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On the Mammoth, or Fossil Elephant, added, Sermons to Ministers of State ; by found in the ice, at the mouth of the river the late Rev. James Murray of Newcastle ; Lena, in Siberia. With a Lithographic with an Original Sketch of the Author's plate of the skeleton. 4to. 2s. 6d.

Life, 8vo, Bs.

Radical Reform, Restoration of Usurped The Pleasures of Want; or, In Love and Rights ; by George Ensor. 78. not in Love, 3 vols 12mo.

A Remonstrance, addressed to the Author Augustus and Adeline, or the Monk of of Two Letters to the Right Honourable St Bernardine ; by Miss C. D. Haynes, 4 Robert Peel, on the Condition of the Poor, vols. £1.

8vo. 2s. 6d. Elvington ; by Mrs Nathan, 3 vols. Hardcastle's Letters on the Bank Restrica £1, Is.

tion, 8vo. 68. Zeal and Experience, 2 vols 12mo. Observations on the Poor Laws ; by

The Sisters of St Gothard ; a Tale ; by James Macphail, 8vo. 2s. Elizabeth Cullen Brown, 2 vols 12mo. Reply to Lord Erskine ; by an Elector 106. 60.

of Westminster, 8vo. 1s. 6d. Forman ; a Tale ; 3 vols 12mo. 18s. A Letter to the People of England, on the POETRY.

subject of Constitutional Reform; by GracMazeppa ; by Lord Byron, 8vo. 5s.6d, chus, 8vo. Is. 6d. Lord Byron's Works, 3 vols 8vo. £2, 2s. Thoughts on the Funding and Paper Sys

Ode to the Duke of Wellington, and tem, and especially the Bank Restriction other Poems; by R. C. Dallas.

and Resumption of Cash Payments, as con. Lament of Napoleon, Misplaced nected with the National Distress : with ReLove, and other Poems; by S. R. Jackson ; marks on the Observations of Mr Preston, 3s. 6d.

and Sir John Sinclair ; addressed to the The Ocean Cavern; a Tale of the Tonga Landed Interest ; by N. J. Denison, Esq. Isles ; in three cantos, 8vo. 4s. 6d.

8vo. 35. 6d. The Arab; a Tale ; 8vo. 4s. 60.

The Oppressed Labourers, the Means of The Exhibition ; a Poem ; by a Painter. their Relief, as well as the Reduction of

The Wrongs of Man; a Satire ; with their Number, and of the Poor Rates, 8vo. Notes ; by Howard Fish, Svo.

1s. 6d. More Broad Grins, or Mirth versus Me- Proceedings in Parga, and the Ionian lancholy, foolscap. 4s. 6d.

Islands, with a series of Correspondence, The Waggoner; a Pocm ; to which are and other Justificatory Documents, 8vo. 75. added, Sonnets, by William Wordsworth, The Speech of Viscount Normanby, on Svo. 48. 6d.

the Catholic Petition, 8vo. Is. The Counterfeit Saints, or Female Fana. An Essay on Money ; by C. R. Prinsep, ticism, in two cantos ; with other Poems; 8vo. 58. by C. Swan, royal 12mo. 85.

Speech of the Right Hon. Robert Peel, London, or the Triumph of Quackery ; on the Roman Catholic Petition, 8vo. 2s. 6d. a Satirical Poem, 8vo. 3s.

A Comparative Statement of the Effects Verses from Glenarvon ; to which is pre- which a Continuance and Removal of the fixed the Original Introduction, 12mo. Restriction upon Cash Payments are calcu. 5s. 6d.

lated to produce; by R. Torrens, 8vo. 3s. The Vestriad ; a Poem ; by Hans Busk, On the Practicability of the Resumption Esq. author of The Banquet, The Dessert, of Cash Payments; by Sir W. Congreve, &c. &c. 8vo. 12s.

8vo. 2s. The New Tory Guide, 8vo. 7s. 6d. Principles and Practices of pretended Re.

London ; a Satire, in imitation of Ju- formers, in Church and State; by A. Ken. venal, 12mo. ls.

nedy, D.D. 8vo. 10s. 6d. The Age of Intellect; or, Clerical Showa

THEOLOGY. folk and Wonderful Layfolk. A Series of Nautical Essays; or a Spiritual View of Poetical Epistles between Bob Blazon, in the Ocean and Maritime Affairs ; by the town, and Jack Jingle, in the country. author of the Retrospect, &c. &c. 12mo. Dedicated to the Fair Circassian. With an An Historical and Critical Inquiry into Introduction and Notes, Critical, Ethical, the Interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures, Satirical, Physiological, Physical, Cranio- with Remarks on Mr Bellamy's New Translogical, and Astrological; by Francis Moore, lation ; by J. W. Whittaker, M. A. 8vo. Is. Physician, author of the celebrated work, Christian Missions, an enlightened species entitled “ Vox Stellarum; or, a Loyal Al. of Charity ; by the Rev. J. Č. Wilks, 8vo. manack;" foolscap 8vo. 6s.

2s. 60. POLITICS.

Scripture Costume ; by R. Satchwell, Report of the Secret Committee of the imperial 4to. £5, 5s. House of Commons, on the Banks resuming The Foreknowledge of God suggested by Cash Payments; with Minutes of Evi- passages in Dr Adam Clarke's Commentary dence, 8vo. 78.

on the New Testament; by Gill Timmins. Sermons to Asses and to Doctors in Di. 2s.6d. vinity, with New Sermons to Asses, and A Review of a Work entitled Remarks Lectures to Lords Spiritual ; to which are on Scepticism, by the Rev. J. Rennell, land. Strictures on the Case of Mr John M.Do

A.M. Vicar of Kensington, and Christian portant account of the Subscription to the
Advocate in the University of Cambridge, Articles in 1604 ; by the Rev. H. J. Todd,
&c. ; by D. Wylke Edwinsford, Esq. of M. A. F.S.A. 18.
Caermarthenshire. 5s.

A Concordance to the Holy Bible ; to Lectures on the Book of Jonah, designed which is added, a Geographical Index, with chiefly for the use of Seamen ; to which are the Calendar and Table of Lessons ; by added, Two Discourses to Seamen, with James W. Bellamy, M. A. some Prayers and Hymns, to be used at The Revival of Popery; by William sea ; by G. Young, 8vo. 6s.

Blair, Esq. M. A. 8vo. 75. 6d. New Translation of the Holy Bible, con- The Bampton Lecturer Reproved ; by taining the Old and New Testaments, Part Thomas Belsham, 8vo. 6s. II. 4to. 16s.

Blood not Required, or the Clergyman's Various Views of Death, for illustrating Private Appeal to the Understanding of his the Wisdom and Benevolence of the Divine Hearers ; by E. T. Vaughan, 8vo. 76 Administration ; by the Rev. T. Watson,

TOPOGRAPHY. 8vo. 6s.

The Cambridge University Calendar, for Sermons extracted from the Lectures of the Year 1819, foolscap. 5s.6d. Bishop Porteous, and intended for the use Picturesque Views of the Antiquities of of the Younger Clergy, and for Families; Pola ; by Thomas Allason, royal folio. by Thomas Baker, M. A. 9s.

£3, 10s. Elementary Discourses, or Sermons ad- Wild's Illustration of the Architecture dressed to Children ; by John Burder, and Sculpture of the Cathedral Church of M.A. 12mo. As.

Lincoln, 4to. £3, 35. Serinons on Faith, Doctrines, and Public The History of the ancient Town and Duties; by the Very Rev. William Vin. Borough of Uxbridge, containing copies of cent, D. D. 10s. 6d.

interesting public documents, and a partiPropaganda, being an Abstract of the cular account of all charitable donations, Designs and Proceedings of the incorporated left for the benefit of the poor ; with plates, Society for promoting the Gospel in Foreign and an appendix ; by George Redford, Parts : by a Member of the Society, 8vo. A.M. and Thomas Hurry Riches, 8vo. 4s. 60.

Neale's Illustrated History of Westmin. Christian Morality Indispensable ; by ster Abbey, No VII. the Rev. Thomas Scott, 8vo. 7s.

Grand Junction Navigation ; being a The Baptist's Self-Convicted, by the Rev. Fortnight's Tour along the course of that W. Anderson of Dunstable, in his remarks stream, with Topographical Descriptions, on the Editor of Calmet; by the Editor of &c. No l. 2s.6d.; or coloured, 5s. Calmet's Dictionary of the Holy Bible. 29.

Defences of the Statements adduced in Travels in various Countries of the East, the Facts and Evidences on the subject of more particularly Persia ; by Sir W. G. Baptism ; by the Editor of Calmet's Dic Ousley, Knight, 4to, Vol. I. ' £3: 13: 6. tionary of the Holy Bible, second edition. Journal of New Voyages and Travels, 4s. 6d.

No III. 3s. Original Sin, Free Will, Grace, Regenea A History of North-Eastern Voyages of ration, Justification, Faith, Good Works, Discovery; by Capt. J. Burney, F.R.S. and Universal Redemption ; with an ime 8vo. 12s. 6d.


EDINBURGH. The Edinburgh Christian Instructor, nald, Minister at Urquhart, before the GenNo CVII. for June 1819. Is. 60.

eral Assembly 1818; by Alexander Kerr, The Edinburgh Monthly Review, No. Minister of the Gospel, Cambuslang. 3d. VII. 2s. 6d.

The Scripture Monitor ; or Short Medi. The Edinburgh Review, or Critical tations on Various Passages of Scripture for Journal, No LXII. 8vo. 6s.

every day in the year; by John Craig, Mi. An Elementary Treatise on Astronomy, nister of the Gospel, Avon Bridge, 12mo. or an Easy Introduction to a Knowledge of 4s. 6d. the Heavens ; intended for the use of those Historical Dissertations on the Law and who are not much conversant with mathe. Practice of Great Britain, and particularly matical studies ; by the Reverend Andrew of Scotland, with regard to the Poor ; by Mylne, A.M. Minister of Dollar, &c. &c. the Rev. Robert Burns, one of the ministers 8vo, with 5 plates. 9s.

of Paisley, second edition, 8vo. 12s. Robin Hood ; a tale of the olden time, Literary and Statistical Magazine, No X. 2 vols 12mo. 12s.

2s. 6d. Orazione di Un Italiano intorno alle Cose No I. of Mr Stewart's Hortus Cryptogad'Italia al Congrese di Aquisgrana. 2s. monicus Edinensis ; being a collection of

The Lay of Agincourt, with other Poems, the Cryplogamie Plants indigenous to Scot12mo. 6s.

Annals of Scotland from 1057 to 1371; Bill ; by Archibald Fletcher, Esq. Adva to which are added, Tracts relative to the cate. To which is added, the Substance of History and Antiquities of Scotland ; by the Reports of Specific Grievances transmitSir David Dalrymple of Hailes, Bart. third ted by the Burgesses to the Committee of edition, 2 vols 8vo. £1:11:6.

Convention at Edinburgh, and several other Selden's Table Talk: a new edition, with papers on the subject of Burgh Reform, an original Preface, and Notes, 12mo. 5s. 8vo. 125. - Only 150 copies have been

The Edinburgh Gazetteer, or Geographic printed. cal Dictionary, Vol. III. Part II. 8vo. 9s. Supplement to the last edition of Angus's

Bibliotheca Britannica ; or a General In- English Grammar, 12mo. 38. dex to the Literature of Great Britain and Familiar Questions for the Instruction Ireland, ancient and modern; with such and Amusement of Young Persons, new foreign works as have been translated into edition, greatly enlarged. 9d. English, or printed in the British domin- The Assembly's Catechism Simplified. 3d. ions; by Robert Watt, M. D. Vol. I. Part Tales of My Landlord ; third series, con1. 4to. ' £1, 1s.

taining “ The Bride of Lammermoor," and Epistles of the Apostle Paul, translated “ A Legend of Montrose,” 4 vols 12mo. from the Greek, and arranged in the order Herbarium Edinense; or Dried Speciin which they were probably written ; Part mens of Indigenous Plants growing wild, First, consisting of those which were writ. chiefly in the vicinity of Edinburgh, and ten before his first imprisonment at Rome; the district adjacent; collected by James with explanatory notes, 8vo. 10s. 6d. Robinson Scott, F. L. S. M.W. S. Senior

An Account of the Kingdom of Nepaul, President of the Royal Medical Society of and of the Territories annexed to this Do- Edinburgh, Lecturer on Botany, and Sur. minion by the House of Gorkha; by Fran- geon Royal Navy; and William Jameson, cis Hamilton (formerly Buchanan,) M.D. Surgeon. F.R.S. 4to, 21. 2s.

A newly invented Geographical Game of State of Religious Instruction in Scot. England and Wales, brought forward for land ; a Sermon preached at the opening of the amusement and instruction of Youth, the Associate Synod in Portsburgh Meeting- played on the same principle as a common House, Edinburgh, on Tuesday, 27th April pack of cards, with directions for playing 1819; by John Brown, Minister of the the different games; by Mrs Robert Laird, Gospel, Biggar, 8vo. Is. 6d.

Paisley: The set consists of 52 cards, each Discourses illustrative of the Designs of of which is enriched with a beautiful enChristianity, and of some parts of its Evi- graving, emblematical of the most promidence; by Daniel Dewar, LL.D. Professor nent feature of trade or manufacture in each of Moral Philosophy in the University and country. They are literally a dissected map. King's College of Aberdeen.

The game begins with Northumberland, A Memoir concerning the Origin and and goes on progressively to Cornwall. Progress of the Reform proposed in 1782, The engravings are so fine, that they may in the internal government of the Royal be used as excellent copies in drawing; in Burghs of Scotland; with the Bill prepared short, all who have had an opportunity to by the Committee appointed by the Bur- examine them have acknowledged, that nogesses, which was twice read in the House thing has as yet appeared in which the imof Commons, in 1788, and in 1789; like- provement and amusement of youth are so wise an illustration of the principles of that much blended. 75

New Foreign Works, imported by Treuttel and Wurtz, Soho Square, London.

Comte de Forbin, Voyage dans le Le sées de ce grand homme sur la religion, 8va vant, folio, with 81 engravings. £16, 168. 126.

Casti, les Animaux Parlans, trad. en vers Cellerier, Discours Familiers d'un Pasa Français ; par Marechal, 2 vols 8vo. £l. teur de Campagne, Genève, 8vo. 8s. 6d.

Daru, Histoire de la Republique de Ve. Civique de Gastine, Histoire de la Re. nise, 7 vols 8vo. £5.

publique d'Haïti ou Saint Domingue, l'es D'Agincourt, Histoire de l'Art par les clavage, et les colons, 8vo. 6s. Monuments, Livraison 21, folio, 2e. papier D'Avrigni, Jeanne d'Arc a Rouen, tra. velin. £4.

gedie en 5 acts, en vers, 8vo. 55. Florence Macarthy, Nouvelle Irlandaise La Major Autrichien, ou Une Année Mi. de Lady Morgan ; traduite fidèlement de litaire, 2 vols 12mo. 88. l'Anglais, avec des Notes par Parisot, 4 vols L'Enfant du Boulevard, ou Mémoires de 12mo, avec portraits 18s.

la Comtesse de Tourville, 2 vols 12mo. 8s. Lesur, Annuaire Historique, ou Histoire Geoffroy, Cours de Litterature DramaPolitique et Literaire de l'Anné 1818, gros tique, ou Recueil ; par ordre des matières vol. 8vo. 165.

de ses Feuilletons, tom. 1 et 2, 8vo. Le Christianisme de Montaigne, ou Pen- £1.



Sugar. The demand for both Muscovadoes and refined has of late considerably revived, which, in the former, may be attributed to the arrival of the new Sugars at the market, which suit purchasers better than the old ; and in the latter, to the spring shipments for exports. The prices, however, may be stated as being without any material alteration. The accounts from the colonies are favourable, as to the state of the weather, for taking off the crops, which are expected to be finished early; and average crops are expected. The quantity of Sugar on hand is more considerable than would have been if it had not been for the severe commercial difficulties of the country ; but nevertheless, the quantity is not very great, and the probability is, that Sugar will advance. Molasses are heavy, and on the decline.-Coffee. This article has fluctuated greatly, and prices are very unsteady. Generally speaking, the price has declined, and that considerably. Some days ago the demand was considerable and lively ; but owing to duller accounts from the Continental markets, the demand has become less brisk. It is almost impossible to calculate, with any degree of correctness, the future prospects in the Coffee markets. Every thing depends upon the situation and means possessed by the Continental nations, to make them come forward to make purchases.-Cotion. The pressure of the times, and the great stagnation in business, still keeps the Cotton market depressed. Several arrivals also, with large cargoes, have, within these few days, taken place, and many more are expected. Prices have given way in America, and they must, on some kinds, give way still further. The quantity imported for the five months of this year, ending the 1st June, amount to 315,472 bags, which is more than what was at the same period last year. The prices now, however, cannot be expected to fall lower except in one or two kinds. Much has, however, been forced into the market, on any terms, owing to the pressure upon this branch of our trade in particular, and on all the trade of the country in general. This is not likely, however, to be much longer the case, nor to any extent.

It would be altogether unnecessary to take up the time of our readers to specify particularly the state of the market for other articles of commerce. Suffice it to say, that in every one there is a complete stagnation, and prices nominal, or on the decline. The great question, however, of the resumption of cash-payments, and the loan and extent thereof for the year being now set to rest, and we think in a favourable manner for the interests of the country, and now that the great glut of goods in various markets are beginning to grow less, we may confidently anticipate a general revival of trade all over the country, which is at present, and may yet continue for a little while longer, in a gloomy and depressed state. Funded property, which had declined greatly, is again on the advance, with every appearance of improvement. We trust, by the time our next Number appears, we shall be able to report more favourably of the commercial interests and prospects of the country.

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Course of Exchange, June 4. -Amsterdam, 11 : 13 : 2 U. Antwerp, 11:16. Ex.
Hamburgh, 35:2:21 V. Frankfort, 1441 Ex. Paris, 25:15: 2 U. Bourdeaux, 25:15.
Madrid, 364 effect. Cadiz, 37 effect. Gibraltar, 33. Leghorn, 50. Genoa, 455. Malta,
50. Naples, 40. Palermo, 120 per oz. Oporto, 54. Rio Janeiro, 614. Dublin, 13.
Cork, 14 Agio of the Bank of Holland,

Prices of Gold and Silver, per 02.- Portugal gold, in coin, £0 : 0:0. Foreign gold,
in bars, £0:0:0. New doubloons, £0:0:0. New dollars, 5s. Ofd. Silver, in bars,
5s. 24d.



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PRICES CURRENT.May 29.London, June 4, 1819.
SUGAR, Musc.

B. P. Dry Brown, ;. cwt. 68 to

62 to 63 58 to 66 CO to 62
Mid. good, and fine mid. 76 84 69

82 67 84 65


£1 10 0
Fine and very fine,


91 78

Refined, Doub. Loaves, 140 150

130 118
Powder ditto,
118 124

94 115
Single ditto,
114 119

120 '101

Small Lumps
101 115

116 122 93

Large ditto,

105 112 98
Crushed Lumps,
56 64


MOLASSES, British, cwt. 34 6



COFFEE, Jamaica • cwt
Ord. good, and fine ord. 95 110


Mid. good, and fine mid. 115 125

98 126
Dutch, Triage and very ord. 85 90

Uncertain. 75

Ord. good, and fine ord. 95 110

95 104

0 0,73
Mid. good, aud fine mid. 1112 122

105 124
St Domingo,
90 100


PIMENTO (in Bond) lb. 8

72 6%


Jam. Rum, 16 0.P. gall. 3s 10d 1s 0d 38 7d 3s 8d

35 Od 4s Od

5 6 5 9

3 10 5 6 SB.S. 017 053
3 4 3 6

2 10

30 (F.S. 0 17 13

15 6

18 0
Claret, 1st Growths, hhd. 60 61

£35 65 0 F.S. 118 6
Portugal Red, pipe. 48

60 0

butt. 31
Spanish White,


295 11
65 0


pipe. 30

98 16



96 13
50 63 0


F.S. 99 16 6
LOGWOOD, Jam. ton. £8

7 0 7 7

7 15 0 0
7 10 7 15 6 10 6 15 8 0

0 9

8 10 9 0 7 10

9 0 99
FUSTIC, Jamaica,


7 10 8 10 11 11 12 0
10 10

11 0 14 0 14 10

INDIGO, Caraccas fine, lb. 9s 6d lls tid 8 696 8 0 8 9 10s Od

0 0
TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot. 2 4 26

2 6 28

0 2
Ditto Oak,
4 5 5 6

0 5
Christiansand (dut. paid) 2 3
Honduras Mahogany 1 4 1
0 10 1 8 1 2 1 6 13 1 4

3 16
St Domingo, ditto
1 2 3 0 1 62 2 0 16 1 10

8 14
TAR, American, brl.

14 6 16 6





16 6 17 6 16
PITCH, Foreign,

cwt. 10

10 6

TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Cand. 68 69 69

70 63

69 60 0
Home Melted,


HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton. 51


£60 0

Petersburgh Clean, 45


48 45 0

(F.S. } 0 10
Riga Thics. & Druj. Rak. 74

75 0

60 130


50 55



MATS, Archangel, 109. 78 60

£4 6

4 10


4 11

B.S. 0
Petersburgh Firsts, cwt. 15 0

13 10

F.S. S 0 3 115

ASHES, Peters, Pearl, 40 42



Montreal ditto,

54 55 49

50 46


42 40


OIL, Whale,

tun. 35


87 (p. brl.)


TOBACCO, Virgin. fine, Ib. 9

94 10


91 0 4

0 10

8 0 32 04
COTTON's, Bowed Georg.

1 0 11 1 1
Sea Island, fine,

2 8




BS. 0 8
Demerara and Berbice,


1 1 7 F.S.
West India,


1 1

1 7 1

1 7 1 9


1 5 1 6


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50c. f. ton. per 12 brls.


2 112

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