God and History: Aspects of British Theology, 1875-1914

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Clarendon Press, 1992 - 267 strán (strany)
It is well known that the scientific discoveries of the nineteenth century posed problems for Christian theology. Less well known is the fact that the new understanding of history, developed in the same period, also created a number of difficulties. The realization that Christianity possessed a history of its own, and had changed and developed, raised numerous important questions for theologians and Christians alike.Newman's revised Essay on the Development of Doctrine provides the starting-point for this new and comprehensive survey, in which Peter Hinchliff discusses the ideas of a wide range of theologians from the full spectrum of British Christianity - from Roman Catholics through to theologians from the Churches of England and Scotland, and the Free Church - and their attempts to tackle these questions in the period leading up to the Great War. He proves that this hitherto little studiedperiod in the development of theology is in fact an area of considerable interest and pertinence to historians as much as theologians.

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Introduction I
Newmans Revised Essay
Jowetts Liberal
Benson and Lightfoot
Science of Religion I 22
Lord Acton and Catholic
Scottish Critics
PreWar Theology
Chronological Table
Suggestions for further Reading
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Peter Hinchliff is a Fellow and Tutor in Theology at Balliol College, Oxford.

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