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Lieutenants. Rob. Campbell

Abundance George Woolcombe

Active Charles Gordon

Ditto George Bague

Ditto Lord H. F. Thynne Ditto C. R. Malden

Aid Thomas Dilke

Albion G. F. Pomeroy

Ditto C.S. Cochrane

Andromache Thomas Saumarez

Blossom H. P. Lew

Cadmus M. Phibbs

Ditto Heit. Foster

Cherokee Robert Card

Ditto Charles Walcott

Confiance Wm Burnett

Egeria C. H. Swinburne

Eurydice Charles Gossett

Favourite Hoxe Braithwaite

Falmouth M. Liddon

Griper H. P. Hoppner

Ditto W. E. Parry

Hecla F. W. Beechey

Ditto Thos Cook

Helicon John Church

Ditto E. Hastings

Kangaroo D. H. Watson

Leander Edward Belcher

Myrmidon Philip Justice

Nautilus Robert Ralph

Ditto George C. Yeo

Newcastle Janes Wigston

Pandora J.J. F. Newell

Ditto J. R. Carpae

Racehorse Wm Sanders

Rosario W. W. Eyton

Ditto R.R. Achmuty

Salisbury Henry Sleuth

Scout Edward Chappell

Severn James Lawrence

Ditto W. H. Dore

Ditto A. G. Wemyss

Ed. S. Clarkson

Sir Francis Drake
Lord Viscount Mandeville Sybille
Hon. G. J. Cavendish

God. Brereton

Tees J.B. L. Hay

J, W. Young

W. Kitehen
Robert Ede

Eagle, Rev. Cutter
Henry Nazer

Vigilant, do. Robert Rochfort

Lapwing, do. John Elwin

Castle Coote, do. Arthur Darley

Townsend, do.
D. J. Woodríffe

Whitworth, do.
Thomas Stewart
A. M'Donald
James Lowry

Agents of Transport
Marshal Hoyles

Royal Marines.
Ist Lieut.
20 Lieut, Geo. Griffin Active

F. Macnamara

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Miscellancous Appointments.
Sir James Cockburn, Bart. Paymaster of the Royal Marine Forces.
Colonel llon. G. A. C. Stapylton, Commissioner of the Navy.
Captain Robert Barie, Acting Resident Commissioner in Canada.
Captain Thomas Hurd, Superintendant of Chronometors.

To superintend the Ordinary.



Thomas Gray

R. D. Lancaster
D. M Leod
Thomas Read

N. T. Franice
C. B. H. Ross
James U. Purchas

John Hayes
George L. Saunders

W. Moore
Con manders.
George Harris

R. Henning
E. Denham
John Robarts

R. Shugar
Thomas Dutton
George Hopkins

W. Sison
J. Wyborn
John Sutherland

J. J. Lanyon
George Williamson

Thomas Tait
William Cockraft

Edward Pownall, Clerk of the Survey, Woolwich Yard.
P. Edgecombe,


Chatham Yard,
Ambrose Keldell, ditto

Plymouth Yard.
R. T. Foster, Clerk of the Rope Yard, Portsmouth Yard.
Dr Robert Wright, Physician of Greenwich Hospital.
Dr John Gray,

ditto of Halsar Hospital.


Hon. John Gordon

W. N. Glascock
H. F. Y. Pogson
Daniel Miller
John Eveleigh
Thoinas Lip on

Superannuated Commanders.
Philip Tomlinson


Robert Juinp.
W'm (aspal
Samuel Fox
George Hailes.

Benjamin Hayter
Edward S. Clerkson
Wm Burnett
Thomas Dilke

Namcs. George F. Pomeroy Alex. G. Wemyss Charles Gossett Charles C. Frankland

Surgeons. Wm Anderson Joseph M'Crea William Watt




March 1. At 10, Grcat Nelson-street, Liverpool,

Mrs Dr Hannay, a daughter. Feb. 5. At Colliepriest, Devonshire, Lady Mary

Mrs Yule, Broughton-place, Edinburgh, a son. Hay, a daughter.

2. Lady Harriet Paget, a daughter. 8. At Birkenbog, the lady of R. Marquis, a son. In Cavendish-square, London, the lady of 14. At Hollymount-house, county of Mayo, the

Admiral J. E. Douglas, a daughter. lady of Thomas Spencer Lindsay, Esq. a daughter. 5. At Raeburn-place, Edinburgh, Mrs William

- At Athlone, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel son, a son Murray, C.B. assistant-adjutant-general, a son. 6. Mrs George Moncrieff, a still-bom male child.

17. At Crailing-louse, the lady of James Paton, - At Edmonstone-house, Mrs Wauchope of EdEsq. a son.

monstone, a daughter. - The wife of an industrious weaver in the At Levenside, Mrs Blackburn of Kileam, a neighbourhood of Newburgh, Fife, was safely delivered of two sons and a daughter, who, with the At Strathmiglo-field, Mrs Thomas Walker, a mother, are all doing well.

son. 20. Mrs Fraser Tytler of Aldourie, a daughter. 7. At Mansfield, the lady of W. Thomson HonyThe Dutchess of Bedford, a son.

man, Esq. of Mansfield, a son and heir. - At Merchant-street, Edinburgh, Mrs William Mrs Moubray, Howe-street, Edinburgh, a son. Dunlop, a son.

8. At Abbey-hili, Edinburgh, Lady Menzies of 1. At 58, George street, Edinburgh, Mrs Mac Menzies, a son. kenzie of Strathgarve, a daughter.

Mrs Bringloe, Nelson-street, Edinburgh, a - At Leith Fort, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel daughter. Walker, a daughter.

10. At Abercromby-place, Edinburgh, Mrs Rich. 21. At Edinburgh, the lady of Charles Henry ard Mackenzie, a daughter. Bazeley, Esq. a son.

At York, Mrs Milner of Nunmonkton, a At Criggie, Mrs Low, a son.

daughter. At Boulogne-sur-Mer, the lady of Colonel Sir - At Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, Mrs Andrew J. Cameron, h.C.B.K.T.S. of the 9th foot, a son. Henderson, a son.

Mrs Powell, 15, Kathrine-street, Edinburgh, - At Bonskeid-house, Perthshire, the lady of a daughter.

Captain Hodgson, royal navy, a son. 25. Mis J. H. Ross, 7, Elder-street, Edinburgh, - At New-hall-house, Mrs Brown, a son; her a son.

14th child. - At Beaumont-cottage, Chertsey, the lady of J. – Al Aberdeen, Mrs Ferguson of Kimmundy, a H. Colt, Esg. a diughter.

27. Mrs Macdonald, 58, Heriot-row, Edinburgh, - At Sandhouse, Shetland, the Lady of John a daughter.

Scott, Esa, jun. of Scalloway, a daughter. Mrs Stoddart, Albany-street, Edinburgh, a - The Marchioness of Ely, a daughter.

il. At Albany-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Napier, a 8. At Dublin-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Swan, a daughter. daughter.

- In London, the lady of Francis James Adam, - At Glenkindy, the lady of Sir Alexander Leith, Esq. a son.

13. At Portobello, Lady Elibank, a daughter. - At Kincardine manse, Ross-shire, Mrs Mac- 17. At 5, North Charlotte-street, Edinburgh, bean, a daughter.

Mrs Douglas, a son.



a son.


Lately. At Hollos, parish of Cannobie, John August 21, 1818. At Calcutta, Mr J. Campbell

Lattimer, aged 81, to Janet French, aged 78, after of the Bengal civil service, to Margaret Flora,

a courtship of 56 years. daughter of the late Mr Douglas, West Indies, and

At Stoke-upon-Trent in Staffordshire, Mr Wil

liam Gother, to Miss Ann Ashley. The bridegroom, niece of Major J. L. Stuart, honourable East India Company's service.

who is aged about 4., has been in his Maesty's

naval service for the term of 27 years, ard has lost Jan. 22. At Leith, Captain James Kerr of the ship Pegky, West Indiaman, to Catherine, fourth

both his legs. When conducted to the church, he daughter of the late Captain William Nesbitt, Old

was seated in the forecastle of a Donkey, acccmShipping Company, Berwick.

panied by his faithful Dulcinea. in his arrival at Feb. 17. At Wilton-manse, Roxburghshire, Mr

ihe desired haven, he disembarked, and being safeThornas Wilson, manufacturer, Hawick, to Char

ly stowed in the hold of the church, he received his lotte, only daughter of the late Charles Grant,

blushing bride on his knees, being unable either to

stand or walk. water in Edinburgh.

- David Murray, Esq. wine-merchant, to Marion, youngest daughter of the late Andrew Car.

DEATHS. Inichael, Esq. Edinburgh.

July 14, 1818. In camp, at Sutwannan, near Tal- At the British Ambassador's at Paris, Charles

na, of a fever, which he caught in Candeish, Lieu Shakerly, Esq. eldest son of C. Shakerly, Esq. of

tenant Henry Currie of the 24 regiment Russel BriShakerly, in the county of Lancaster, and of Som

gade, third son of Mr Currie, writer, Lanark. erford-hall, in the county of Chester, to Mademoi

Sept. 19. At Canton, Mr Charles More, first offiselle Rosalie D'Aracy, only daughter of the Duke cer of the honourable East India Company's ship Djracy.

the Duke of York. 18. At Dalkeith, Alexander, youngest son of the

Jan. 19, 1819. At his house, Somerstown, in his Late James Murray, Esq. of Craigend, to Jessie,

61st year, Mr Greig, author of “ Heavens Displayeldest daughter of Mr Thomas Moffat, Dalkeith.

ed," &c. 21. At Capel, Joseph Carrington Ridgway of

Feb. 1. At Rome, M. Akerblad, aged 60. His Piccadilly, to Elizabeth Ballingall, only daughter of death is a severe loss to the sciences of philology the Rev. Patrick Ballingall Beath of Capel, Sur- and archaology: Tey, and St Margaret's liketshall, Suffolk.

4. At Bath, Mrs Hamilton, relict of Colonel F. 22: At Dalwhat, C. A. Lennock, Esq. captain, Hamilton, formerly of the 1st royal Scots. royal navy, to Lilias, fifth daughter of John Core

- At Applecross, Donal: Macke:zie, Esq. of sun, Esq. of Dalwhat.

Hartfield, son of the late Thomas Mackenzie, Esq. 3. At London, Thomas Broadwood, Esq. of

of Applecross, and lieutenant in the 100th regiment Juniper-hall, Surrey, to Anne Augusta, eldest

of foot. daughter of Alexander Mundell, Esq. of Parlia- - At Clachnaharry, in the 63d year of his age, ment-street.

Mr Davidson, resident engineer of the Caledonian - At Mavisbank, Alexander Brodie, Esq. mer

Canal. chant in Leith, to Louisa, third daughter of the

11. At Nice, in the prime of life, whether he had late Captain William Mercer of the honourable East India Company's service.

gone for the recovery of his health, the Rev. John

Shiels, minister of the gospel at Westruther. At Leith, Captain Robert Muckle, to Eliza- 19. At his house in Lower Grosvenor-place, beth, eldest daughter of Mr William Campbell, Captain Francis Mouat Keith of the royal artillery. Leith.

11. At Roseneath-manse, the Rev. Dr George 24. At the manse of Carnock, the Rev. Peter

Drummond, in the 82d year of his age, and 53d of Cozens, minister of Lauder, to Catherine, only

his ministry: daughter of the Rev. Alex. Thomson, minister of

- At his house in Canander, George Menzies, Carnock.

March 1. William Pollock, Esq. of Whitehall, Esq. of Rinroy, late chamberlain to his Grace the to Margaret, eldest daughter of John Black, Esq.

- At his apartments in Castle-street, Aberdeen, of Clermont.

William Ogilvie, Esq. professor of Humanity in the - At Overton, Dear York, Robert Dow Kerr,

King's College of that city: Esq. of Greenock, to Augusta, youngest daughter - At Edinburgh, William Taylor, Esq. late of the late Rev. Claudius Buchannan, D.D.

merchant in Glasgow. - At Glasgow, Mr Alexander Macdowall, writer,

15. At Killin, Perthshire, Mr Peter Campbell, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Robert Walker,

aged 34 years, third son of Mr Duncan Campbell, Es. merchant.

late of Dalgirdy. 2. At Alderstone, Captain A. G. Jackson, of the

17. At the manse of Trinity Gask, Catherine, royal artillery, to Catherine, eldest daughter of the eldest daughter of the late Rev. Ralph Taylor of late Walter Cecil, Esq. of Moreton Jeffries, Here- Monzie. fordshire.

- At London, James Dobie, sen. surgeon, R.N. - At Lochbuy-house, Donald Campbell, Esq. At Amisfield-mains, Mrs Elizabeth Bogue, of Achnacraig, to Miss Eliza Maclane, daughter of widow of the late William Brodie, Esq. in the 78th the late Murdoch Maclane, Esq. of Lochbuy, island

year of her age. of Null.

18. At Jedburgh, in the 13th year of his age, af. 4. At Dundee, James Knowles, Esq.of Kirkton,

ter only two days' illness, Charles, only son of Mr to Isabella, youngest daughter of William Pitcaim, Duncan Cowan, merchant in Edinburgh. Esq. Dundec

Agnes Jane, the infant daughter of the late 9. At Paisley, George Robertson, Esq. of Lon- Mr Ralph Hardie, writer in Edinburgh. don, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Col- 20. At her house, Wharton-place, Mrs Julia Kerr, lin Douglas, Esq. of Demerary.

relict of Robert Kerr, Esq. 12. Peter Hewett, Esq. W.s. to Isabella, eldest

- At Taunton, Mrs Mackenzie, wife of Kenneth daughter of Andrew Taylor, Esq. of Westbamus. Mackenzie, Esq.

13. Mr Sergeant Copley, chief justice of Chester, - At Arkleton, near Langholm, after an illness to Mrs Thomas, widow of the late Lieutenant-Col. of three weeks, John Jardine, Esq. Thomas.

- At Newbattle, of a short illness, Mr James 16. At Arniston, John Borthwick, Esq. younger Lumsden, farmer. of Crookstoun, advocate, to Miss Dundas, eldest

21. At Leven, Fifeshire, Lieutenant Thomas daughter of the Right Hon. Lord Chief Baron. Younger, R. N. late commander of his Majesty's

At Tulliallan-manse, Mr Robert Buist, ma- ship Theodosia in the Mediterranean Sea. nufacturer, Perth, to Janet, second daughter of the - At Arbroath, Mr Thomas Dick, surgeon. Rev. David Simson.

- At the manse of Barr, the Rev. Stephen - At Wandsworth, the Hon. James Sinclair, Young, minister of that parish. second son of the Earl of Caithness, to Elizabeth, At Perth, Mrs Bathea Nairne, relict of George youngest daughter of George Tritton, Esq. of Spalding, Esq. of Glenkilry. West hill.

At Kinross, Jane, eldest daughter of the late 18. At Edinburgh, Mr John Morrison, writer, to Mr Bruce Beveridge, in her 19th year. Jane, eldest daughter of James Hay, Esq. Hano- At Stirling, Mrs Elizabeth Bennet, spouse of ver-street.

Robert Banks, Esq. of Craighead. 19. At Edinburgh, Mr William Rutherford, 22. At Edinburgh, James Syme, Esq. of Northmerchant, to Margaret, second daughter of Mr field, Fletcher Yetts, Castlehill, Edinburgh.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Helen Buchan, widow of - Mr H. Clarke Taylor, Mid-Calder, to Barba. John Glassell, Esq. of Longniddry, ra M'Kenzie.

-In St Patrick-square, Edinburgh, Catharina


Kay, daughter of Mr Jaines Kay, writer, Edin- where he continued to serve throughout the whole burgh.

of the American war; after returning to England 24. At Edinburgh, Mrs Rowland, widow of he went to America a second time, and served in Francis Rowland, Esq. captain in the late 84th re- Canada three years. He afterwards served under giment of foot, and secretary to the commander-in- the command of the Duke of York in Flanders, chief in India,

where he had the honour, upon one occasion, of - At her mother's house, Shrub-place, Leith- receiving, in public orders, the thanks of his royal walk, Miss Helen Ranken.

highness. Major General Trotter has served in 26. At Ravelstone, Alexander Keith, Esq. of Ireland since the year 1801, during which period Dunottar.

the benevolence of his disposition, and suavity of – In Milne-square, Edinburgh, aged 77 years, his manners, had endeared him to an extensive cirMrs John Gray, a gentleman of deep erudition, cle of acquaintance. eminently skilled in the learned languages, and no 7. Sandilands George, youngest son of Mr Brown, less remarkable for his modesty than for his talents solicitor-at-law, Bank-street. and attainments.

- At Hope-park-end, Edinburgle, John Yetts, 27. At Birdstone, Mrs Gray, wife of John Gray, Esq. R.N. Esq. of Birdstone, Campsie.

- At Newington, Mrs Agnes Cockburn, relict of At her house in George-street, Edinburgh, John Burn, Esq. of Coldoch. Mrs Mary Joass, wife of James Alexander Haldane, At Edinburgh, Mrs Anna Woodgate, wife of

William Francis Woodgate, Esq. late of SomerAt Buchany, near Doune, Duncan Balfour, a hail, Kent. glazier, aged 81' He was a man of superior abili- 8. At his seat, St John Lodge, Herts, Sir Corneties, of a ready country wit, possessing an astonish- lius Cuyler, Bart, a general in the army, (which he ing fund of anecdote concerning the great families entered fuí 59 years ago,) governor of Kinsale, and of Scotland; a firm adherent of the unfortunate colonel of the Gith regiment of foot, having served Prince Charles Edward, in memory of whom he twice as a commander-in-chief abroad, and previpreserved, with the utmost care, a silver quegh, ously in other very important, though inferior siout of which the prince is said to have drank on his tuations. He is succeeded in his title by his eldest way through Doune, immediately before the battle son, a major in the army,

now Sir Charles. of Culloden. He remembered the Highlandman's

At his house, No 2, Paterson's-court, Broughyear, and boasted of having once seen the Prince. ton, Mr James Sommers, attorney of exchequer. He was honest in all his dealings, led an active life, - At Lanark, Mrs Wilson, relict of John Wilenjoyed it to the last, and was at work the day be- son, town-clerk, fore he died.

11. At Kilconquhar-house, Henry Bethune, Esq. - The Rev. Robert Robertson, minister of the of Kilconquhar. gospel at Ednam, Roxburghshire.

- At Hawick, Miss Margaret Langlands, aged 28. At his house of Brcomhill, near Lasswade, 88. Captain Robert Forbes, royal navy.

12. At Upton Grey, Hampshire, the seat of J. - At his house in Chichester, in his 60th year, H. Beaufoy, Esq. Charlotte, youngest daughter of Vice-Admiral Sir George Murray, K.C.B. and late the late Stephen Cosser, Esq. Millbank.street, captain of the fleet under Lord Nelson.

Westminster. - At Farr, Inverness-shire, Miss Ann Mackin- At Pilrig-street, William Ogilvy, Esq. mertosh, eldest daughter of James Mackintosh, Esq. of chant in Leith. Farr, after a long and painful illness.

- At his lodgings in Paliol College, Oxford, the - At Knockhay, near Campbletown, Augusta Right Rev. John Parsons, D. D. Lord Bishop of Clavering, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel John Peterborough. His Lordship was in the 58th year Porter.

of his age, and had suffered for some weeks previMarch 1. At No 2, Tiviot-row, Edinburgh, ously to his disease under the severe and agonising Alexander Merchant, senior, of the excise, aged 70 malady of the rheumatic gout, years.

13. "At Ladyfield-place, Edinburgh, Alexander 2. At Inverleithen, Mrs Mary Anderson, relict of Ferguson, Esq. of Baledmund. Mr Robert Horsburgh, late in Yair.

11. Of an apoplectic fit, Sophia Elizabeth, wife 3. At Dalry-mills, Andrew Veitch, Esq.

of Colonel John Shedden of Elms, Dear Lyming- At Woodside, Miss Anne Scott, daughter of ton, aged 38. the late Walter Scott, Esq. of Harden.

- At his house, Salisbury-place, Newington, 4. At Perth, Marjory, daughter of the late John George Andrew, Esq. writer in Edinburgh. Kennedy, Esq. factor to the Earl of Breadalbane. - At Şeggieden, Mrs Margaret Richardson, wife

- At Glasgow, Mr David Laurie, junior, mer- of James Hay, Esq. of Seggieden. chant.

16. Mary, the infant daughter of Dr James Mil- At Dalochy, Fife, Mrs Barbara Gray, wife of lar, Brown's-square, Edinburgh. Mr David Cuningham.

- At Colzium, Margaret, second daughter of James Ferguson, only son of the late Mr Da. James Davidson, Esq. W. S. niel Dods, merchant, Edinburgh.

18. At Clapham, E. Parratt, Esq. aged 78, who 5. Mrs Semple, wife of Robert Semple, Esq. filled, with great ability, the important office of Greenhead.

clerk of the journals, to the House of Lords, for - Mrs Janet Buchan, spouse of Mr Andrew 24 years. Brown, bookseller, Leith-street.

Lately. At Ardmore, John Geddes, Esq. - At Edinburgh, John Landale Farnie, aged 13, At Knock of Kincairn, Strathspey, Captain John son of Mr Farnie, Burntisland.

Steuart of the 53d regiment of foot. His death - In Hertford-street, May-fair, London, Lady was occasioned by a lingering indisposition, from Ellenborough, spouse of the present Lord Ellen- the effects of the wounds and

contusions he receivborough. Her ladyship was* Catherine Octavia, ed at the storming of Fort Calliger, in the East Inyoungest daughter of the Marquis of Londonderry, dies, on the 2d February 1812; when leading the sister of Lords Castlereagh and Stewart, and niece grenadier company up to the breach, he was preciof Marquis Camden.-She was born 11th October pitated down the perpendicular rock on which the 1792, and married to the Hon. Edward Law, now fort is built, apparently dead. In his death, at the Lord Ellenborough, on the 11th December 1813. early age of 33 years, his country, which he had

6. At Charlotte-square, Edinburgh, the lady of served in the 92d and 93d regiments, with the meRobert Downie, Esq. of Appin, after being deliver- rited approbation of his superior officers, for 16 ed of a still-born child.

years, has sustained a heavy loss. - At Dublin, Major-General Thomas Trotter, On his voyage home frorn Quebec, Captain Arcolonel-commandant of the royal artillery, and chibald Moore of Seabank, Rothesay. It is undercommanding the royal artillery in Ireland." This stood his ship was wrecked in the river St Law. most arniable man and revered veteran terminated rence, and that all on board perished. his honourable career, after having nearly complet- At 'Holmwood, near Henley, aged 17, Ensign ed, in the service of his king and country, half a Kerr, 85th foot, eldest son of Lord Mark Kerr. century; his first commission in the regiment be- At Dalkeith, Robert, youngest son of Mr Wilmg dated the 10th of January 1770. Major-Gene- liam Ballantine, nurseryman there. ral Trotter went to America in the year 1773, At Rochester, the Rev. William Philip Menzies

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The Fly-Fisher's Guide. By G. C.
Bainbridge, Esq.

123 Peter Bell ; a Tale in Verse. By Wordsworth

130 On the State of Religion in the Highlands of Scotland.com

136 The Covenanter's Heather-Bedarra... 147 The Five Oaks of Dallwitz. (From

the German of Körner Jaanacommemora 148 Eternity. A Fragment (From the German of Haller.

149 Captain Ross, and Sir James Lancaster's Soundara

150 Lieutenant King's Survey of New Holland.

152 On the Temperature of the Water of

Coal Mines in the North of England ib. Remarks on Darwin's Botanic Garden... 153 A Letter on Happiness........

155 Noseology, a Dissertation on the Intel

lectual Faculties, as manifested by the various configurations of the Nose

157 Extract from a Letter, written at Paris,

Bowdich's Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee


sannararemosomorom 175 Emmeline. By Mrs Brunton.com.mm 183 Letters of Curran to the Rev. H. Wes

192 A few more Remarks on the New Whig Guide

197 Horæ Nicotianæ. No II.

Sonnet. On seeing a spark fall

from Mr Hogg's pipe...recomana 205 Sonnet. To the beautiful Miss

Lucy Forman. On seeing her
shaking Canaster from one bag
into another

ib. Poems by a Military Amateurcom. 206 The Shepherd's Calendar. (Continued from p. 75)....

210 Imitation of Sir John Suckling's Despairing Lover.com

216 Observations on Mr Campbell's Essay

on English Poetry, &c. (Continued

from No. XXIV. page 708. Joacam. 217 Notices ....


www.ma 233 Works preparing for PUBLICATION 237 MONTHLY LIST OF NEW PUBLICA: TIONS word

240 MON HLY REGISTER. Commercial Report.

244 Meteorological Report

249 Promotions and Appointments arama

250 Births, Marriages, and Death smaranana 252

to a Country Correspondentemente 160 "INTELLIGENCE.

Time's Magic Lanthern. No IX. The

Dissector Blasquez and Scholar... 162 The Last Speech of Robert Lyon, Pres

byter at Perth, who was executed at

Penrith, October 28th 1746.....com 164 Church Music.com

169 On the Influence of Wages on the Rate

of Profitserramaramamma Poor Rates.com.mm...mmm 173

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