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the Germans have given up their naval operRUSSIA'S NAVAL TRIUMPH

ations in Riga Gulf at least for the time The important victory of the Russian war- being. ships in the Gulf of Riga was the outcome of the only considerable naval engagement that THE BEAR LIMPING has occurred since Admiral Beatty defeated IN RETREAT the flying division of German cruisers in the The defeat of the German fleet is unNorth Sea in January,

doubtedly a considerable setback to the The official Russian reports claim that in entire programme of Germany in Russia. the three days' fighting which resulted in But the fact remains that whether the the withdrawal of the German vessels- from Teutons seriously entertain hopes of winthe Gulf of Riga the Russians sank three ning Petrograd or not, it now seems certain cruisers and eight “ torpedo boats or “tor- that, instead of being ready to accept the pedo boat destroyers” (cne report says tor- defensive in Russia and remove large forces pedo boats and another says destroyers). If from there to other fronts, they have made up these vessels were destroyers, the victory of their minds to spare no effort to finish the the Russians is the greater, for the torpedo Russian bear once and for all now that he is boat is a virtually obsolete craft and is no in limping retreat before them. longer built by any of the great nations. For the Russians ashore are steadily being Last, but not least, a British submarine, hunt- worsted. Novo Georgievsk, Kovel, and ing with the Russians, torpedoed and sank Ossowetz fell during the week; Brest Litovsk, the battle cruiser Moltke, or a vessel of her Vilna, and Grodno are all in imminent danger. type, which is one of the strongest and most The surrender or annihilation of the garrison modern types in the German navy.

left isolated in Novo Georgievsk when the The Russians are specific in their reitera- Slavs fell back from Warsaw was a foregone tions that it was the Moltke and not a similar conclusion ; but the loss of Kovel, a junction vessel which was done for by the British on the railway from Kiev to Rovno, and of submarine. The Moltke, which was one of Ossowetz, a citadel important in the Russian the battle cruisers damaged by Admiral scheme of defense, are both serious blows to Beatty's ships, was a sister ship of the Goeben, the Czar. which sought refuge from the Anglo-French One after another the Germans have been Mediterranean fleet in Turkish waters nearly taking the Russian railways. A sinister news a year ago. The Moltke was of 22,640 tons item is the German announcement of a Lilledisplacement, had a speed of twenty-eight Warsaw express train service. In the positions and one-half knots an hour, and carried ten which the Russians occupy as we go to press, 11-inch and twelve 5.9-inch guns in addition the railway that runs parallel to their battle line to four torpedo tubes. She is the largest and not far behind it through Brest Litovsk, vessel that the German allies have yet lost, Bielsk, Bialostock, Grodno, Vilna, and Dvinsk unless it be true that the Goeben was recently to Petrograd is a vital artery, But it seems sent to the bottom of the Black Sea by probable that somewhere on the long northanother British submarine..

western front the Germans will succeed in In admitting the loss of two torpedo boats cutting this line, an event that would make by mines the German Admiralty claims the necessary an immediate and considerable sinking of the Russian gunboats Sivutch and retreat by the Grand Duke Nicholas. The Koreets and several torpedo boats. The Russian armies escaped capture in the WarRussians admit the loss of only the Sivutch. saw salient, but they are now threatened It seems to be established, however, that the again by the tremendous efforts of HindenRussians won a substantial victory, and that burg's northern forces to turn their right


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In the Gulf of Riga off Pernigel the Russians have defeated the German fleet that was co-operating with the German forces ashore in the assault on Riga. The Russians sank
either eight German torpedo boats or eight destroyers and also three small cruisers, while a British submarine is reported to have sunk the giant Moltke, one of Germany's largest
battle cruisers. But ashore the Russians continue to get the worst of it. In the north the German line now runs east of Kovno nearly to Jakobstadt and thence over almost to the

outskirts of Riga. The Germans are trying to cut the railway from Vilna to Petrograd, an event that might lead to the envelopment of the Russian armies



In June

flank and break through, cutting the Grand astonishing than his inhumanity. It is by Duke Nicholas in the field from his nephew, such acts as these that Germany has graduNicholas II, in Petrograd.

ally lost the sympathy of the civilized neutral

world. STUPID AND CRUEL The press of all Scandinavia, and particu

ITALY DECLARES WAR larly of Denmark, has been aroused by the ON TURKEY violation of Danish neutrality by a German If May 23, 1915, shall stand out in history destroyer which fired on the British sub- as an important day because on it Italy demarine E-13 while the under-sea boat was clared war on Austria, August 21, 1915, may aground on the Danish island of Saltholm. also stand out, for on that day Italy declared Reports from these sources confirm the war against Turkey. statement of the British Admiralty that, after For a long time Italy has had abundant her crew had abandoned the submarine under reason for hostility. Six months ago the the fire of the destroyer, “while the men were Turkish treatment of Italian consuls was outin the water they were fired upon by machine rageous enough to bring Italy to the verge of guns and with shrapnel.” The German craft

Since then there has been constant ceased firing on the helpless sailors only when friction. Many thousand Italians have been a Danish torpedo boat steamed between them residing in the Turkish Empire. The popular and the Kaiser's vessel.

feeling against them has apparently not diThe Danish newspaper the “ Nortland" minished since the Tripolitan War. says:

some Italian consuls had to close their offices, “ There can be no question that the Ger so it was reported, and leave their tasks to man commander was aware he was violating American consular representatives. Finally, Danish neutrality. The incident is simply in on July 20, the Italian Government asked accord with German methods throughout the our Government to use its influence at Conwhole war.”

stantinople for the protection of Italian subAnother Danish journal, the "Kjöben- jects. haven,” says:

But this was not all. Evidence was in" We received the news with deep pain that creasing that Turkey had violated the Treaty fourteen sailors of a friendly nation lost their of Lausanne, which closed the. Tripolitan lives, not even in unequal combat, but without War. According to this treaty Turkey was the faintest chance of defending themselves.” to withdraw all troops and officers from TripAnd even the Swedish Dagens Nyheter,' oli and to aid in the suppression of revolt which is supposed to be the semi-official among the tribesmen. Instead, according to organ of the Swedish Foreign Office, re- Italian information, the Turkish War Office marks that “the most criminal feature of the despatched officers into the district to foment affair is the German craft's action in firing revolutions. After an exchange of notes, upon British sailors who had given them- which Italy regarded as merely a further inselves up to a neutral Power and naturally stance of Oriental procrastination, the Italian assumed that they were safe from enemy Government despatched an ultimatum on attacks.”

August 5, asking for an explanation of TurThe unofficial German defense of this act key's failure to withdraw her troops from Tripis that it was no worse than the attack on the oli and protesting against the oppression of German cruiser Dresden by British cruisers Italian consuls. This led to an unsatisfactory while the Dresden was in Chilean waters. result. Hence the Italian Ambassador at The two cases are alike in that both involved Constantinople was instructed to demand a an attack on a war-ship by ships of an enemy final and satisfactory reply on the following nation within the territorial waters of a third day. If he did not get it, he was to. ask for nation. But there the parallel stops. The his passports. The reply was unsatisfactory. British did not fire on the Dresden's crew So the Ambassador left Constantinople, and when the ship had been destroyed, and there Italy declared war on Turkey. is no record that they or the seamen of their A squadron of Italian cruisers has already allies have been guilty of such brutality in gone to the Ægean, and it is expected that this war.

a force of at least one hundred and fifty thouBut the stupidity of the conduct of the sand men will be transported to Turkey. commander of the German destroyer is more They may either aid the campaign at Gal.

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