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An Expert Typist?

Whatever you aim to be, aim to be the best. The average operator stops half way. Don't do it! Be satisfied with nothing short of perfection. Be an expert, and that will rank you with the best. This can only be attained by pursuing the best method. There is only one "best" of everything. In typewriter instruc tion books, we claim that we have it in the

This is a Complete and Splendidly arranged Handbook of English

Twentieth Century Synonyms, giving an

Typewriter In

alphabetical list of the
Words Expressing Every
Shade of Meaning. Writ-
ing is an Art, and so is
Talking, and nothing
else so Exposes the Men
tal Poverty of Men and
Women as their Limited
Vocabulary-their inabil

ity to use just the Right Word at the right
time. Better be Lame in the Feet than in
the Speech. To have a Ready Command
of Words indicates culture and makes
To Make
Companionship a Pleasure.
Your Conversation Agreeable you must
use a Nice Discrimination in the Choice of
Words, and this handy little book will
Enable You to do it, until fluency of
Speech will become a habit. 126 pages,
size 5 x 3. Flexible cloth, price 25 cts.;
Russia Leather, indexed, 50 cts.


This work has been on the market less than one year, and has met with the most unqualified suc ess. Within that short time the first edition was rapidly exhausted, but a second and larger edition is now ready.

As its name implies, this work is an up-todate method of teaching typewriting. The eutire work was originally made upon a typewriter, and reduced by photography to a convenient size. It contains specimens of every form of document, including letters, bills, legal testimony, specifications, plays, etc., etc. Each example is an exact reproduction of an original, even to the extent of underscoring in red ink.

The Manual has already been adorted by many of the largest shorthand schools as a regular text-book. The general verdict is that it is the best work of the kind published." Price, bound in cloth, $1.

Just the Word


The Wilderness of Worlds.

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For over two-score years, Mr. G. W. MOREHOUSE, the well. known author, scientist and astronomer, has ben actively engaged in gathering the materials for his grand work called The Wilderness of Worlds.

This book is a popular treatise on the "Evolution of Matter from Nebula to Man, and the Life-Orbit of a Star."


The facts given by Mr. Morehouse are based on the latese discoveries of modern research; the authorities quoted includs the most advanced thinkers and specialists in the arious brancher of scientific inquiry; the arguments used are as plain and cleas as they are concise and convincing, and the entire volume is at interesting as it is instructive-as eloquent as it is profound.

Indeed, The Wilderness of Worlds is so plain, so earnest, so impartial, and so reasonable, that to quote a popular scriptural The wayfaring man, though [not necessarily] a fool, text, even With beautiful engraved illustrations, need not err therein." handsome cloth cover. Price, $1.00, postpaid.


Any of the above books sent post paid on receipt of price. Address all orders to
THE POPULAR PUBLISHING CO., 335 Broadway, New York.

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