The Medical times and gazette, Zväzok 1

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Strana 8 - Evolution is an integration of matter and concomitant dissipation of motion ; during which the matter passes from an indefinite, incoherent homogeneity to a definite, coherent heterogeneity ; and during •which the retained motion undergoes a parallel transformation.
Strana 84 - Broader casts are worse than narrow casts, as far as diagnosis is concerned, for the former signify a chronic disease. 11. The urine should be fresh for microscopical examination, as the micrococci will change hyaline casts into granular casts, or devour them entirely in a short time.
Strana 257 - Sir Isaac Newton was in the chair when the question of expulsion was agitated, and when it was pleaded in Woodward's favour that 'he was a good natural philosopher/ Sir Isaac remarked that in order to belong to that society a man ought to be a good moral philosopher as well as a natural one.
Strana 92 - Members of the College at a meeting of the Court of Examiners on the 19th inst., viz.: — Allan, Robert Jf Scarborough.
Strana 305 - The Gospel according to St. Luke" and "The Acts of the Apostles" were written by the samp Person, and that the writer was a Medical Man.
Strana 67 - Parliament, or any Person sentenced or ordered to be kept in Penal Servitude, who may be shown to the Satisfaction of the Secretary of State to be insane, or to be unfit from Imbecility of Mind for Penal Discipline...
Strana 84 - Trommer's, must be used — preferably the lead test. 13. The microscope gives us better ideas of the exact condition of affairs in the examination of urine than the various chemical tests.
Strana 20 - Non - scrofulous animals, so far as can be established now, may acquire tubercular disease through injuries of serous membranes, — viz., peritoneum, pleura, etc., — and even here without any special virus whatsoever. Clinical observations on the post-mortem table show similar conditions and prove the same in man.
Strana 55 - The first anatomical and physiological examination for the diploma of membership of the Royal College of Surgeons...
Strana 290 - It is by no means rare to find certain males and females which will not breed together, though both are known to be perfectly fertile with other males and females.

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