Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin

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J. Wright, 1800 - 240 strán (strany)
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Strana 9 - Was it the squire ? or parson of the parish ? Or the attorney ? ' Was it the squire, for killing of his game ? or Covetous parson, for his tithes distraining ? Or roguish lawyer, made you lose your little All in a lawsuit ? ' (Have you not read the Rights of Man, by Tom Paine ?) Drops of compassion tremble on my eyelids, Ready to fall, as soon as you have told your Pitiful story.
Strana 174 - Puddingfield, calm yourself — repress those transports — remember that you are a man. Pudd. [after a pause with suppressed emotion] Well, I will be — I am calm — yet tell me, Beefington, does it contain any news ? Beef. Glorious news, my dear Puddingfield — the Barons are victorious — King John has been defeated — Magna Charta, that venerable immemorial inheritance of Britons, was signed last Friday was three weeks, the third of July Old Style. Pudd. I can scarce believe my ears —...
Strana 61 - How Lybian tigers' chawdrons love assails, And warms, midst seas of ice, the melting whales; — Cools the crimpt cod, fierce pangs to perch imparts, Shrinks shrivell'd shrimps, but opens oysters' hearts; — Then say, how all these things together tend To one great truth, prime object, and good end?
Strana 163 - There first for thee my passion grew, Sweet! sweet Matilda Pottingen! Thou wast the daughter of my tu — tor, Law Professor at the U — — niversity of Gottingen — — niversity of Gottingen.
Strana 162 - Sweet kerchief, checked with heavenly blue, Which once my love sat knotting in! — Alas! Matilda then was true! At least I thought so at the U — — niversity of Gottingen, —niversity of Gottingen.
Strana 9 - I should be glad to drink your Honour's health in A pot of beer, if you will give me sixpence; But for my part, I never love to meddle With politics, sir.
Strana 58 - A DIDACTIC POEM, IN FORTY CANTOS, WITH NOTES CRITICAL AND EXPLANATORY: CHIEFLY OF A PHILOSOPHICAL TENDENCY. DEDICATED TO RP KNIGHT, ESQ. CANTO FIRST. CONTENTS. — The Subject proposed. — Doubts and Waverings. — Queries not to be answered. — Formation of the stupendous Whole. — Cosmogony; or the Creation of the World: — the Devil — Man — Various classes of Being : — ANIMATED BEINGS — Birds— Fish — Beasts — the Influence of the Sexual Appetite— on Tigers— on Whales —...
Strana 154 - Cabal and Love,' a German tragedy - very severe against Prime Ministers and reigning Dukes of Brunswick. - This admirable performance very judiciously reprobates the hire of German troops for the American War in the reign of Queen Elizabeth - a practice which would undoubtedly have been highly discreditable to that wise and patriotic Princess, not to say wholly unnecessary, there being no American war at that particular time. * See the 'Stranger, or Reform'd Housekeeper...
Strana 96 - Whatever is, is WRONG ; ' that institutions, civil and religious, that social order (as it is called in your can't) and regular government, and law, and I know not what other fantastic inventions, are but so many cramps and fetters on the free agency of man's natural intellect and moral sensibility ; so many badges of his degradation from the primal purity and excellence of his nature. " Our second principle is, the ' eternal and absolute PERFECTIBILITY OF MAN.
Strana 19 - The Foe advance. In firm array We'll rush o'er Albion's sands — Till the red sabre marks our way Amid their yielding bands ! Then, as they lie in Death's cold grasp, We'll cry, " OUR CHOICE is MADE ! " These hands the sabre's hilt shall clasp, " Your hearts shall feel the blade.

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