conduct of the
Religious scntiments no causc for Church towards Dissenters, 434.
political di-tinctions,

454, 503 Sotheby's Saul, a poena, 322.
Religious Tract Society

504 Stone's Letter to Bp. of London,
Revealed Religion, Summary of 652. Strictures on Free Dise
the Evidences of,

241 cussion, and on Demoniacal In-
Review-Admonitory Epistle to fluence, 434. Tayler's Sernion

Rowland-Hill, 437. Belsham's on Rev. G. Walker, 433. Win-
Evidences of Christianity. 206, tei's Sermon on the Eternity of
271, 326, 384. Belsham's Fast Hell Torments, "2. Wright's
Sermon, 1807, p. 434. Bennett's

Apology for Scroltus, 34.
Sermon before General Baptists, Wright's Essay on the Humanity
436. Bogue's Translation of the of Christ
New French Catechism, 94, Richards, Rev. W. his account of
Bone's Wants of the People, and the introduction of the Gospel
Means of the Government, 387, into Britain
Brief Memoirs of English History, Roman Catholics, Hindoo village
214. Burder's Sermon on Moody, of,
264. Carpenter's Sermon on the Rusia, extraordinary longevity in, 28;

Superintending Agency of God, hutt, Mr. communication from, of
• 41. Catechisın in Scripture Lan. a letter of Dr. Priestley's, 6.-
guage, 213. Clayton on the dan. of an account of the Spanish Ex-
ger of reading improper Books, pedition for propagating the
657, Clowes' Letters to the Vaccine, 50,-of extracts of a
Editors of the Christian Observer, letter from Mr. Granville Sharp,
262. Collyer's Scrip'ure Facts, 345,-of a letter from Mr. Ford-
602. Colquhoun's System of ham, on an anecdote by Rev. f.
Education for the Poor, 381. Priestley, of his brother, with
Cracknell's Sermon upon Acade- renrarks,

mical Institutions, 39.

on lnfant Paptism, 660. Dickin-

son's Defence of the Established
Faith, ib. Bp. of Exeter's Ser. Sabbath, on the observance of
mon at the Annual Meeting of Scripture, allegorical interpretations
Charity Children, 100. Fuller's ol, 11.--contains the only ration-
Dialogue, Essays, &c. 33. Gas. al account of the origin of all
kin's sermon on the Liturgy, 101, things, 241,-the only pure mo.
Griesbach s Gr. Test. vol. 2. pp. rality, ib.--contradictions in, ac.
151. 209, 266. Huttor's Hora counted for, 245,-hunran inved.'
Ecclesiasticæ, 605. Kingsbury's tions fri ted into no disproof of
Sermon on Towle. 213. Bir-

the Divine origir

wan's Translation of the Trans- Sharpe, Mr. Granville, letter from,
actions of the Parisian Sanhe. on the liberation of negrocs in
drim, 650. Knox's Sermon at England
the Opening of the Chapel of the Shipnia 2, Mr. his strictures on obi.
Philanthropic Socieiy, 97. Mal:- tuary of Rev. Mr. Tuwle in
by's Commencement Sermon, 99.

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Memoirs of Dr. Watts, 431. Sin, or the guilt and consequences

M. Rep.

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