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6. B, to Q's 3rd.

6. Kt. to Q. R's 3rd. 7. P. to Q. R's 3rd. Losing time. The K's Kt. had better have been brought out at


7. Kt. to R's 3rd. 8. K. Kt. to K's 2nd. He should first of all have taken the K's Kt.

8. Castles. 9. Castles.

9. P. takes P. 10. K's P. takes P.

This gives Black some freedom. It would have been better play to have taken with the Q. B’s P., when Black's game would have remained decidedly cramped.

10. Kt. to K. Kt's 5th. 11. P. to R's 3rd.

11. Kt. to K's 4th. 12. P. to B's 4th.

12. Kt. takes B. 13. Q. takes Kt.

13. B. to B's 4th. 14. Q. to B's 3rd.

14. Q. to Kt's 3rd. 15. P. to K. Kt's 4th.

An inversion of the order of this move and his next would have been more to the purpose.

15. B. to B's 7th. 16. Kt. to Kt's 5th.

16. Q. R. to K's sq. 17. B. to K's 3rd.

Badly played, allowing Black to gain such an advantage in positioc as must secure him the game immediately.

17. B. to Q's 6th. Taking instant advantage of his adversary's weak play. After this White's game was beyond all hope. 18. P. to Kt's 3rd.

18. B. takes Kt. 19. Q. takes B.

19. B. to Q's 5th. 20. R. to B's 3rd.

20. B. takes R. 21. Q. to Q's 3rd.

21. Kt. to B's 2nd. 22. P. to B's 5th,

22. Kt. takes Kt. 23, P. takes Kt.

23. R. takes B. And wius.


Mr. Morphy and Mr. Medley.

[Remove Black’s K. B's P.] WHITE. (Mr. Med.) BLACK. (Mr. Mor.) 1. P. to K's 4th.

1. P. to Q's 3rd. 2. P. to Q's 4th.

2. Kt. to K. B's Yrd. 3. B. to Q. B's 4th.

3. Kt. to Q. B's 3rd. 4. Kt. to Q. B's 3rd.

4. P. to K's 4th. 5. P. to Q's 5th.

5. Kt. to K's 2nd. 6. Kt. to K. B's 3rd.

6. Kt. to K. Kt's 3rd. 7. B. to K. Kt's 5th.

7. P. to K. R's 3rd. 8. B. takes Kt.

8. Q. takes B. 9. B. to Q. Kt's 5th (ch.) 9. K. to B's 2nd. 10. K. Kt. to Q's 2nd. 10. Kt. to R's 5th. 11. P. to K. Kt's 3rd. 11. Kt. to K's 7th (ch.)

A daring move, leading to a very difficult and complicated game. 12. K. to K's 2nd.

K. to B's sq. loses the Queen.

12. B. to R's 6th. 13. P. to K. B's 3rd.

13. Q. to Kt's 4th. 14. Q. to K. Kt's sq.

14. P. to Q. R's 3rd. 15. B. to Q's 3rd.

15. P. to K. R's 4th. 16. Q. to B's 2nd.

16. P. to K. Kt's 3rd. 17. Q. R. to K. Kts sq. Better perhaps to have played the K's R.

17. B. to K. R's 3rd. 18. Kt. to K. B’s sq.

18. Q. to Q. B's 8th. 19. Kt. to Q's sq.

19. P. to Q. Kt's 4th. 20. R. takes Kt.

20. K. R. to Q. B's $q. 21. K. Kt. to K's 3rd.

He cannot play the R. back to K's Kt. without losing the piece gained, or being mated in two moves by B. takes Kt. (ch.).

21. P. to Q. B's 4th. 22. P. takes P., en passant.

22. R. takes P. 23. K. R. to K's sq.

23. B. takes Kt. 24. Kt. takes B.

24. Q. takes Kt's P.

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25. Q. R. to K. Kt's sq. 25. Q. R. to Q. B's sq. 26. K. R. to Q. B's sq.

If R. to Q. Kt's sq., Mr. Morphy draws by sacrificing both Rooks at Q. B's 7th, obtaining perpetual check with Q.

26. B. to K's 3rd. Black cannot take Q. R's P., for fear of P. to K. Kt's 4th, &c. 27. Q. R. to Q's sq.

27. K. R. to B's 6th. 28. K. to B's sq.

28. B. to R's 6th (ch.) 29. K. to K's sq.

If K. to Kt's sq., Mr. Morphy would have been able to draw the game at least by the following beautiful train of play,– 29. K. to B's sq.

29. R. takes B. 30. P. takes R.

30. Q. takes R. 31. R. takes Q.

31. R. takes R. (ch.) 32. Kt. to K. B's sq.

32. K. to K's 3rd, &c.

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29. B. to K's 3rd. 30. Kt. to Q's 5th.

30. K. R. to B's 4th. 31. P. to Q. B's 3rd.

31. Q, to R's 6th. 32. Q. to Q's 2nd.

32. B. takes Kt. 33. P. takes B.

33. R. takes Q. B's P. If R. takes Q’s P., he loses by B. to B's 4th, or B. takes P. (ch.), &c 34. R. takes R.

34. R. takes R. 35. B. to K's 4th.

35. Q. to Q. B's 4th.

36. K. to K's 2nd.

36. P. to Q. Kt's 5th. 37. Q. to K. R's 6th. It would be more expeditious to play Q. to Kt's 5th.

37. K. to K's 2nd. 38. Q. to Kt's 5th (ch.) 38. K. to Q's 2nd. 39. Q. to Q's 2nd.

39. P. to K. Kt's 4th. 40. Q. takes P.

40. K. to Q. B's 2nd. 41. Q. to Q's 2nd.

41. P. to Q. R's 4th. 42. P. to K. R's 3rd.

42. P. to Q. R's 5th. 43. P. to K. Kt's 4th.

43. P. takes P. 44. R's P. takes P.

44. K. to Kt's 3rd. 45. P. to Kt's 5th.

45. Q. to B's 5th (ch.) 46. K. to K's sq.

And Mr. Morphy resigned.

Mr. Stanley and Mr. Morphy.

[Remove Black’s K. B's P.]
WHITE. (Mr. S.)

BLACK. (Mr. M.) 1. P. to K's 4th.

1. P. to K's 3rd. 2. P. to Q's 4th.

2. P. to Q's 4th. 3. P. to K's 5th. We have previously noted Q. to R’s 5th, as the correct move here, (See p. 130, Morphy v. Alter.)

3. P. to Q. B's 4th. 4. B. to K's 3rd.

4. Q. to Kt's 3rd. 5. P. to Q. Kt's 3rd.

5. Kt. to Q. B's 3rd. 6. Kt. to K. B's 3rd.

6. P. takes P. 7. B. takes P.

7. Kt. takes B. 8. Kt. takes Kt.

8. B. to B's 4th. 9. P. to Q. B's 3rd.

9. Kt. to K's 2nd. 10. B. to Q. Kt's 5th (ch.) 10. Kt. to B's 3rd. 11. B. takes Kt. (ch.) 11. P. takes B. 12. Q. to R's 5th (ch.) P. to Q. Kt's 4th would, we believe, have been better play.

12. P. to Kt's 3rd. 13. Q. to Kt's 4th.

13. Castles.

14. Castles.

14. B. to R's 3rd. 15. Q. takes K's P. (ch.) Gaining a temporary advantage at the expense of valuable time.

15. K. to R's sq. 16. R. to Q's sq.

16. Q. R. to K's sq. 17. Q. to Kt's 4th.

17. R. takes K's P. 18. Kt. to Q's 2nd.

18. B. to B's sq. 19. Q. to Kt's 3rd.

19. B. to Q's 3rd. The White Queen is so much exposed, that Black has an easy task in maintaining the attack:

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20. Q. to Q's 3rd.

20. B. to R's 3rd. 21. Q. to B's 2nd.

21. R. to R's 4th. 22. Q. Kt. to B's 3rd.

22. P. to B's 4th. Correctly played. The Knight must retreat, and Black is theu enabled to make the meditated sacrifice.

23. Kt. to K's 2nd.
24. P. takes R.
25. P. to Q. B's 4th.
26. R. takes P.
27. Q. to B's 3rd (ch.)
28. Kt. to Kt's 3rd.

23. R. takes Kt.
24. Q. to Q's sq.
25. R. takes P.
26. Q. to R's 5th.
27. K. to Kt's sq.

28. Q. to R's 6th.
And wins.

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