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ALPHABETICAL List of English BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 1st and

31st May 1819, extracted from the London Gazette. Appleyard, J. Hull, bricklayer

Kain, R. Curtain-road, and W. H. Cath, New Austin, J. Aldersgate-street, corn-dealer

Union-street, Little Moorfields, merchants Abrahams, L. and R. Camomile-street, oil-mer- Lindsey, W. J. W. and A. Hewer, Bath, silk-mer

chants Bates, J. Leybourn, Kent, miller

Lowe, G. Manchester, merchant Blackburn, W. and P. C. S. Rousseau, City-road, Langston, R. sen. Manchester, cotton-merchants cor-dealer

Lever, J. Ashby de la Zouch, draper Bourne, S. Leek, ironmonger

Lowe, G. and B. Cohen, Manchester, fustian-maBrooke, G. Lockwood, Yorkshire, woollen-manu- nufacturers facturer

Lavell, J. York-wharf, Lambeth, stone-merchant Ball, J. Poole, shoemaker

Lansdell, J. Northampton-square, victualier Beckett, S. and J. Roberts, Silver-street, Wood- Lewis, J. Mincing-lane, merchant street, trimming-manufacturers

Langton, R. London, merchant Blachford, R. Little Tower-hill, stationer

Manning, W. Bristol, dealer Basham, C. Norwich, coach-maker

Mallinson, D. and T. Lepton, Yorkshire, clothiers Bromley, J. jun. Stafford, shoemaker

Meaden, W. Bath, coach-maker Ball, T. Frome Selwood, woolstapler

Montague, D. West-street, West Smithfield, soap Brown, R. and G. H. Harris, Botolph-lane, whole manufacturer sale ironmongers

Moss, B. Chamber-street, Goodman's-fields, watchBevis, T. Oxford-street, coach-maker

maker Barlow, J. Bolton, druggist

Midgley, R. Harden, Yorkshire, worsted-manufacBlake, T. Cowes, brewer

turer Birt, W. Bristol, broker

Martin, M. D. Burlington Arcade, Piccadilly, jewBeardsworth, J. and J. Bealey, Blackbum, cotton- eller manufacturers

Mamford, E. Liverpool, silver-smith Cooper, G. Walton on Thames, brewer

Norris, T. White Hart Yard, Drury-lane, vio Cohen, G. A. St Swithin's lane, merchant

tualler Cox, J. St John-street, linen-draper

Orr, J. Barge-yard, Bucklersbury, merchant Clunie, R. A. Berwick-upon-Tweed, corn-merchant Oughton, J. Deretend Mills, Warwickshire, manuCummings, J. Osburn-street, brewer

facturer Dixon, w. jun. Liverpool, wine-merchant

Pierce, R. Exeter, stone-mason Dyer, W. sen. Aldersgate-street, jeweller

Pyer, G. Newport, Monmouthshire, shopkeeper, Dorning, D. Worsley, Lancashire, innkeeper Puxley, J. Aldermanbury, carpenter Dawson, G. and W. Longden, Silver-street, Wood- Prattington, W. and A. L. Bewdley, Worcesterstreet, colour-manufacturers

shire, grocers Dickenson, J. Manchester, dealer

Peake, T. Great Coggershall, corn-factor Duffl, J. Brornsgrove, grocer

Parker, W. Bridgwater, maltster Ewbank, J, Little Bush-lane, Cannon-street, bottle- Powell, J. and E. Holborn-hill, oil and colourmen merchant

Rhoades, T. jun. Queen-street, Hoxton, glass Elliott, W. jun. Tunbridge Wells, cheesemonger mounter Evans, S. Bristol, victualler

Read, J. and J. Hellyer, St Mary at Hill, merFox, R. jun. Norwich, silk-mercer

chants Foot, B. Gracechurch-street, tavern-keeper Richardson, T. King-street, Spitalfields, silk-weaFirth, M. Cooper Bridge, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, lime-burner

Richards, J. E. C. and J. Martin's-lane, mer. Flaction, F. Berwick-steeet, Soho, jeweller

chants Grimsby, J. B. Hull, haberdasher

Slingby, J. Manchester, calico-printer Goode, T. Leominster, draper

Shepherd, M. Fareham, Lancashire, dealer in hops Gottreux, J. Mincing-lane, broker

Smith, E. Tothill-street, chinaman Goode, J. Liverpool, merchant

Smith, W. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, grocer Golding, J. Colchester, tanner

Shoobridge, C. Kensington, draper George, S. and R. Webb, Bristol, sugar-refiners Snowden, R. Canterbury, linen-draper George, W. Frome, Selwood, Somersetshire, clo Scudamore, G. Manchester, woollen cord manuthier

facturer Goldney, T. Chippenham, clothier

Smithson, R. Whalley, Lancashire, butter-factor Hale, S. Bishopsgate-street, tavern-keeper

Swanzy, Austin Friars, merchant Henderson, J. and J. Morley, Ludgate-hill, linen- Thompson, J. Joiner-street, Southwark, victualler drapers

Taylor, G. Guildford, liquor-merchant Holder, E. Puddlestone, Herefordshire, auctioneer Tittensor, C. W. and J. Foster-lane, button-sellers Hartley, C. Whitehaven, joiner

Wyatt, T. St John-street, Smithfield, Stage-coach-. Hornby, G. Liverpool, brewer

master -Hall, W. Highgate, víctualler

Warne, W. Great Queen-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields Harrold, D. Warren-street, Fitzroy-square, coach- Wharton, W. and J. Leominster, carriers maker

Wild, R. Craven-street, Strand, tailor Higton, I. and J. Brewer, Broadway, Blackfriars, Watts, W. P. Gosport, victualler warehousemnan

Wotherspoon, M. Liverpool, merchant Harris, H. Bradford, Wilts, baker

Wilson. E. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, merchant Hainshaw, J. and J. Swallow, Heckmondwike, Walker, B. West Smithfield, tailor Yorkshire, carpet-manufacturers

Wood, B. Market Harborough, hosier Hirst, A. Beverley, Yorkshire, cloth-manufacturer Williams, P. G. Prince's-street, Mary-le-bone, Jopson, W. and Ć. Wignall, Liverpool, turpentine painter and glazier distillers

Williams, S. Brighthelmstone, carpenter Jackson, R. W. Melksham, Wilts, grocer

Yates, G. Tottenham-court road, plurnber Kleft, H. W. V. Narrow-wall, Lambeth, oil-mer- Zimmer, J. Welbeck-strect, Cavendish-square, chant



ALPHABETICAL LIST of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between 1st and 31st

May 1819, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.
Adam, John, senior, merchant, muslin manufac Christie, Andrew, corn-merchant, Leith

turer and agent, late in Paisley, now in Glasgow. Coats, John, muslin-manufacturer, Glasgow Adams, Samuel, seedsman and nurseryman, Aber- Graham, Thomas, merchant and manufacturer, deen

Glasgow Braid, John, merchant, Kirkcaldy,

Irving, Edward, merchant, Leith Barclay, James, grain-dealer

in "Templand, and Kay, Archibald and Sons, wrights and cabinet. Charles Barclay, do. at Inchbroom

makers, Glasgow, as a company, and Archibald Cochran, Joseph, and Co. manufacturers, Glas Kay, senior, and Archibald Kay, junior, as in

gow, and Joseph Cochran and William Leitch, dividuals. partners thereof

Martin, John, manufacturer, Glasgow VOL. V.

3 А

Mitchell, Thomas, soap-manufacturer, Dundee Symon,

John, merchant, Aberdeen Nimino, Robert, grocer, Edinburgh

Tyrie, Thomas, vintner, Paisley Paterson, Walker and Co. merchants and general commission agents, Leith, and John Paterson,

DIVIDENDS. hardware merchant, Stirling, and Peter Walker, merchant and agent, Leith, as individuals

Buruet, William, late merchant, Leith, on 8th Pollock, John, cotton-spinner, Greenhead, Glas- June; by the Trustee gow

More, John, late agent for the Royal Bank of ScotPatison, Alexander, merchant, Edinburgh, partner land, Glasgow; by James Syme, banker, Glas.

of the company of Patison and Co. merchants gow. there, as an individual

Urquhart, William, merchant, Glasgow ; by Stewart, John, innkeeper and wheelwright, Pit- Matthew Porter, accountant, Glasgow, on 10th tencree


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d. d.

per 70 lbs.


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London, Corn Exchange, June 7.

Liverpool, June 5. 8.Wheat,

8. d. 3. d. Whcat, Red 50 to 56 Boilers

40 to 42

Foreign, 56 to 62 Small Beans 40 to 42 English . 11 0 to 0 o Rice, p.cwt. 21 0 to 24 O Superfine 61 to 63 Fine

44 to 48 Scotch 11 0 to 0 0 Flour, English, White ..50 to 58 Tick

32 to 36 Welsh ...11 0 to 0 op.280lb.fine 51 0 to 0 0 Fine .. 60 to 64 Fine

38 to 42 Irish

9 3 to 99--Seconds49 0 to 0 0 Superfine 66 to 68 Feed Oats . . 15 to 18 Dantzic • 10 6 to 10 9 Irishp. 240lb. 15 0 to 0 0 Foreign ... 48 to 68 Fine

19 to 22 Wismar .. 10 6 to 10 9 Ameri. p. bl. 34 0 to 35 0 Rye ...... 32 to 34 Poland do 20 to 22 American . 8 6 to 90-Sour do. . 28 0 to 31 0 Fine ....31 to 36 Fine .

24 to 27| Quebec ... 8 9 to 9 o Clover-seed, p. bush. Barley .... 22 to 26 Potato do. 23 to 25 Barley, per 60 libs.

- White

O to 0 Fine 28 to 51 Fine .

0 to 0 27 to 30 English,grind. 4 3 to 46 Red Superfine...32 to 35 Flour, p, sack 50 to 55 Malting : 5 0 to 6 o Oatmeal, per 240 lb. Malt, ..... 50 to 56 Seconds . 45 to 50 Irish.

28 0 to 30 0

.. 3 3 to 3 6 Englista Fine 60 to 63 North Country 45 to 50 Scotch

5 0 to 6 0 Scotch

22 0 to 24 0 Hog Pease. - 38 to 40 Pollard 20 to 28 Foreign

5 6 to 3 9 Irish .... 24 0 to 26 Maple . 42 to 41 Bran

15 to 17 Malt p.Ogls. 10 0 to 0 0 Butter, Beef, &c. White 33 to 36

Rye, foreign 32 to 36 Butter, per cwt. s.

Oats, per 45 16.
Seeds, gac.June 7.


88 to Eng. new 3 2 to 3 4 Newry

82 to 84 S. Scotch pota. 3 2 to 3 4 Drogheda

O to

0 Must. Brown, 12 to 21 Hempseed . 56 to - Welsh

.. 32 to 3

1 Cork, 3d 70 to 0 -White 20 to 0 Linseed, crush. 56 to 65 Irish, 3 0 to 0 0 Pickled, 90 to 0 Tares 10 to 14 New, for Secd

Common 2 9 to 5 0 Beef, p. tierce 85 to 95 Turnips . ... 12 to 20 Ryegrass, 36 to

Foreign 2 9 to 3 0

55 to 63 -New ..0 to 0 Clover, Red, . 95 to

Beans, pr qr.

Pork, p. brl. 85 to 95 Yellow.'.. O to 0 - White

95 to

English 40 0 to 46 0 Hams, dry, 60 to 63 Carraway . . . 66 to -Coriander 25 to 30

Irish • 42 0 to 44 0 Bacon, Canary .. 140 to Trefoil

56 to Pease, per quar.

Short middles 64 to 66 New Rapeseed, £42 to £

Boiling . 35 0 to 37 0 Long

60 to 62 Rapeseed, 6 to £

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p. barrel

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Average Prices of Corn in England and Wales, from the Returns received in the Week

ended 22d May 1819. Wheat, 715. 4d.-Rye, 479. Id.-Barley, 43s. 4d.-- Oats, 28s. 5d.-Beans, 51s. 11d.-Pease, 5ls. 100.

Beer or Big, Os. Od.-Oatmeal, 30s. Id.

Average Prices of British Corn in Scotland, by the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels,

and Oatmeal, per Boll of 128 lbs. Scots Troy, or 140 lbs. Avoirdupois, of the Four

Wecks immediately preceding the 15th May 1819.
Wheat, 63s. 20.-Rye, 46s. 6d. --Barley, 10s. 6d.-Oats, 25s. 5d.-Beans, 11s. 3d.-Pease, 11s. 100.-

Big, 33s. Sd.-Oatmeal, 20s. 11d.

1st,......38s. Od.
2d, ......35s. Od.
3d, ......31s. Od.


1st,......26s. Od. Ist,......22s. 6d.
20, ...... 24s. Od.

..20s. Odi.
3d,......23s. Od. 3d, ......18$. 6d.
Average of Wheat, £1:15: 8:4-12ths.


Pease & Beans.
1st,...... 22s. Od.

...... 208. Od. ......18s. Od.


Tuesday, June 8.
Beef (17} oz. per lb.) Os. 5d. to Os. 8d. Quartern Loaf

Os. 7d. to Os. 8d. Potatoes (28 lb.)
Lamb, per quarter 4s. Od. to 58. 6d. Butter, per lb.

Os. 6d. to Os. 8d. Salt ditto, Pork

Os. 6d. to (s. 7d. Ditto, per stone Tallow, per stone 12s. Od. to 155. Od. Eggs, per dozen


(s. 9d. to Os. 10d. Os. Gd. to Os. 8d. ls. 3d. to ls. 4u. Is. 4d. to Os. od. 20s. Od. to 006. Od. Os. 9d. to Os. Od.

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Beans. 1st,......39s. Od. 1st,......32s. Od. 1st,...... 23s. Od. 1st,......229. Od. 1st, ...219. 6d. 2d,......36s. Od. | 2d, ..29s. Od. | 2d, .. 20s. Od. | 2d, ......19s. Od. 2d,......18s. Od. 3d,.. ..33s. Od. 3d, ..26s. Od, 3d, ......175. Od. 3d, ......16s. Od. | 3d,...... 158. Od

Average of Wheat, £1:15:6:11-12ths. Note. The boll of wheat, beans, and pease, is about 4 per cent. more than half a quarter,

or 4 Winchester bushels ; that of barley and oats nearly 6 Winchester bushels.

METEOROLOGICAL REPORT. THE range of the Thermometer on the 1st of May, was from 44 to 56, and the temperature continued gradually to increase till about the 17th, the maximum of that day being 63, and the minimum 49. After this period the temperature declined, the average of each day between the 20th and 26th being nearly the same as at the commencement of the month. On the 27th a still farther reduction took place. The 'Thermometer for several nights successively sunk below the freezing point; and on the 30th the hills were covered with snow, The average of the whole month, however, is not quite half a degree lower than that of May 1818; the mean daily range is precisely the same; and the temperature of spring water is a degree and a half higher. During the first week of the month the wind blew steadily from the east, and the Hygrometer indicated considerable dryness. About the 9th the wind shifted to the west, the Hygrometer sunk, and heavy showers followed. These were succeeded by ten days of dry weather, with a brisk wind from the west, and the Hygrometer stood higher than before. On the 21st the wind again shifted, and the change as before was accompanied with rain. From this till the end of the month the weather was variable, though the atmosphere was upon the whole dry. The mean point of deposition is about 24 degrees lower than the mean minimum temperature, owing to the prevalence of dry east winds, especially about the beginning and end of the month. The same circumstance will account for vegetation having made so much less progress than might have been expected from the average temperature. a proof of the unfavourable nature of the weather in this respect, it may be mentioned, that the leaves of the larch tree on the side exposed to the east and north-east are as brown as they generally are in the middle of winter. This was observable as early as the middle of the month.




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METEOROLOGICAL Table, extracted from the Register kept on the Banks of the Tay, four miles east from Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.

MAY 1819.


THERMOMETER. Degrees. Mean of greatest daily heat,

57.4 Maximum,

17th day,

63-0 ...cold, 43.3 Minimum,


30.0 temperature, 10 A, M. 52.4 Lowest maximum, 26th

51.5 ...... 10 P. M. 16.6 Highest minimum, 24th

50.5 of daily extremes, 50.3 Highest, 10 A. M. 17th

€0.0 ............ 10 A. M. and 16 P. M. 49.5 Lowest ditto, 30th

42.0 ............ 4 daily observations, 49.9 Highest, 10 P. M. 10th

53.5 Whole range of thermometer,

430.0 Lowest ditto


36.5 Mean daily ditto, 14.1 Greatest range in 24 hours, 28th

25.0 ...... temperature of spring water,

Least ditto,


Inches. Mean of 10 A. M. (temp. of mer. 54) 29.787 Highest, 10 A. M.


30.050 ............ 10 P. M. (temp. of mer. 54) 29.787 Lowest ditto,


29.415 both, (temp. of mer. 54)

Highest, 10 P. M.


30.060 Whole range of barometer,

4.010 Lowest ditto,


29.120 Mean ditto, during the day,

Greatest range in 24 hours, 31st

.365 night,

Least ditto,


.005 ................ in 24 hours,


HYGROMETER. Degrees. HYGROMETER. Degrees. Leslie. Highest, 10 A. M. 27th

47.0 Rain in inches,

.......... Lowest ditto,


7.0 Evaporation in ditto,


Highest, 10 P. M. 15th

31.0 Mcan daily Evaporation,

Lowest ditto,


3.0 Leslie. Alean, 10 A. M.


Anderson. P. of Dep. Highest, 10 A.M. 11th 53.0 ................... 10 P. M.


......... Lowest ditto, 27th 7.0 18.5

........................... Highest, 10 P.M. 7th 48.6 Anderson. Point of Dep. 10 A. M. 39.3

........ Lowest ditto, 27th 21.6 ...................................... 10 P. M.

40.7 .......... Relat.Hum. Highest, 10 A.M. 9th 90.0 both, 40.0 ......... Least ditto,

27th 27.0 Relat. Humid. 10 A.M.


........... Greatest, 10 P.M. 20th 96.0 .......... 10 P. M. 82.9

........... Least ditto, 27th 56.0 ...... both,

75.3 ...... Mois. 100 cub.in. Greatest, 10 A.M. 11th .268 ............. Grs, mois. in 100 cub. in air, 10 A.M. .180

.............. Least ditto, 27th .057 ...........10 P.M. .182

............................. Greatest, 10 P.M, 10th 254 ................ both, 181

............................. Least ditto, 27th 095 Fair days, 19; rainy days, 12. Wind west of meridian, 14 ; east of meridian, 17.

... both,

METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, is

the Observatory, Calton-hill.

N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, afternoon. The second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register


Ther. Barom.

May 1{


3 / M.51

20{ A. 431

A. 412


N. E. Rainy.

6 M.54


23 M.40

A. 421


Ther. Barom. Ther. Wind.

Ther. Wind.
M.56 29.388 M.53

A. 648

.443 A.51

May 17

.586 M.60
A. 434
.433 A. 60

s. W. Cloudy. 2

M.56 .598 M.55
A. 412


M.52 .594 A. 54


.330 M.58

A. 47 .419 A.57 Changeable. .520 M.56 E.


UA. 40 .509 A, 56

.107 M.58

A. 40 .119 A.58 } S. W. Clear,
.518 M.58

Frost even.

M.48 .402 M.559
A. 412 ,552 A.58

Cble. Showers.

.528 A.54
M.50 .530 M.565

A. 41

.584 M.50
.616 A.54 )
Do. Do.

.678 A. 46
.666 M.571

A. 41

.698 M.48
.770 A, 58

724 A. 50

E. Showers.
M.56 .751 M.58
s. Cloudy, rain

.801 M.48
A. 43 .751 A. 58S

.870 A, 52

N. E. Clear. 8

M.51 .822 M.57
A. 47

.822 A. 58

.889 M.50

.889 A.50

N. E. Cloudy. .811 M.55


A. 45


25 .837 A. 55

.863 M.50

A. 39
.801 A. 50 )

N. E. Clear.
.727 M.63

A. 43

.683 A. 57

.840 M.52
.885 A. 49

N. E. Cloudy. 11 M.58 .750 M.58

A, 44

.651 A. 60 S

.511 M.51
A. 41

Cloudy, .564 A. 49

Cble. 12. M.54 .680 M.60 L

hail aftern. A. 44

.673 A.58S


.564 M.52 A. 301



.679 A. 48 13 M.50 .579 M.58 Ditto, very

of hail
A. 43

N. W. cold.

.581 A.56)

.678 M.49 A. 29

Frost, mom .698 A.50

N. W. .792 M.58


UA. 417
N. W. Clear.

.680 M.48
.838 A.58)

A. 33

Clear, foren.


.680 A, 50 M.52 .793 M.58

rain after,

Cble. Do, cold.
A. 403.723 A. 60


.741 M.47
A. 337 .741 A. 55 )

s. Showers.
M.51 720 M.60
A. 453| .678A. 56
IS.W. Showers.

Average of Rain 2.3 inches.

A. 41


10 M.60

14 M.54





1. ECCLESIASTICAL. Mr Ebenezer Bradshaw Wallace, Preacher of the Gospel, has been presented to the church and parish of Barr, vacant by the death of the Rev. Stephen Young.

Mr Boyd, formerly Minister of the Caledonian Chapel, London, has been presented to the church and parish of Auchinleck, vacant by the translation of the Rev. Mr Lindsay to Ochiltree.

The Rev. John Fraser, lately of the Scots church, Mankwearmouth, Sunderland, has been appointed assistant and successor to the Rev. Dr Miller of Old Cumnock,

4 Dr. Capt. R. Kerr, fm. h. p. 14 F. to be Pay.

master, vice Patrickson, h. p. 17 March 11

Lieut. J. Moore to be Capt. by purch.

vice Lieut.-Col. Childers, 60 F. 15 Apr. Cornet R. Hollingworth to be Lieut. by purch. vice Moore

do. T. 0. Partridge to be Cornet by purch. vice Holling worth

do. 12

Gent. Cadet R. Harrington to be Cornet by purch.

6 May 18

Assist. Surg. J. Quincey, from h. p. to be

Assist. Surg. vice Pulsford, dead 13 do. 3F.Gds. Qua. Mast. Serj. William Thompson to be

Qua. Mast. více Steel, dead 6 do. 1 F. Lieut. M. M‘Dermott, fm. h. p. 36 F. to

be Paym. vice Hodgson, dead 29 Apr. 9 Ensign S. Hart to be Lieut. vice M.Der. mott, dead

6 May Gent. Cadet C. Brownrigg to be Ensigni, vice Hart

do. 19 2d Lieut. J. Wardell, fm. 2 Ceylon R. to be Licut. vice Hatherly, dead

1 Aag. 1818 J. H. Lewis to be Ensign, vice Barnes, 73 F.

15 Apr. 1819 Ensign Everard to be Lieut. vice Maling, dead

10 Sept. 1818 A. Dirom to be Ensign, vice Hawkins, East India Comp. Service

15 do

II. MILITARY. Brevet. Capt. J. Fraser, 1 Ceylon Regt. to be Major in the Army

31 Oct. 1818 2 Dr. G. F. W. C. Smith (late Page of Honour to

the Prince Regent), to be Cornet, vice
Broderick, dead

22 April 1819
Cornet H. F. Finch to be Lieut. by purch.

vice Cathcart, W. I. Rang.
Gent. Cadet J. S. Brymer to be Cornet by
purch, vice Finch

R. H. Symons to be Cornet by purch. vice
Blaquiere, 18 Dr.

13 do.

6 May




24 F. D. Campbell to be Ensign, vice Everard

16 do. 25 Lieut. W. Anderson, fm, h. p. 91 F. to be

Royal Artillery.
Paym. vice Smith, dismissed

13 May 1819 28 Surg. S. C. Rae, from 55 F. to be Surg.

Capt. F. A. S. Knox, from h. p. to be Cap.

vice Byrtt, h. p. 71 F.
29 Apr.

1 May 1819 30 Lieut. Wm. Atkinson, fm. h. p. to be Adj.

1st Lieut. H. L. Sweeting to be 2d Captain and Lieut. vice Stephenson, dd.

R. L. Garstin, from h. p. to be 25 July 1818

1st Lieut. 31

do. F.J. Ryan to be Capt. vice Cumming, dead

2d Lieut. H. Chamberlain, from h. p. to 29 April 1819 be 2d Lieut.

do. Ensign w. A. Hardcastle to be Licut. vice Ryan

-R. C. Smyth, from h. p. to be do. 2d Lieut.

do. Gent. Cadet H. Calvert to be Ensign, vice

Hardcastle 15 Lieut. T. Parr to be Capt. vice Given, dead

Medical Staff

do. Ensign F. Ebhart to be Lieut. vice Parr

Deputy Inspector J. R. Hume, M.D. to be do.

Inspector of Hospitals 3 Dec. 1818 A. A. Dalzell to be Ensign, vice Ebhart

do. 47 Ensign T. Luttrell to be Lieut. vice Ken

Exchanges. dal, dead

29 May 1817 Lieut. C. Williams to be Captain, vice Brevet Lt. Col. Irby, from 2 Life Gds. with Major Parker, dead

25 Aug. 1818 Vyse, 1 W. I. R. 55 Surg. E. O'Reilly, M.D. from h. p. 71 F. Major Ross, from 21 F. with Major Leahy, h. p.

to be Surg. vice Roe, 28 F. 29 Apr. 1819 7 F. 60 Brevet Lt. Col. M. Childers, fm." 11 Dr.

Lawrence, from 13 Dr. with Major Paterto be Major by purch. vice Bouverie, ret. son, 22 Dr.

15 do. Brevet Major Hamerton, from 7 F. rec. diff, with 72 T. A. Blair to be Ensign, vice Aitkið, dead Capt. Disney, h. p. 67 F.

6 May

Moray, from 13 Dr. with Captain 73

Ensign M. Lidwell to be Lieut. vice Hel- Browne, 19 Dr.
ridge, ret.
7 Aug. 1818.

Wood, from 4 F. with Capt. De Mont-
J. Barnes, from 19 F. to be Lieut. morency, b. p. 21 F.
vice Holmes, dead

7 Oct. Capt. Smith, from 24 F. rec. diff. with Captain - C. Irwin, from 83 F. to be Lieut. Brown, h. p. 34 F. vice Lidwell, dead

9 do.

Daly, from 34 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Price,
Gent. Cadet J. Roskrow to be Ensign, vice h. p. 53 f.
Lidwell, prom.

15 Apr. 1819 Considine, from 13 Dr. rec. diff. with Brun83 Ensign L. Brown to be Lieut. vice Smith, ton, h. p. 60 F. dead

4 Aug. 1818 Fead, from 3 F. G. rec. dift.) with Capt. R. G. Geddes to be Ensign, vice Brown Digby, h. p. 25 F.

13 Apr. 1819 Tupman, from 2 Ceylon Regt. with Brev. B. Young to be Ensign, vice Irwin, 73 F. Lieut.-Col. Hamilton, h. p. 4.W. I. R.

14 do.

Harvey, from Coldst. Gds. rec. diff. with A. Tyndall, to be Ensign, vice M'Nabb, dead

15 do.

Lieab Jones, toom 2: 1. with Lieut. Lee, 87 F. 87 Ensign E. Cox to be Lieut. vice Coghlan, Harvey, from Coldst. Gds. rec. diff. with dead

1 Oct. 1816 Lieut. Hall, h. p. J. Hassard to be Lieut. vice Higgin

J. Brownlow, from 7 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

16 Aug. Sweeting, h. p. Serj. Major J. Shipp, from 14 Dr. to be Carroll, from 15 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Ensign, vice Cox 4 May 1815 Bonnor,

h. p. 3 F. G. Gent. Cadet W. Gossip to be Ensign, vice M'Cullock, from 31 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Carroll, prom.

29 Apr. 1819 Taylor, h. p. 37 F. Rifle Br. 1st Lieut. T. F. Uniacke to be adjutant,

Turnstall, from 36 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. vice Middleton, res. Adj. only 6 May

Lewis, h. p. 2W.I.R. Capt. W. Appleton, fm. African C. to be

Nunn, from 16 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Capt. vice Walton, ret. on h. p. 25 Apr. Stuart, 86 F. R.Y.Rang. Serj. -Surman, from 10 Dr. to be

Birkett, from 65 F. with Lieut. Madden, Ensign, vice M'Intosh, dead 29 do, h h.


89 F. R.W.I.Rang. Lieut. Hon. G. Cathcart, from 6 Dr. Lee, from 87 F. with Lieut. Jones, 24 DraGds. to be Capt. vice Angelo, ret.

son, dead

goons. 24 Dec. 1818

Aldrich, from Rifle Brig. rec. diff. with Yk.Chas. Ensign G. Laze to be Lieut. vice Max. Lieut. Uniacke, h. p. well, dead

29 Apr. 1819

Brauns, from Staff Corps, with Lieut. Fra-
Troop Serj. Maj. J. Rind, from 9 Dr. to zer, h. p.
be Ensiga, vice M'Carthy

Hawley, from 1 Dr. G. rec. diff. with Lieut. i Ceylon R. Brevet Major P. Delaire to be Major, Dickens, h. p. 14 F.

vice Coxon, dead 28 Sept. 1818 Clavering, from 14 Dr. with Lieut. Ormsby,
1st Lieut. P. Secluno to be Captain, vice


3 Dr. G.


Crawford, from 13 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
2d Lieut. J. Foster, from 2 Ceylon R. to Matthews, h. p.
be 1st Lieut. vice Layton, dead 14 do.

Ross, from 1 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. Green,
M. Conradi to be Ist Lieut. vice h. p. Cavalry Staff Corps.

28 do. Cornet Sir J. Radcliffe, fromn 6 Dr. with Cornet
R. Basset to be 2d Lieut, vice Green, dead Richardson, h. p. 23 Dr.

14 Apr. 1819

Ives, from 18 Dr. with Ensign Seton,
P. Reyne to be 2d Lieut. vice Conradi 32 F.

15 do. 20 Lieut. Baillie, from 23 F. with Ensign Matthews,
Ensign J. Basset, fm. 4 W. I. R. to be 2d h. p. 14 F.

Lieut. vice R. Basset, cancelled 14 do. Ensign Connolly, from 37 F. rec. diff. with Ensign
2d Lieut. W. Stewart to be Ist Lieut. vice Gosselin, h. p. 60 F.
Tranchell, dead

18 Sept. 1818

Williams, from 3 F. rec. diff. with J. Ca-
G. Fretz to be 2d Lieut, vice Wardell, meron, jun. h. p. 92 F.
19 F.

14 Feb. 1814

M‘Lachlan, from 57 F. rec. diff. with En-
R. Price to be 2d Lieut. vice Barbier, dead sign Ferrier, h. p. 56 F.

15 Apr. 1819 Anderson, from 57 F. rec. diff. with Ensigu
Lieut. C. F. Button to be Adjutant, vice Bainbrigge, h. p. 2 Gar. Bn.
Boyton, res. Adjutancy only

Ensign and Adjut. Myers, from 60 F. with Ensiga
26 Sept. 1818 and Adjut. Adams, h. p.



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