The gilded age, by S.L. Clemens and C.D. Warner. by Mark Twain and C.D. Warner.3 vols

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Strana 165 - So thick beset with thorns and briers ? That is the path of righteousness, Though after it but few enquires. " And see ye not that braid, braid road, That lies across that lily leven ? That is the path of wickedness, Though some call it the road to Heaven.
Strana 21 - em de A^-brew chil'en? If dey was gals wouldn't dey be de shebrew chil'en? Some people dat kin read don't 'pear to take no notice when dey do read." "Well, Uncle Dan'l, I think that My! here comes another one up the river! There can't be two!" "We gone dis time — we done gone dis time, sho"!
Strana 121 - Lincolnshire ! we have view'd it, And measur'd it within all, by the scale : The richest tract of land, love, in the kingdom ! There will be made seventeen or eighteen millions, Or more, as't may be handled...
Strana 129 - The eight years in America from 1860 to 1868 uprooted institutions that were centuries old, changed the politics of a people, transformed the social life of half the country, and wrought so profoundly upon the entire national character that the influence cannot be measured short of two or three generations.
Strana 56 - Come on, sir. Now you set your foot on shore In Novo Orbe\ here's the rich Peru: And there within, sir, are the golden mines, Great Solomon's Ophir!
Strana 393 - With faire discourse the evening so they pas : For that olde man of pleasing wordes had store, And well could file his tongue as smooth as glas, He told of Saintes and Popes, and evermore He strowd an Ave-Mary after and before.
Strana 291 - I, from the orient to the drooping west, Making the wind my post-horse, still unfold The acts commenced on this ball of earth : Upon my tongues continual slanders ride, The which in every language I pronounce, Stuffing the ears of men with false reports.
Strana 50 - I'll never want her! Coin her out of cobwebs, Dust, but I'll have her! raise wool upon egg-shells, Sir, and make grass grow out of marrow-bones, To make her come!
Strana 20 - There was a moment of throbbing suspense, and then, to the surprise and the comfort of the party, it was plain that the august presence had gone by, for its dreadful noises were receding. Uncle Dan'l headed a cautious reconnoissance in the direction of the log. Sure enough "the Lord...
Strana xi - THIS book was not written for private circulation among friends ; it was not written to cheer and instruct a diseased relative of the author's ; it was not thrown off during intervals of wearing labor to amuse an idle hour. It was not written for any of these reasons, and therefore it is submitted without the usual apologies.

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