The London Magazine, and Monthly Chronologer, Zväzok 15

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C. Ackers, 1746

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Strana 473 - Sleep is a death, O make me try, By sleeping, what it is to die; And as gently lay my head On my grave, as now my bed.
Strana 472 - The heavenly choir, who heard his notes from high, Let down the scale of music from the sky: They handed him along, And all the way he taught, and all the way they sung...
Strana 471 - I'm in love, I feel it now, And Celia has undone me ; And yet I swear I can't tell how The pleasing plague stole on me. 'Tis not her face that love creates, For there no graces revel ; 'Tis not her shape, for there the fates, Have rather been uncivil. 'Tis not her air, for sure in that There's nothing more than common, And all her sense is only chat, Like any other woman. Her voice, her touch might give th...
Strana 25 - It may be thought simplicity in me, that, all this time of my reign, I have not sought to advance my territories, and enlarge my dominions; for opportunity hath served me to do it.
Strana 472 - They sung no more, or only sung his fame. Struck dumb, they all admir'd the godlike man: The godlike man Alas! too soon retir'd, As he too late began.
Strana 40 - ... dragoons to attack them sword in hand. They accordingly marched forwards, but upon the rebels giving them a fire, they gave ground ; and great part of the foot of both lines did the same, after makin'g an irregular...
Strana 40 - It was a misfortune that we could not get up our Artillery to us, for as it had rained heavily in the night and on the 17th in the morning, and having a steep hill to ascend, and the horses but bad, they could not get forward ; and when we returned to our Camp, we found the Captain of the Train had...
Strana 149 - ... stand still ; They cease their wonted round : The mountains melt; the trembling hills Forsake their ancient bound. 5 He scatters nations with his breath ; The scattered nations fly : Blue pestilence, and wasting death, Confess the Godhead nigh. 6 Ye worlds ! with every living thing, Fulfil his high command : Pay duteous homage to your King, And own his ruling hand. Liverpool Old Coll. 362. LM God the Source of Life to the whole Creation.
Strana 38 - Platoons from the Town. While this was doing, the Tide fell fo low, that he could not return to the Road that Night, upon which the Rebels in...
Strana 195 - ... cannon a six-pounder, which being too heavy to draw in, they spiked and left under the wall, whence they afterwards dismounted it by cannon shot. The other large cannon and mortars on that battery they likewise spiked Siege of Fort William raised.

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