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Char. I.-The Poet's Birth, 1759-Circumstances and peculiar Character of his

Father and Mother-Hardships of his carly years--Sources, such as they were, of
his Jlental Improvement-Commerceth Love and Poetry at 16,

CHAP. II.-From 17 to ?!--Robert and Gilbert Burns work to their Father, as

labourers, at stated l'ages-At rural work the Poet feared no competitor_This
period not marked by much Sental Improvement-At Dancing-School-Pro-
gress in Love and Poetry-At School at Kirkoswald's-Bad Company–At Ir.
vine-Flaxdressing—Decones there ilember of a Batchelor's Club,


Chap. III.--The Brothers, Robert and Gilliert, become tenants of Mossgiel

Their incessant labour and moderate habits--The tarım cold and unfertile Not

Prosperous-The Musc anti-calvinistical-The Poet tience involved deeply in

local polemics, and charged with herosy--Curious account of thiese disputes

Early poems prompted by then.-Origin of, and remarks upon the Poet's prin.

ciral pieces.Lore Icads him farasiray-crisis-- The Jail or the West Indies

- The alternative,

2006-07 Conveer-cow... XX--XXXiv

CHAP. IV.–The Poet gives up Moesgiel to his Brother Gilbert - Intends for Ja.

maica-Subscription Edition of his Poems suggested to supply means of outfit-

One of 600 copies printed at Kilmarnock, 1786– It brings him extended repu-

tation, and L20-Also many very kind friends, but no patron- In these circum.
stances, Guaging first hinted to him by his early friends, Hamilton and Aiken-
Sayings and doings in the first year of his fame-Jamaica again in view-Plan
desisted from because of encouragement by Dr. Blacklock to publish at Edin-
burgh, wherein the Poet sojourns,

.......... XXXV_Ixü;

Char. V.-The Poet winters in Edinburgh, 1706-7—By his advent, the condition

of that city--Literary, Legal, Philosophical, Patrician, and Pedantic—is lighted

up, as by a meteor-He is in the full tide of his fame there, and for a while ca-

ressed by the fashionable-What happens to him generally in that new world,

and his behaviour under the varying and very trying circumstances-- The tavern

life then greatly followed—The Poet tempted beyond all former experience by

bacchanals of every degree-His conversational talent universally admitted, as

. not the least of his talents—The Ladies like to be carried off their feet by it,

while the philosophers hardly keep theirs- Edition of 1500 copies by Creech,

which yields much money to the Poci-kesolves to visit the classic scenes of his
owa country-Assailed with thick-coming visions of a reflux to bear him back
w the region of poverty and seclusion,


Chap. VI.-Makes three several pilgrimages in Caledonia-Lands from the first

of these, after an absence of six months, amongst his friends in the " Auld Clay

Biggin"-Finds honour in his own country-Falis in with many kind friends

during those pilgrimages, and is familiar with the great, but never secures one

effective patron Anecdotes and sketches --- Lingers in Edinburgh amidst the

tieshpots, winter 1787–1_Upset in a hackrey coach, which produces a bruised

limb, and mournful musings for six wecks- Is enrolled in the Excise-Another

crisis, in which the Poet finds it necessary to implore even his friend Mrs. Dunlop

not to desert him--Growls over his publisher, but after settling with him leaves

Edinburgh with £500—Steps towards a more regular lise,


Chap. VII._ Marries-Announcements, (apologetical,) of the event-Remarks--

Becomes (1788) Farmer at Elliesland, on the Nith, in a romantic vicinity, six,


miles from Dumfries The Muse wakeful as ever, while the Poet maintains a

varied and extensive literary correspondence with all and sundry-Remarks upon

the correspondence_Sketch of his person and habits at this period by a brother

poet, who shews cause against success in farming-The untoward conjunction of

Gauger to Farmer-The notice of the squirearely, and the calls of admiring

visitors, lead too uniformly to the ultra convivial life-Leaves Elliesland (1791)

to be exciscrpan in the town of Duintries,


CHAP. VIII.-Is more beset in town than country--His early biographers, (Dr.

Currie not excepted), have coloured too darkly under that head--- It is not correct

to speak of the Poet as having sunk into a toper, or a solitary drinker, or of his

revels as other than occasional, or of their liaving interfered with the punctual

discharge of his official dutirg.le is shown to have been the affectionate and be-

loved bushand, although passing follies imputeil; and the constant and most as.

siduous instructor of his children--- Impulses of the French Revolution --Symp-

tons of fraternizione - The zitention of his official --periors is called to them...

Practically no low is infticted, only the bad name--- Interesting details of this pe-

1104..-Gives luis whole soul 10 sony making--- Preíerence in that for his native

cialect, with the other attendant facts, as 10 that portion of his immortal lays, xci-cix

(HAP. IX.-The Poct's mortal period approaches---His pec:iar temperament.--

Symptoms of premature old age.--There not dininded by narrow circumstances

Co-Chagrin from reglect. and death of Daagh:er---The Poce misses public pa-

transce: and cren the fair fruits of his own genius---he appropriation of which

is debated for the cusuists who vielucu io un merely the shell. -llis magnani.

nity when deail: is al hand; liis interviews, conversations, and addresses as a

dying man..-Dies, 2!s: July 17!!(---P:slilic lineral, at which many attend, and

nitongst the res: the future Premier of England, who had steadily refused to ac.

krowledge the Poet, living --llis family muniticcntly provided for by the public

---Analysis of caractere.His integrity, religious state, and genius---Stríctures

upon himn and his writings liy Scott, Campbell, Byron, and others,

wowocow... CX.--cxxxiv

l'erses on the death of Bures, by Jr. Roscoe of Liverpool,

Character of Burns and his Writings, by Mrs. Bildell of Glenriidell,


Preface to the First Edition of Purns's Pocnis, p:inted in Kilmarnock,


Dedication to the Caledonian Hunt, prefixed to the Edinburgh Edition,






A Bard's Epitaph,

55 Lament for James Earl of Glencairnesananananana 52

Adress to a Haggis,


for a Scotch Bard gone to the West Indies, 10

to a Lady,

73 Lines left at a Friend's House, or
talouse, ...


left at Carron,
to a Mouse,

left at Friar's Carse Hermicage,
to Colonel de Peyster,

left at Taymouth Inn,
to Edsoburgh,

on a Posthumous Child,
1o General Demoulter,

a Woume 1 Hare,
J. Syn,

4 Bruar Witkar, ram
to Mr. Mitchell,

(il t'aptu! Gruse,
to Mr. Wi!}.211 Tytler,

en Mit'ruikshanks,
to Robxrt Graham, E.

on Helson,

to the Deil, were

u Sentbility, to Mrs. Dunlop,


to the Owl,

& Scanng sume Water-fowl in Loch Turit,
to the Shade of Thuil,

ti the Treath of J. Macleod,
to the Smut Representatives,

the Fizilo Fyers,

to the Toothache,

on the lighlands,

to the Cnco (tud.

(1) lant Smellie,

A Derudition to Garin Hamilton,

vallomain Daisy,
A Dream (a Birthday O.le to the King).

D. Olindent friend,

A Grade byfore Doner,

{ an Old Sotheart with his Poems,
Answer to a lux Surveyor,

to a young lady win Books, ---
A Prayer in Prospeet of Death,


tu MiL with Beattie's Poems, anorama
in Anguish,

38, 78 to Robert Graham, Esq.
A Sketeh,

to Ruin,

A Winter Night,


to Sir John Whitefoord,

A Vision...


Man was Made to Mour, a Dirge,

Death and Dr. Hombook,

9 Monody on a Capricious Female and Epitaph.com

Despondency, an Ode, .......

a Hyınn, roronoare

78 New-Year's Day, a Sketch,
Elegy on Captain Matthew Henderson,

49 Ode on a Miserly Character,
on William Creech,

76 on my Early Days, macarancsnonamenomeno
on Peg Nicolson....


on Pastoral Poetry,

Tam Samson,

23 on the Death of Sir James Hunter Blair,

on the Year 1788, now


to Liberty name
Epistle to a Young Friend,

39 Poor Maillie's Elegy,
to Captam Riddel,


to Davie, a Brother Poet (1),

30 Scotch Drink,

to Davie, a Brother Poet (2),

59 Sonnet on the Death of Mr. Riddel,

to Gavin Hamilton, ----

79 Stanzas on Death, .

to J. Lapraik, a Scots Poetrasarana 43, 45, 79 Strathallan's Lament.....cover
to J. Rankin with Poems, ranna


to Mr. Macadam,

81 Tam o' Shanter,

to Terraughty,

81 Tam Samson's Elegy and Epitaph, anchore 23
to the Reverend Mr. M.Math,

79 The Auld Farmer's New Year's Salutation to his
to W. S. Ochiltree,


Mare Maggie,
Epitaph on a Friend, ..


Brigs o' Ayr, ----

on a Noisy Polemic,

55 Calf,

on a Ruling Elder,

55 Cotter's Saturday Night,

on Gavin Hamilton,

55 Death and Dying Words of Poor Maillie, -

on R. Aitken,

55 First Psalm,

on the Poet's Father,

55 First Six Verses of 90th Psalm,

on Wee Johnny, and

55 Henpecked Husband,

Externpore Effusions in the Court of Session, 82 Jolly Beggars, scord

on Falsehood,

Kirk's Alarm,

to a Friend, maar

Lament on a Friend's Love Disappointment, 31

to Mr. Syme,


Newspaper, com

Refusal to Dine,


Ordination, and

when at Carlisle,


Twa Dogs

Twa Herdse

Halloween, annammamunan

Whistle, m.

Holy Fair, mu

Vision, and

Vowels, a Tale,

Impromptu, a Lady's Birth-day

Inseription, Altar of Independence,..

12 Winter, a Dirge,

Lament of Queen Mary, wanna

50 Essay on Scottish Poetry (Dr. Currie), mano 84-97

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Andrew and his Cutty Gun,mwanamma 148 Jockey said to Jennyman
Annie Lawrie,

173 John Hay's Bonnie Lassie,
As I went out in a May Morning,

187 John o' Badenyon, mapas
Auld Rob Morris,

176 | Johnny Cope,
Robin Gray,

137 Johnny Faa,
Aye waukin' O...

156 Johnry's Gray Breeks,
A waukrife Minny,

143 Jumpin John,

Awa Whigs Awa,


Kate of Aberdeen,

Beds of Sweet Roses, con

120 Kathrine Ogie,

Bess the Gaukie...

101 Keep the Country Bonnie Lassie,

Bessy Bell and Mary Gray, ...

178 Kelvin Grove, w
Bide ye Yet (2 sets),

132 Kenmure's on and awa Willie,

Blink o'er the Burn Sweet Retty,

114 Killycrankie (the Battle),

Blue Bonnets over the Border,

156 Kulvcraukie 0 (the Braes), woon
Bonnie Barbara Allan,

175 Kind Robin loes me,
Dundee, and

Mary Hay,

157 Lady Mary Ann,...

Lass gin ye Loe me tell me now,
Came ye o'er frae France,

182 Lassie lie near me, araw

Carle an' the King come,

137 Lewis Gordon, ...

Cauld Kail in Aberdeen,

129 Little wat ye wha's comin',

Ca' the Ewes to the knowes,

146 Lochaber no more, co

Charlie is my Darling, ...

152 Lochnagar,

Clout the Cau'dron,...

105 Logan Braes, (double set),


115 Logie o' Buchan,...

Come under my Plaidie,


Lord Ronald, my Son,

Comin' thro' the Rye, som

156 Low down in the Broom,

Corn Rigs are Bonnie, ..

Crail Town (Iram Coram Dago),

153 Macpherson's Rant, as
Cromlet's Lilt, rear

117 Maggie Lauder, varama

Mary's Dream,

Dinna think Bonnie Lassie,

17 Mary Scot, the Flower o' Yarrow,

Donald Coupar,

160 Nuriy hae I been Teething a Heckle,

Down the Burn Davie,

114 Mill, Mill, 0,-

Dumbarton's Drums,..com

127 My Auld Man,

Dusty Miller, cover

138 My Dearie, if thou Die,

My Jo Janet, od

Ettrick Banks,

c. 178 My Love she's but a Lassie yet,

My Love's in Germanie, w

Fair Annie of Lochroyan, morrow

102 My Míther's aye Glowrin o'er me,

Fairly Shot of Her, som

135 My Native Caledonia, ...

False Love and hae ye Played Me This,

151 My only Joe and Dearie 0,

Farewell to Ayrshire......

272 My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing,

Fare ye weel my Auld Wife,

154 My Wise has taen the Gee,
For Lack o' Gold She's left me,


For the sake o' Somebody,

165 Neil Gow's Farewell to Whisky 0,

Fye gar rub her o'er wi' Straw,...


O an' yc were Dead Gudeman,...
Gala Water

127 O can ye labour Lea Young Man,.
Get up and Bar the Door 0,

154 Och hey Jehnny Lad......
Go to Berwick Johnie,

16? O dear Minuy what shall I do,
Gude Yill Comes and Gude Yill Goes,

1230 merry may the Muid be,

O on ochrio (the Widow of Glenco),
Hame never cam' He, ...

125 old kin? Coul......

Haud awa frae me Donald,

176 Our Guidnan cam' Hame at E'en,

Hap and row the Feetie o't,

159 O'er the Muir amang the Heather,
Here's a Health to them that's awa,

155 O'er Bogie wi' my Lole,..
Hey ca' through,

155 O Waly, Waly up yon Bank,

Highland Laddie,


Hooly and Fairlie,.....

151 Polwarth on the Gieen, --com
Hughie Graham,

149 Poverty parts Guile Company,
I had a Horse and I had nae mair,

157 Roslin Caderososa
I'm o'er Young to Marry Yet,

125 Roy's Wife, ...warna
I'll never leave Ye, ...

I loo'd nac a Laddie bui ane,

155 Sae Merry as We hae been,

Jenny Dang the Weaver,

186 Sandy o'er the Lea, ---

If ye'll be my Dawtic and sit on my Plaid, now. 162 Saw ye Johnny Coinin',

In the Garb of Old Gaul,..

warm 110 Saw ye my Father,

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Puge. 1


ise ye nje my Peggy, were

104 The Life and Age o' Man,


She fose and let me in

115 The Maid that tends the Goats,

Steer her up and haud her gaun,

170 The Maltman, marre

Surephon and Lydia,

122 | The merry Men O,

Symon Brodie,

170 The Miller o Dee, a
The Minstrel (Donochthend),


Tak' your Aula Cloak about you,.

135 The muckin' o' Geordie's Byre,


Tan o' the Balloch,

176 | The Old Man's Song, a


Tarry Woo,

115 The Poets, what Pools the're to Deave us, men 174
The Auld Man's Mare's dev?,

The Poesie,

The Auld Wife ayont the Fire,
177 The Rock and the wee pickle Tow,

The Battle of Sherra-muir,
129 The Soutors o' Selkirk,


The Banks o' the Tweed

151 The Tailor fell thro' the Bed,


The Leds o' Sweet Roses,
120 The 'Turnimspike.com


Th. Bisks of sermay,

179 The weary Pund o' Tow,


The Bls thesome Bridal,

159 The wee, wee German Lairdie,


The Buthrie o't,

103 The Wee Thing-


The Batie ross

110 The Wee Wifikie,


The B5 of Durable,

185 The White Cockade, ... warrara


The bonne brucket Lussie,

116 The Widow, now


The bonnie Lass o' Brank some, ...

106 The Yellow-hair'd Laddie,


The binnie Lass that made the Bed to me, 7.57 The Young Laird and Edinburgh Katie,
The Brees o' Ballendean, asocon
179 There's nae Luck about the Housemaian

The brisk young Lad,
173 This is no Mine Ain House,

The Brune o' the Coudenknowes,
179 Tibbie Fowler,

The Bush ab von Traqunir,
116 Tibbie Dunbar...

The Campbells are coinin',
161 To Darton Me..

The Caric he cam' o'er the Crakt,

To the Kye wi' Me, (2 sets),

The Coallier's bonnie Lassie,

Todlin Hame,

The Ewie wi' the Crookit Horn....
147 | Tranent-Muir,

The Flowers of the Fores,
111 Tullochgorum,

The Flowers of Edinburgh,.

151 'Twas within a Mile o' Edinburgh Town, .. 174

The Foray;

187 | Tweedside (2 sets),----


The Gaberlunzie Man,


The happy Marriage,

110 Up and Warn a' Willie,


The Highlan! Queen,

125 Up in the Mornin' early,


The Jolly Beggar,


The Lamanis,

171 Wandering Willie, como


The Landart Laird,

159 Wankin' of the Fauld, ...
Tile Lis, of Peatie's Mill,
107 We're a' Nid Nodelin.

The Lass ss' Liviston....
105 Were nae my Heart Light I wad Die,

The Lastiine cam' o'er the Muir,-
106 Willie was a 'Wanton Wag, con

The Lưa-Rig,

mana 114 Woo'd and Married and s',





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Auld Rob Morris, ----

19- Esan Banks,


Bersy and her Spinning. Wheel,

19 Hair Eliza,...nun...


Behold the hour the Poat arrives,

195 Fairest Mail on Devon Hanks,


Beware of Bonnie Inn, can

192 Fate gave the Word,


Beyond thee, Dearic,...

19.5 Torile sake of somebody,


Bythe hae I been on yon Hill,.

193 | Fuslorn my Love,


Blythe was She, ----

195 From ilice Eliza,


Bonnie Bell,



194 Gala.llater,............



191 Gloomy Decernber, --


Wee Thing,

13] Gieen grow the Rashes 0,..


Bruce at Bannockbum,...

195 Gudewife couut the Lawin,


Caledonia-(their Groves o' Sweet Myrtle), 195 Had I a Care 0:1 some Wild distant Shore, .. 203

Can'st thou leave me thus, Katy,

195 Handsome Nell, ..



196 Ter flowing Locks,


Ca’ the Ewes,...

... 1951!cre's a health to Ane I loe dear, moramowancesco 204

Chloe, encoreo aroccorso

rowerocorer 196

to Them that's awa, wao wameo 204

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