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1. Whitish green, marbled with Sp. Gr. masses of oak, says he, dug from the alluvial dark green

3.330 strata of the country, where it has lain for 2. Dark Green variety

3.190 ages, many of them are found fresh and 3. Whitish green variety, same as sound as the day on which they had been No I.

3.400 thrown from their respective roots. In this 4. Light-coloured greenish white va- case the timber is uniformly black as ebony, riety

2.858 and obdurately hard. I was led from cu. “ The specimens, of which the specific riosity to examine chemically several of gravities are as above, were all, except the these old trunks, and found a far greater last, furnished me by the kindness of Sir proportion of iron than could be supposed George Staunton. The last is precisely of the to exist in the natural state of the tree. To same nature as the sceptre sent to his Royal this iron I attribute the incorruptibility and Highness the Prince Regent, and was put high state of preservation of this antedilu. into my possession for the purpose of ex. vian timber. This extraneous iron must amination by the Hon. Mr Amherst, to have been supplied from the ore of the soil whom it was presented by one of our at- or chalybeate waters ; in this state of solu. tendant Mandarins."

tion it would penetrate the substance of the The only part of this description which wood, unite with the astringent principle, cannot be reconciled to prehnite is the in- and produce not only the black colour, but fusibility before the blow-pipe. The spe- such a density of texture as almost to resist cific gravity of the fibrous variety of preh- the sharpest instrument. The same means nite is 2.901, its hardness is nearly the same will season new timber, and render it proof as that of the Yu ; and though its fracture against dry rot that will cure old : namely, is always fibrous, yet I can conceive it to be the application of iron in a state of solution. described by a person not familiar with the This can be obtained at a comparatively external characters, as having a splintery small expence from a solution of green fracture, which is not altogether erroneous. copperas, in which the wood must be The infusibility before the blow-pipe seems soaked till it has acquired the colour of new to separate the Yu both from prehnite and ink. This would completely counteract from nephrite, to which Mr Abel refers it.* every vegetable principle, and communicate

Power of the Screw.. The Admiralty durability and firinness of texture, with this yacht, lately under repair in Woolwich additional advantage, that the sulphut of dock-yards, was, on the 12th instant, raised the solution, penetrating the substance of the from her bearings sufficiently high to have plank, would defend it against the ravages the bottom of her keel coppered, by the ap- of insects. plication of a single pair of screws, under The Royal Medical Society of Copenthe direction of Mr W. Hookey, assistant hagen, which has existed more than forty builder. The vessel is one of 120 tons, years, and is similar to those established at having on board 30 tons of ballast, with all London, Edinburgh, and Paris, has just the stageing, &c. attached. The whole published a fifth volume of a new series operation was performed by eight men, in of its transactions, entitled, Acta nova five minutes ; and Mr Hookey is decidedly Regiæ Societatis Havnicnsis, which had of opinion, that he could, by the application been postponed for sixteen years. Twentyof ten such pair of screws, which are those six papers, on various medical subjects, used in his bending machine, raise any fri- form this collection; many of them display gate in the service, an operation which, in a considerable degree of research : from the many cases, would be of great public ad industry and accuracy with which the devantage.

scription of the diseases, mode of treatment, Prevention of Dry Rot. Mr Gavin and dissections, are detailed, they will tend Inglis, in some observations on the preven. equally to elucidate the object of their en. tion of dry-rot, concurs with several gentle. quiries. men, who recently published the results of The first part of a French translation of their experience, that timber, especially for Dr Wilson Philip's Treatise on Febrile ship-building, ought never to be cut till Discases, by Dr Letic, was published in after the fall of the leaf. In examining Paris last month.

• The Yu stone is probably massive arroganite.


LONDON. DIALOGUES, Letters, and Observations, il. some specimens of which have been printed - lustrative of the Purity and Consistency of in the Literary Gazette, will shortly appear. the Established Church.

Memoirs of Lord Byron are reported to The collection of essays on Men and Man. be forthcoming, under the title of Harold mers, entitled “ The Hermit in London," the Exile.

year 1818.

An Essay on the Diagnosis, Morbid Ana- The Population and Riches of Nations tomy, and Treatment of the Diseases of considered together, not only with regard to Children; by Marshall Hall, M.D. F.R.S.E. their positive and relative increase, but with &c. is preparing for publication.

regard to their tendency to Morals, Pros. A comprised View of the Religious Prin. perity, and Happiness ; by Sir Egerton ciples and Practices of the Age, in Eight Bridges, Bart. K.J. Sermons, at the Bampton Lecture in 1819; A Third Volume of Sermons, by Mr by Hector Davies Morgan, M.A.

Clapp. Mr Pye, wha compiled a Dictionary of The Third and Last Volume of Church Ancient Geography, has in the press, a De History ; by the Rev. Johnson Grant. scription of Modern Birmingham, empha- Dr Harrington has in the press, and will tically termed the Toy Shop of Europe; publish shortly, an extension of his Theory whereunto are annexed, Observations made and System of Chemistry, elucidating all during an Excursion round the Town, in the phenomena without one single anomaly. the Summer of 1818.

The Thirteenth Part of Dupin's Univer. John Gamble, Esq. author of Irish sal History. Sketches, &c. will shortly publish Views of A Prospectus has been published

by Mr Society and Manners in the North of Ire. Ackermann, of an Historical and Characland, in a Series of Letters written in the teristic Tour of the Rhine, from Mayence

to Coblentz, in six monthly parts. It will Dr Edward Nares has in the press a vo- contain a complete history and picturesque lume of Sermons, preached before the Uni- description of a portion of country so full of versity of Oxford, on the Three Creeds, the curious and interesting circumstances, as Trinity and the Divinity of Christ.

well as so resplendent for its landscape, granThe Eleventh Volume of Dr Shaw's Zo- deur, and beauty ; and it will be embellishology.

cd with twenty-four highly finished and coMr Partington, of the London Institu- loured engravings, from drawings expressly tion, is preparing for the press, an Histo- made by an eminent artist, resident near the rical Account of that Establishment, with banks of the Rhine, and habitually familiar plates, &c. to which will be prefixed, a Bio

with every part. graphical Memoir of the late l’rofessor Por- A new edition of Mr Darcy Lever's Young son, with anecdotes, jeux d'esprit, &c. to be Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor, or a Guide to entitled Porsoniana.

Practical Scamanship ; in 1 vol 4to. with Memoirs of the Protector, Oliver Crom. considerable improvements, will appear well, and of his sons, Richard and Henry, shortly. with some original letters and other family The Baron de Sao Lourenço, Principal papers ; by Mr Oliver Cromwell, one of the Treasurer of the Royal Treasury of Brazil, family.

Knight Commander (Commendador) of the A new and greatly enlarged Collection of Orders of Christ, and of the Conception, and Speeches, by the Right Hon. John Philpot one of the Cour.cil of his Most Faithful MaCurran, late Master of the Rolls in Ireland ; jesty, has translated the Essayon Man of Alexincluding his memorable Speech on the ander Pope into Portuguese verse, complet. Trial of the Shearses, and several others ing his version within exactly the same never before collected, with a Memoir and number of lines as the original. This transPortrait of Mr Curran, will shortly appear. lation, with a large Appendix of Notes, Cri

The Third Part of Mr Bagster's quarto tical, Historical, Political, and ExplanaPolyglott Bible.

tory, elucidated by copious extracts from the Shortly will be published, the Wandering works of many of the principal poets and Jew ; -being an Authentic Account of the philosophers of ancient and modern times, Manners and Customs of the most distin. is now on the eve of publication, by a Liteguished nations, interspersed with anecdotes rary Society in this country. The work of celebrated men of different periods since will consist of three volumes in quarto, the last destruction of the Temple of Jeru. printed in a handsome form, and will be salem; in a narrative, supposed to have embellished by Portraits of the Author, been written by that mysterious character. (from a painting by Jervas, never before

Hallamshire; being the History and To- engraved), and of the Translators, as well as pography of the Parish of Sheffield in the an Illustration of each Epistle, designed by County of York; by the Rev. J. Hunter. an artist of eminence, and engraved in the

A volume of Select Fables is in the press, first style of line-engraving. The avowed and will speedily be published, with cuts, object of this publication is to excite a sti. designed and engraved on wood; by Tho- mulus favourable to the progress of Letters mas and John Bewick, previous to the year and the Arts in Portugal and Brazil, and 1784; and embellished with a highly finish- to promote the cultivation of the English ed portrait of T. Bewick, engraved on wood, Janguage and literature in those countries. by Charlton Nesbit, from an original pic. This most desirable aim is strengthened by ture. It will be printed uniform with the the immediate sanction of the king of PorHistories of Quadrupeds and British Birds, tugal and Brazil, to whom the work is ex. and the Fables of Æsop.

pressly dedicated.

Dr W. E. Leach has nearly ready for A short Account is in the press, of some publication, a Synopsis of British Mollusca; of the principal Hospitals of France, Italy, being an introduction to the method of ar- Switzerland, and the Netherlands ; with ranging the shells of Great Britain, accord remarks upon the climate and diseases of ing to the structure of the animals, with de- those countries; by Henry William Carter, scriptions and illustrative engravings. ,M.D. F.R.S.E. one of Dr Radcliffe's tra

Letters from Palestine, descriptive of a velling Fellows from the University of Ox. Tour through Galilee and Judea, with ford. some account of the Red Sea, and of the Memoirs of John Tobin, author of “ The present state of Jerusalem, illustrated with Honey Moon,” &c. &c. With two unpubplates.

lished plays, and other Selections from his The Author of Conversations on Che. MSS. ; by Miss Benger. mistry, &c. has a new work in the press, The Rev. Mr Nolan's Polyglot Gramentitled, Conversations on Natural Philo. 'mar, in Latin, Greek; Hebrew, Chaldee, sophy.

Syriac, French, Italian, Spanish, GerA Picturesque Tour through Persia, il. man, and modern Greek, is printing ; and lustrated with numerous engravings by Sir the French, Italian, Latin, and Greek lanRobert Ker Porter, is preparing for the press guages are completed.

EDINBURGH. Poems; and Translations from the Ger. rable Crichton, with Notes, and an Appenman. By John Anster, Esq. Trinity Col- dix of Original Papers; by Patrick Fraser lege, Dublin, 12mo. ; will be published in Tytler, Esq. F.R.S.E. Advocate. Beautia few days.

fully printed by J. Ballantyne, with a por. In one thick volume, 18mo, Cornelii Ne. trait drawn by John S. C. Syme, from an potis, de Vitis Excellentium Imperatorum, original painting in the possession of Colonel editio nova, studio Alexandri Stewart. Crichton. This work will embrace a critical

Travels in the North of Germany ; ex- examination of the evidence in support of the hibiting the present with observations on remarkable adventures of Crichton in France the first state of the social and political in. and Italy, with some considerations on the stitutions, the agriculture, manufactures, state of Literature in those countries and in commerce, education, arts, and manners, Scotland during the sixteenth century: In in that country, particularly in the King- the Appendix will be found several original dom of Hanover; by Thomas Hodgskin, passages never before published. Esq. 2 vols, 8vo.

Gramina Scotica, or Dried Specimens of Illustrations of the Novels and Tales by Grasses, collected chiefly in the vicinity of the Author of Waverley. In Twelve Edinburgh ; by James R. Scott, F.L.S. &c. Prints after original Designs by William and Walter Oudney, M.D. M.W.S. &c. folio. Allan, and engraved in the first style of Mr Scott and Dr Oudney intend to pubthe art.

lish “ Observations, Botanical and AgriculGeometrical Analysis, and the Geometry tural, on the British Grasses.". of Curve Lines ; including the Conic Sec- A Poem entitled Dunfermline Abbey, tions, and the more remarkable Curves of with Historical Notes and Illustrations ; by the higher orders ; by John Leslie, Pro- A. Mercer, Dunfermline, will appear in the fessor of Mathematics the University of course of this month. Edinburgh, 8vo.

In a short time will appear a very inteTravels in Italy, Greece, and the Ionian resting publication entitled, the Vocal MeIslands, in a series of Letters, descriptive lodist of Scotland, consisting of all our of manners, scenery, and the fine arts; by Beautiful and Popular Native Airs, careH. W. Williams, Esq. 2 vols, 8vo. with fully selected from the Oldest and most engravings.

"Genuine Collections, and arranged with a An Account of the Life of James Crich. Simple Harmony for the Piano Forte, Harp, ton of Cluny, commonly called the Admi- Violin, or Violincello, by Nath. Gow.



trict in the South of France. Translated A Treatise on Soils and Manures, as from the French of the Baron Picot de La founded on actual Experience, and as com- Peyrouse ; with Notes, 8vo. 5s. bined with the Leading Principles of Agriculture ; by & Practical Agriculturalist. Italian Scenery, No. VII, 8vo, 10s. 6d. 6s.

Englefield Vases, No. 1, Svo, 10s. 6d. A Sketch of the Agriculture of a Dis. Annals of the Fine Arts, No XII, 8vo. 5s. VOL. V.

2 Z



Fredolfo ; a Tragedy in five acts ; by the A Translation of M. Cagnoli's Memotr Rev. J. C. R. Maturin. on a new and certain method of ascertain.

ing the Figure of the Earth, by means of Pood for the Young, adapted to the Men
occultations of the fixed Stars: together tal Capacities of Children of Tender Years;
with Notes and an Appendix to the same; by a Mother. 12mo.
by F. Bailey

Introductory Greek Exercises to those of

Dunbar, Neilson, and others, arranged un-
R. Priestley's Catalogue of old and new der models, to assist the Learner ; by Nath.
Books for 1819, 8vo. 58.

Howard. 12mo, 5s.
Harding's new Catalogue of Books on Letters from a father to his Son on Re-
Agriculture and Rural Economy, 8vo. 26. ligious Sentiment and Belief ; by the Rev.

A Catalogue of old and new Books : H. G. White. Fc. 8vo, 6s. 6d.
Part 1. containing a large Collection of The Preceptor's Key; by A. Jamieson.
Theology, including Sermons and Dis. 18mo, 4s. 6d.
courses, many of uncommon occurrence ; A National Spelling Book, or a sure Guide
by Richard Baynes, 25, Ivy-lane. 2s. to English Spelling and Pronunciation ; by

A Catalogue of a valuable Collection of B. Tabart. 8vo, Is. 6d. Books, in various Languages, Paintings, Hints for the Improvement of Early EduPrints, Music, &c. to be sold, at the prices cation and Nursery Discipline. affixed by J. Rackham, Bury St. Ed. Letters of Advice from a Lady of Distincmund's. 2s.

tion (Lady Spenser) to her Niece the DuBIOGRAPHY.

chess of Devonshire shortly after her mar. The Life of the Right Hon. John Phil. riage. 12mo, 6s. pot Curran ; by his Son, William Henry A Critical Examination of Cobbett's EngCurran, 2 vols, 8vo. £1. 4s.

lish Grammar. ls. 6d. The second and concluding part of

Memoirs of the Queen ; by John Watkins, A New Geological Atlas of England and
L.L.D. 9s.

Wales ; Part I. containing maps of Kent, The Life of Sir Thomas Bernard, Bart. Norfolk, Wilts, and Sussex; by W. Smith. by the Rev. J. Baker, 8vo. 8s. 6d.

11. ls. BOTANY.

GEOGRAPHY The Florist's Directory, or Treatise on Statistical Annals ; embracing views of the Culture of Flowers, Bulbous Roots, &c. the population, commerce, navigation, fishincluding a Treatise on Soils and Manures; eries, public lands, post-office establishment, by James Maddocks ; with notes and co- revenues, mint, military and naval establoured plates by Curtis; royal 8vo. lishments, expenditures, public debt and £1:11: 6d.

sinking fund, of the United States of Ame-
Fuci, or Coloured Figures and Descrip- rica ; by Adam Seybert, M. D. 4to, 3L
tions, in Latin and English, of the Plants 138. 6d.
referred by Botanists to the Genus Fucus ; A New General Atlas, constructed from
by Dawson Turner, Esq. No. XLVIII, the latest authorities ; by A. Arrowsmith.
4to, 7s. 6d.

Royal 4to, ll. 16s.
The Delphin Classics; with the Variorum Naval Chronology of Great Britain ; or
Notes. Parts III. and IV.

an Historical Account of Naval and Ma.

ritime Events ; by J. Ralfe. Part VII. European Commerce ; or, Complete Met. 8vo, 10s. 6d. cantile Guide to the Continent of Europe ; The History of Ancient Europe, from comprising an Account of the Trade of all the earliest Times to the Subversion of the the principal Cities of the Continent, copious Western Empire; with a Survey of the Tables of their Moneys, Exchanges, Weights, most important Revolutions in Asia and and Measures; by C. W. Rördanzs. 8vo, Africa. 3 vols 8vo, 21. 2s. 11. Is.

The History of Modern Europe ; a new
The Cyclopædia of Commerce ; by S. edition, with a Continuation, terminating
Clarke, Esq. and John Williams, Esq. 410. at the Pacification of Paris, in 1815 ; by
Part I. to III.

Charles Coote, L.L.D. 7vol. 8vo, 3L 135 6d.

A Short History of France ; including
The Carib Chief ; by Mr Twiss. 2s. 6d. the principal Events from the Foundation

The Heart of Mid-Lothian, a Melo-Dra. of the Empire, by Pharamond, to the Rematic Romance; by T. Dibdin. 8vo, 2s.6d. storation of Louis XVIII.; by Mrs Moore.

The Heart of Mid-Lothian, a Musical 12mo, 7s. Drama ; by Mr Terry. 8vo, 3s.

Lyrical Dramas ; with Domestic Hours, Reports of Cases argued and determined a Miscellany of Odes and Songs; by Cor- in the Court of King's Bench, in Hilary nelius Neale. Foolscap 8vo, 9s.

Term, 59 Geo. III. 1819; by R. V. BarneDramatic Scenes and other Poems; by wall and E. H. Alderson. Vol. II. Part II. Barry Cornwall, 12mo, 68.

royal 8vo, 58.

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Reports of Cases argued and determined A Practical Treatise on the Instruction in the Court of Exchequer Chamber, in and amusement of the Blind; calculated Trinity Term, 57 Geo. III. 1817; by Geo. to promote their personal happiness, and Price. Vol. IV. Part II. 78. 6d.

enable them to employ themselves with Reports of Cases argued and determined. profit and advantage; by Dr Guillie. 8vo. 8s. In the High Court of Chancery, commencing The History of Gog and Magog, the in the Sittings before Hilary Term, 1818. Champions of London ; containing an AcVol. I. Part II. royal 8vo, 7s.

count of the Origin of many Things relative An Essay in a Course of Lectures on Ab. to the City; a tale ; by Robin Goodfellow. stracts of Titles, &c. ; by R. Preston, Esq. 18mo. ls. and Is. 6d. Royal 8vo, 12s.

An Explanation of Captain Sabine's ReSurrenders of Copyhold Property Consi. marks on the late Voyage of Discovery to dered; by F. Saunders. 12mo, Bs. 6d. Baffin's Bay; by Captain J. Ross, R. N.

The Trial of A. B. French, J. French, 2s.6d. Burke, and M. Welch. Taken in Short The Entomologist's useful Compendium ; Hand by W. B. Gurney, Esq. 8vo, 5s. by George Samouelle. Crown 8vo. £1, 1s.

A Law Glossary of the Latin, Greek, Nor. Memoirs of the Embassy of the Marshal man, French, and other Languages inter- de Bassompierre to the Court of England in spersed in the Commentaries of Sir W. 1626, with Notes. 8vo. 9s. 6d. Blackstone ; by Thomas Taylor. 8vo, 9s. A Practical Treatise on the Making and MEDICINE.

Upholding of Public Roads ; by J. PatterCases, with Observations, on the Wry son. 12mo. 28. 6d. Neck ; by John Kirby, A. B. 8vo. 6s. A complete Narrative of the Extraordi.

Observations on the condition of the Middle nary Case of Child Stealing ; Horsley . and Lower Classes in the North of Ireland, Rennett. Royal 4to. 8s. as it tends to promote the diffusion of Con- A concise History of Tithes, with an In. tagious Fever ; by F. Rogan, M. D. 8vo. quiry how far a forced Maintenance for the 6s.

Ministers of Religion is warranted by the MINERALOGY.

Examples and Precepts of Jesus Christ and Familiar Lessons on Mineralogy and his Apostles. 8vo. Is. Geology; explaining the easiest Methods of A Vindication of the Enquiry into Chadiscriminating Minerals, and the Earthy ritable Abuses, with an Exposure of the Substances commonly called Rocks ; by Misrepresentations of the Quarterly Review. J. Mawe. 12mo. 55.

8vo. 45. An Elementary Introduction to the know- The Royal and London Kalendar, corledge of Mineralogy; by William Phillips, rected to the 15th May 1819. 4s. 6d. F. L. S. Member of the Geological Societies The Philosophy of Domestic Economy, of London and Cornwall; second edition, as exemplified in the Mode of Warming, very much enlarged, with 360 wood cuts. Ventilating, Washing, Drying, and Cook8vo. 12s.

ing; by C. Sylvester. 4to. £i, 11s. 6d. MISCELLANIES.

A General Index to the New Series of the Letters of Curran to the Rev. H. Wes Monthly Review, vol. 1 to 81. 2 vols. Svo. ton. 8vo. 35. 6d.

£2, 12s. 6d. A Defence of the Church and Universi. Donovan's Natural History of Birds. ties of England against such injurious ad. Vol. 10. Royal 8vo. £1, 16s. vocates as Professor Monk and the Quar- Memoir and Notice explanatory of a terly Review for January, 1819; by Sir Chart of Madagascar and the North-Eas. James Edward Smith, M. D. F. R. S. &c. tern Archipelago of Mauritius ; by L. President of the Linnæan Society. 8vo. Geoffry. 4to. 18s.

The Picture of the Palais Royal ; de- Speech of Lieutenant-General Thornton scribing its Spectacles, Gaming-houses, Cof. in the House of Commons, on Thursday fee-houses, Restaurateurs, Tabagies, Read- the 7th of May, 1818, on his motion to reing-rooms, Milliners'-shops, Gamesters, peal the declarations against the Belief of Sharpers, Mouchards, Artistes, Epicures, Transubstantiation, and asserting the WorCourtezans, Filles, and other remarkable ship of the Church of Rome to be Idolaobjects, in that High Change of the Fa- trous. shionable Dissipation and Vice of Paris. The Literary Works of Sir Joshua ReyWith Characteristic Sketches and Anecdotes nolds ; by J. Farringdon, R. A. 8vo. 3 of its frequenters and Inhabitants. 18mo. vols. £1, 4s. 6s. 6d.

The Quarterly Review, No 41. 6s. Sixty curious and Authentic Narratives The Elements of Natural Philosophy ; and Anecdotes respecting Extraordinary illustrated throughout by Experiments, Characters ; illustrative of the tendency of which may be performed without regular Credulity and Fanaticism ; exemplifying the apparatus ; by James Mitchel, M. A. 12mo. imperfections of Circumstantial 'Evidence ; The Quarterly Musical Magazine, Part and recording singular instances of volun- III, 5s. tary human suffering ; and interesting oc- The Pamphleteer, No 27. 6s. 6d. currences ; by John Cecil, Esq. Foolscap Dodsley's Annual Register, fox 1818, Svo. 6s.

8vo. 16s.

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