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fact to render intelligible the

problems which to-day confront the statesmen concerned with South African


We believe we

can fairly claim that this volume is thoroughly up-to-date; and that in the chapters devoted to Political Development, the Shipping Ring, the Railway Problem, the Customs and Postal Unions, the Labour Question, and the Study of South Africa, valuable information, never before conveniently collated and presented in readable form, will be found. We may mention, in this con nection, that

treatment of South African problems and possibilities takes full cognizance of the important develop


ments which have occurred during the

month of June, 1896.

It is possible that certain critics may

carp at the absence of an index to this


These we would remind that

this book is intended primarily for reading rather than reference. Further, our system of arrangement is such that the heads of chapters will, with tolerable efficiency, serve the latter purpose.

In closing this brief introductory note, we would place on record our warmest thanks Mr. F. S. Van Oss,

Oss, Mr. Henry Hess, Mr. F. B. Broadway, and a host of other gentlemen closely identified with South Africa, for their kindly assistance in various ways ; to the numer


[blocks in formation]

are deeply indebted; and to the Castle Line, and in particular their able literary representative, Mr. Greville E. Matheson, for permission to use their splendid map of South Africa.


LONDON, July 1, 1896.

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