Harlequin-Horace: Or, the Art of Modern Poetry

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Lawton Gilliver, 1735 - 61 strán (strany)
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Strana 15 - Versibus exponi tragicis res comica non vult; Indignatur item privatis ac prope socco 90 Dignis carminibus narrari coena Thyestae. Singula quaeque locum teneant sortita decenter.
Strana 38 - Antlents night and day, And toil to follow where they lead the way • Who'd write, and cancel with alternate pain, Firft fweat to build, then to pull down again ? To turn the weigh'd materials o'er and o'er, And every part in ev'ry light explore; From...
Strana 30 - Their Musick, like themselves, was grave and plain ; The manly Trumpet, and the simple Reed, Alike with Citizen and Swain agreed ; Whose Songs, in lofty Sense, but humble Verse...
Strana 8 - Ordinis haec virtus erit et venus, aut ego fallor, Ut jam nunc dicat jam nunc debentia dici, Pleraque differat et praesens in tempus omittat; Hoc amet, hoc spernat promissi carminis auctor.
Strana 3 - To dare do any thing for bread, or — fame. -'Tis granted— therefore ufe your utmoft might, To gratify the town in all you write; A thoufand jarring things together yoke, The dtg, the dome, the temple, and the joke ; Confult no order, but for ever fteer From grave to gay, from florid to fevere. To grand beginnings full of pomp and fhow, Big things profeft, and brags of what you'll do : Still fome gay, glitt'ring, foreign...
Strana 7 - When statesmen, heroes, kings, in dust repose Whose sons shall blush their fathers were thy foes, Shall then this verse to future age pretend Thou wert my guide, philosopher, and friend,— That urg'd by thee, I turn'd the tuneful art From sounds to things, from fancy to the heart...
Strana 6 - And take moft pleafure when we're moft deceiv'd. £fow write obfcure, and let your words move flow, Then with full light and rapid ardor glow ; -.-, In one...
Strana 53 - And lawyers ftudy equity to cheat : But yet you fay that, without pains or time, All dare to dabble in the arts of rhime : Why not ? Cnee fancy, poverty, and fpite, Demand eternal privilege to write.

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