Publications of the Surtees Society, Zväzok 134

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Surtees Society, 1921
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Strana vi - At a Meeting of the Council of THE SURTEES SOCIETY held in Durham Castle on December 5th, 1893, the Rev.
Strana 106 - A gutter is still so called in Lancashire. (2) A sieve for corn. North. RIND-SPINDLE. The mill rynd is a strong piece of iron inserted in the hole in the centre of the upper and moving mill-stone. The spindle which passes through the nether millstone being moved by the machinery, and being itself, where it enters the driver, of a square form, and fitted to a cavity of the same shape, the upper mill-stone, the rynd, and the driver, all move round with the spindle. RINE. (1) Rind, or bark.
Strana xi - Mary his wife and the heirs of his body, with remainder to Henry le Scrop and his heirs.
Strana 107 - ... Hoppen of Newcastle, merchant, and his heirs. I give the residue of my estate to my syster, Elynor Hoppen, and appoint her sole executrix. Mr. Thomas Forster of Edderstone the elder, Thomas Forster the younger, and Henry Swinno of Mossen, supervisors. [Pr. 1572.] 1 An account of the township of Hoppen may be found in the new History of Northumberland, vol. i. pp. 243-248. The history of the old owners, who took their name from the place, is supplemented by Sir David Smith, purporting to quote...
Strana 97 - Diuerse counsellor learned in the lawes, the cxchetor, attorneyes and others rewardes and expences bestowed and disbursed about his L. sutes in the law ouer and aboue xx li. receaued of Thomas busshopp of Pocklington and diffrayed in the same cawses xxviij li.
Strana 7 - Et in consimilibus denariis solutis pro reparacione molendini granatici de Alnewik predicta vt in stipendiis carpentariorum serratorum et aliorum operariorum ad idem opus conductorum vnacum empcione lecture...
Strana 7 - Hulne sibi assignati in partem vadiorum suorum huius anni ex recognicione ipsius receptoris ij s. Et eidem receptori alia vice per manus Roberti Patanson vnius forestariorum parci de Westparke sibi assignati nomine vadiorum suorum huius anni etc.
Strana 20 - E. iiijtt ximo as hit apcrith by a count betwene the seide Sam and me ... vj li. xvj s. viij d. Summa vj li. xvj s. viij d. y haue paied to Richard...
Strana 7 - Werkworth receptori domini per manus Prioris et Conventus Fratrum Carmelitarum infra parcum de Hulne pro quadam annuitate exeunte de molendino de Alnewik predicta eisderu ex elemosina concessa per antecessores domini pro hoc anno vt in annis precedentibus xiij li.
Strana 7 - Castri vt in firma vnius clausi vocati Howlyn eisdem per antecessores predictos concessa xiij s. iiij d. Et eidem receptori alia vice vt in vadiis istius computantis de ij d.

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