Geography and Genealogy: Locating Personal Pasts

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Dr Jeanne Kay Guelke, Professor Dallen J Timothy
Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 28. 11. 2012 - 198 strán (strany)

Genealogy has become a widely popular pursuit, as millions of people now research their family history, trace their forebears, attend family reunions and travel to ancestral home sites.

Geographers have much to contribute to the serious study of the family history phenomenon. Land records, maps and even GIS are increasingly used by genealogical investigators. As a cultural practice, it encompasses peoples' emotional attachments to ancestral places and is widely manifest on the ground as personal heritage travel. Family history research also has significant potential to challenge accepted geographical views of migration, ethnicity, socio-economic class and place-based identities.

This volume is possibly the first ever book to address the geographical and scholarly aspects of this increasingly popular social phenomenon. It highlights tools and information sources used by geographers and their application to family history research. Furthermore, it examines family history as a socio-cultural practice, including the activities of tourism, archival research and DNA testing.


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Tourism and the Search for a Personal Past
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Dallen J. Timothy is Professor and Program Director, Tourism Development and Management,
School of Community Resources and Development, Arizona State University, USA. Jeanne Kay Guelke is Professor Emerita in the Department of Geography, University of Waterloo, Canada.

Jeanne Kay Guelke, Dallen J. Timothy, Melinda Kashuba, Mary B. Ruvane, G. Rebecca Dobbs, William Hunter, Penny L. Richards, Kevin Meethan, Samuel M. Otterstrom, David C. Mountain.

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