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Surtees Society, 1918
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Strana 35 - Dei gracia Rex Anglie et Francie et dominus Hibernie Omnibus ad quos presentes litere pervenerint salutem. Sciatis quod...
Strana xxxiii - Burdeux-ward, whil that the chapman sleep. Of nyce conscience took he no keep. If that he foughte, and hadde the heigher hand, By water he sente hem hoom to every land.
Strana 244 - This Book of Articles before rehearsed is again approved, and allowed to be holden and executed within the realm, by the assent and consent of our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth, by the Grace of God, of England, France, and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c.
Strana 2 - Rex omnibus ad quos, etc., salutem. Sciatis, quod de gracia nostra speciali concessimus et licenciam dedimus, pro nobis et heredibus nostris, quantum in nobis est...
Strana xxx - ... Third on his new coin, the noble, for a sheep. " But," says Miss Sellers, " would the substitution of a sheep have been an act of degradation as terrible as it appeared to his imagination ? We forget, as we watch Crecy and Agincourt through the mirage which historians throw over them, that it was the fear that the market of Flanders would be closed to our wool that caused the Hundred Years
Strana 248 - To all to whom these present letters shall come, greeting : know ye, that we of our special grace, and of our certain knowledge, and mere motion, have...
Strana 29 - Dumtamen per inquisiciones inde capiendas et in Cancellariam nostram vel heredum nostrorum rite retornandas compertum sit quod id fieri possit absque...
Strana liv - Copy of a petition of the Governor, Assistants, and Fellowship of the Merchant Adventurers of England, May, 1635, Public Record Office, London, State Papers, domestic, 16/289, no. 91. that there is in the world, whether by the amount of money remitted by her merchants and bankers to all foreign countries, or by the almost infinite number of commodities with which her warehouses are filled, and which...
Strana 110 - In 1502 the York Mercers and Merchant Adventurers wrote to the Abbot of ¡Fountains stating: " we understand that you occupy beying and sellyng lede and other marchandise as a fre marchaunt, contrary to Godds lawis and mans . . . and so your occupyng is grett damage and hurte to us merchaunds in thies parties . . . ". He was called upon to desist. M. SEHERS (ed), 'The York Mercers and Merchant Adventurers 1356-1917' Suriees Society, CXXIX, 1927, iio-n.
Strana 30 - ... presencium similiter licenciam dedimus specialem. Nolentes quod predicti Elias Willielmus et Johannes vel heredes sui aut prefati Abbas et Conventus seu successores sui ratione premissorum seu statuti predicti per nos vel heredes nostros Justiciarios Escaetores Vicecomites aut alios ballivos seu ministros nostros quoscumque occasionentur molestentur in aliquo seu graventur, Salvis tamen nobis et aliis capitalib? dominis feodi illius serviciis inde debitis et consuetis. In cujus etc TR apud Westmonasterium...

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