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Whisk, to sweep, to lash

Wordy, worthy
Whiskit, lashed

Worset, worsted
Whitter, a hearty draught of liquor Wow, an exclamation of pleasure or wotie
W’hun-stane, a whin-stone

Whyles, whiles, sometimes

W'rack, to teaze, to vex
Wi', with

Wraith, a spirit, or ghost ; an apparition ex. Wicht, wight, powerful, strong; inventive; actly like a living person, whose appearance of a superior genius

is said to forbode the person's approaching
Wick, to strike a stone in an oblique direc- death
tion; a term in curling

W'rang, wrong; to wrong
Wicker, willow (the smaller sort)

W'reeth, a drifted heap of snow
Wiel, a small whirlpool

Wud, mad, distracted
Witie, a diminutive or endearing term for Wumble, a wimble

W'yle, to beguile
Wilyart, bashful and reserved ; avoiding so. Wyliecot, a Hannel vest

ciety or appearing awkward in it, wild, ti-Wyte, blame; to blame

mid, strange
W'imple, to meander
W'implit, meandered

Wimplin', waving, meandering
Win, to win, to winnow

YAD, an old mare; a worn out horse
Win't, winded as a bottom of yarn

Ye; this pronoun is frequently used for thou
Win', wind; Win's, winds

Yearns, longs much
Winna, will not

Yearlings, born in the same year, coevals
Winnock, a window

Year is used both for singular and plural years Winsome, hearty, vaunted, gay

Yearn, earn, an eagle, an ospray
Wintle, a staggering motion; to stagger, to l Vell, barren, that gives no milk

Verk, to lash, to jerk
Winze, an oath

Yerkit, jerked, lashed
Wiss, to wish

Yestreen, yesternight
Withouten, without

Yett, a gate, such as is usually at the entrance
Wizen'd, hide-bound, dried, shrunk

into a farı-yard or field
Wonner, a wonder; a contemptuous appella- Yill, ale

Yird, earth
Wons, dwells

Yokin', yoking; a bout
Woo', wool

Yont, beyond
Woo, to court, to make love to

J'oursel' yourself
Woodie, a rope, more properly one made of Yowe, a ewe
withcs or willows

Yowie, diminutive of yowe
Woor-bab, the garter knotted below the knce Yule, Christmas
with a couple of loops


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