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[Feb: of that year, M.A. 1775, D.D. 1810. He Nov. 6. In his 4th year, Gamaliel, eldest resigned his Fellowship in 1776 for the son of Wm. Horton Lloyd, esq. of Bedfordvicarage of Wimeswould, in Leicestershire. place, Bloomsbury. He was next presented, through the influ- Nov. 17. At Woolwich, Lieut. Drew, ence of Mr. Brudepell, to the Crown living R. Inv. Art. of Belton cui Wardley in Rutlapd; and to Lately. At Woolwich, John Percivall, the patrooage of Dr. Yorke, Bishop of Ely, esq. late Senior Veterinary Surgeon of the in whose diocese he had been a laborious Royal Artillery. curate for upwards of twenty-eight years, In Durset-st. Portman-sq. Charlotte, wihe was indebted in 1803 for the living of dow of Capt. Martin, R. M., and sister of Wisbech. He was there distinguished by the late General and Admiral Peters. extensive charities, particularly in support

Thomas Wildman Goodwyn, esq.

He of the National and Sunday schools, and a married, Aug. 17, 1809, Elizabeth, 2d dau. munificent contribution of property to the of Alderman Sir Charles Flower, Bart. and value of between 80001, and 9000l to the has left pine children. endowment and erection of a chapel of ease. Dec. 8. Ac Somers-town, by suicide, His remaining forturie, which, through his Mr. W. Chambers, engraver, of Graftonsimple and frugal habits, early formed and street, Soho. He bad a wife and nine chilnot easily relinquished, is understood to be dren, and two by a female with whom he considerable, devolves in nearly equal por- cohabited. tions to numerous relations,

Dec. 9. Aged 25, Edward Spencer Mills, Dec. 14. Aged 75, the Rev. Charles esq. a law student, and formerly of the uniGardiner, D.D. Rector of Suttoa, Surrey, vecsity of Cambridge ; son of a gentleman to which he was presented in 1830 by Miss of large possessions at Sydney, New South Watford.

Wales. In a state of insanity, attributed to Dec. 21., At Compton, Hauts, aged 90, excessive study, he terminated his life by a the Rev. Philip Williams, Prebendary of Winchester and Rector of Compton. He Dec. 28.

In Hyde-park-place, Mrs. was of New coll. Oxf. M.A. 1767 ; was col- Ford, relict of Commodore Johnstone, and lated to Compton in 1781 by Dr. North, mother of the Duchess of Cannizzaro, late then Bishop of Winchester, and to his stall Countess St. Anthonio ; who, by the will, in 1797, by the same patrun.

receives upwards of £30,000, and an anJan, 12. At Stamford, aged 75, the nuity of £1000, independent of the priocely Rev, John Butt, Rector of St. Michael's in fortune of her late brother, James Joha. that town, and Vicar of Leake, near Boston, stone, esq. by whom she was appointed sole He was of St. John's coll

. Camb., B. A. legatee. A considerable annuity settled on 1780, being the 12th Wraugler of that Mrs. Ford, reverts to the family of Commoyear, M.A. 1783. In 1794 he was ap- dore Johnstone, pointed to the Mastership of Uppingham Dec. 30. ln King-street, Covent-garSchool, on the resignation of the Rev. Je den, aged 65, Mr. William Maughan, eldest remiah Jackson; in which situation he ob- son of the Rev. Wm. M. formerly Master tained the esteem and regard, as well of his of the Free Grammar School at Moulton, numerous pupils as of the Governors. He co. Lincolu. resigned the Mastership in 1811, when he Dec. 31. l. Throgmorton-st. Thomas was presented by the Governors of Oakham Crokatt, esq. and Uppingham Schools to the Vicarage of Jan. 1. Louisa-Susapna, wife of Æneas Leake, and by the Marquis of Exeter to his Barkly, esq. of Highbury.grove. church in Stamford. Mr. Butt was a sound In West-sq., aged 68, Zachariah Spotdivine, an affectionate husband and parent, tiswood Browne, formerly of Wymondham, and an amiable map.


lo Holles-st., Hannah, wife of Rev. Edw.

Bowlby, Rectory, Little Ilford, Essex.

Jan. 2. In Grosvenor-sq., the Most

Hon. Henrietta-Maria Marchioness of AilesLONDON AND ITS VICINITY.

bury. She was the eldest dau. of Noel Ist Aug. 24. At Herne-hill, aged 97, Moses and late Lurd Berwick : was married April Cohen, esq. His remains were followed to 10, 1793, and has left two sons and four the grave by his sons, Hyman and Judah

daughters. Cohen, esqrs. late of Jamaica, and a nu- Louisa, youngest dau. of Joseph Jellicoe, merous circle of their children and grand- esq. Upper Wimpole-st. children.

Jan. 3. In Walcot-terrace, Lambeth, Aug. 25. lo London, aged 43, George aged 63, John Lowden, esq. Ricketts Nuttall, M.D. Physician to the Io Nottingham-pl. Thomas Gore, esq. Westminster General Dispensary, a native Jan. 4. Io Wimpole-st. Amy-Aone, wife of Jamaica. He was well known as a lecs of Adam Askew, esq. turer, and had written some medical works Jan. 5. The son of Thomas Fletcher of merit.

esq. of Highbury-terrace.

Jones, esq.

Scoles, esq.

Bovill, esq.

Bower, esq.


187 Jan. 6. At Hackney, aged 42, Mary- Distributor of Stamps for the Western Di. Ann, wife of James Parratt, esq. R. Art. vision of Somerset. Aged 89, Mary, wife of Chas, Pleydell Jan. 24. In the New Kent-road, aged

78, Mary, widow of Rev. R. Johason, RecAt Kensington, in his 70th year, John tor of St. Antholio's, Watling-st. Alexander, esq.

Jan, 25. At Hampstead, aged 79, J. Jan. 8. Ai Gloucester Villa, Regent's Merivale, esq. late of Exeter. park, aged 64, Elizabeth, wife of Matthew At Hampstead, aged 80, James Boudon,

esq. many years clerk of the Chamber of the At Alpha-cottages, aged 75, Capt. Ed City of London. Smith.

Jan. 26. In Upper Brook-st., Mary, Jan. 9. In New Broad-st. in his 53d wife of Lieut.. Gen. Sir Moore Disney, year, Mr. Nich. Phené.

K.C.B. Ac Kensington, aged 76, Elizab.-Emma, Jan. 31. At Peckham, aged 60, Edw. wife of Robert Barlow Pratt, esq.

Upcher Brockway, of Colchester. Aged 72, Anu, wife of W. Hobson, esq. Aged 73, Jacob Priddy, esq. Stamfordof Markfield, Stamford-hill.

hill. At Hackney, Elizabeth, widow of Daniel Feb. 1. At Turnham-green, aged 92, Fisher, D.D.

Mrs. Collett, relict of Richard Collett, esq. Jan. 10. Ac Putney, aged 78, Benjamin

Feb. 3. In Salisbury-sq. Rebekah, relict

of Gilbert Jones, esq. At Stockwell-common, aged 68, Mrs. Feb. 4. Aged 23, Eliz.-Mary-Morice, Vandiest.

eldest dau. of Jonathan Birch, esq. of UpJan. 11. Alice, wife of Wm. Pounsett, per Gower-st. Stamford-hill.

Feb. 5. At Guildhall, Mary-Medley, Jan. 11. At Clerkenwell, aged 83, Wm. only dau. of Henry Woodthorpe, esq. LL.D. Robertson, esq.

Town Clerk of the City of London. Jan. 12. Aged 72, Richard Baggallay, Feb. 9. At Chelsea, in her 20th year, esq. of Camberwell.

Eliz. widow of John Darbon, esq. At Peutonville, aged 82, Joshua Dale Feb. 10. In Brompton-sq. aged 20, He

len Eliz. eldest dau. of W. Harvey, esq. and Aged 80, George Whitelocke, esq. of granddau. of late Adm. Sir H. Harvey, K.B. Melbury-terrace, Dorset-sq. He was son Feb. 12. Aged 76, John Williams, esq. of Major Joba Carleton Whitelocke, of of Queen Elms, Chelsea, and the Marine Priors Wood, near Dublin, and grandson of Parade, Brighton. Carleton Whitelocke, esq. of London aod Feb. 13. In North Audley street, aged Surrey, counsellor-at-law, the sixth son of 75, Mrs. Mary Hebard. Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke, of Fawley-court, Feb. 14. Ac Balbam-hill, aged 64, James co. Bucks, Keeper of the Great Seal of the England, and by the Protector styled Lord At Hornsey, Eliza, widow of W. Paley, Whitelocke.

Jan. 13. At the Charterhouse, Richard, Feb. 15. At Lambeth, Henry Maudslay, second son of the Rev. C. R. Pritchett. esq. the celebrated engineer.

At Hoxton, aged 81, Elizabeth, relict of Feb. 16. In Francis-st. Bedford-sq. aged Mr. Jonathan Garnham, of Bunhill-row, 63, Wm. Tucker, esq. cousin-german of the late Francis Meager, In Harley-st. aged 77, Lady Earle, widow esq. of White Horse Farm, Croydou. of Sir James Earle, of Hanover-sq. knt.

Jan. 14. Mary-Louisa, wife of Mr. J. F. R. S. Surgeon Extraordinary to King D. Niemann, of Íslington, dau. of late E. George III. Her Ladyship was one of the P. Bridel, LL.D.

daughters of the late Percivall Pott, sur. At Chelsea, in his 40th year, Mr. Wm. geun; and sister of the Ven. Archd. Pott. Queotary, schoolmaster,

Jan. 15. Aged 83, at her son's in Wo- Berks.- Feb. 1. Aged 24, Charlesburn-place, Mrs. Allcock.

Sydney, youngest son of Tho. Greenwood, Jan. 16. In Moroington-crescent, the esq. of Priory House, Wallingford. relict of John Carden, esg. of Barnane, Tipo Bucks.-Jan. 28.

Advanced in age, perary, Ireland.

Elizabeth, widow of Wm. Farrer, esq. of At Keosington, aged 71, M. Pellatt, esq. Cold Brayfield House. Jan, 17. Lo Berkeley-square, Elien, wife Devon.- Jan 20. At Bishop's Hull, of Thomas Legh, esq. M.P. of Lyme Hall, aged 76, Wm. Cox, esq. Cheshire-late Miss Turner, for the abduc- Jan. 22. At Devonport, aged 69, Dianation of whom the Wakefields were tried aud Byron, relict of Capt. Phil. Somerville, R.N. imprisoned (see vol. xcvii. i. 360, 550.) Jan. 28. At Exeter, in her 20th year,

Jan. 18. Aged 65, Abraham Mann, esq. Lucy Anne Theresa, fourth dau. of R. W. late of Clapham.

Elliston. Jan. 19. Aged 77, at his son's in Feo- Lately. At Oaklands, near Okehampton, church-street, John Symes, esq. formerly aged 47, Albany Savile, esq. an active Ma

Powell, esq.

esq., barrister.


[Feb. gistrate, and formerly M.P. for that borough. Feb. 9. At Clifton, aged 18, Mr. Alex. He was highly beloved by his neighbours, Gordon Pringle, youngest son of late John and upwards of 600 persons of all ranks at. Pringle, esq. Agent to E. I.C. at Cape of tended his funeral.

Good Hope. Feb. 2. At Exeter, Augustus Von Gra- At Bristol Hotwells, Caroline, yourgest vett, esq. an officer in the Prussian service. dau. of late Lawrence Oliphant, esq. of He arrived at the New London Inn, on the 2d Gask, co. Perth. of Aug. having lately arrived from Lisbon ; Feb. 13. At Newent, aged 70, George and, seized with illness, he never again passed Reed, esq. of Docbfour, Demerara, formerly the threshold. His brother, sister, and his of Barbadoes. two childreu, left him at Falmouth to pro- Feb. 15. At Gloucester, aged 71,

David ceed to Germany, but the packet was lost Walker, esq. for upwards of 30 years pro. fom the bursting of the steam-boiler, and prietor of the “ Gloucester Journal," and all perished.

during the greatest portion of that period a Feb. 3. At Hudsutt, Christiana-Philippe- zealous and useful meniber of the CorpoMaria, youngest sister to Lord Roile. ration.

Feb. 4. At Dawlish, the widow of John Hants.- Feb. 6. At Southampton, aged Waymouth, esq.

72, Katharine, relict of Admiral Sir Richard Feb. 7. At Ringmore, aged 51, Joseph Grindall, K.C.B. who died in 1819. Whiteway, esq.

Feb. 6. At the residence of Lady Murray, Feb. 18. At Southerohay, Dear Exeter, Andover, Fanny-Caroline, wife of Capt. aged 72, Shirley Woolmer, esq.a frequent and Sidney Widdrington, 53d regt. and dau. of esteemed correspondent of this Miscellany; late Thomas Strickland, esq. of Keadal. of whom we hope to give some biographical Herts.- Feb. 11. At Hemel Hempstead, potices hereafter.

Mr. George Hewett, late of the Grm of DORSET.Feb. 5. George David, only Hewett and Cooper, bankers, Heuley. child of Rev. G. D. Davis, of Cerne Abbas. HEREFORD.—Jan. 22. Aged 35, Thomas

Feb. 7. Aged 12, Hubert-John, eldest Hampton Symons, esq. of Myode Park. son of John Hussey, esq., of Nash-court, Feb. 9. At Eastnor Castle, aged 70, the Marphull.

Right Hoo. Margaret Countess Somers. Essex. Jan. 24. At_Abbess Roding, She was the only dau. and heiress of the aged 18, Emma Armine Dyer, niece of the Rev. Treadway Russell Nash, D.D. F.S.A., Jate Rev. W. C. Dyer, Rector.

the historian of Worcestershire ; was inarFeb. 10. At St. Osyth, aged 85, Joho ried March 19, 1785, and has left two surGolding, esq.

viving sons and a daughter. GLOUCESTER.Jan. 23. At Bristol, Kent.-Jan. 28. At East Malling, Lt.aged 86, Isaac Nickolls, esq. of Barbadoes. Col. Walter Syais, of the 8oth fout, bro

Lately. At Clifton, Mary-Aone, eldest ther to the late G. W. Syms, esq. of Oxdau. of late Rev. James Howell, Rector of ford. He was appointed Lieut. 89th foot Clutton, Somerset.

1797, Captain 1803, Major 69th foot 1810, At Bristol, Wm. Pickford, esq., youngest brevet Lt.-Colonel 1811. In 1809 he sun of late Tho. Pickford, esq., of Islington. served as Assistant Quartermaster-gen. on

Jan 25. At Bristol, aged 65, Capt. the Home staff; and in 1811 was present at John Gardiner Herbert, late 3d R. Vet. Bat. the capture of Java, for which service he Jan. 29. At Newpham, aged 66, Tho.

wore a medal. Edw. Barker, esq.

Jan. 30. Aged 76, at Tunbridge-wells, Feb. 4. At Badminton, aged 22, Lady Dorothy, relict of C. Jacomb, esq. of GuildIsabella-Aon, wife of Thomas Henry Kings- ford-street. cote, esq. and sixth dau. of the Duke of Feb. 4. At Woolwich Common, aged 60, Beaufort. She was married April 8, 1828. Lady Robe, widow of Col. Sir William

Feb. 5. At Boddington, near Chelten- Robe, K.C.H., K.C.B., and K.T.S., a disham, Ann, wife of the Rev. J. Neale, Vicar, tinguished officer in the Artillery during the and Rector of St Mary-le-Port, Bristol. Peninsular War. He died Nov. 1, 1820.

Feb. 7. At Cheltenham, Sarah, widow Feb. 13. At Greenwich, Elizabeth, wife of James Forbes, esq. late of Hutton Hall, of Lieut. W. Mayott, R.N. in Essex, and of Kingerlock, in Argyllshire. LANCASHIRE. - Jan. 26. At Liverpool, Her remains were conveyed to the family- on his arrival from Bombay, aged 19, George vault at Hutton. This is the fourth of the Hadden, esq. E.I.C. civil service, second same family, whose death has been recorded son of Alex. H. esq. of Nottingham. in this Obituary, within two years.

Lately. At Liverpool, Thomas Dunbar, Feb. 8. At Clifton, in her 80th year, the esq. son of the late Sir George, and brother relict of Thomas Houghton, esq. of Kilma- of the present Sir William Rowe Dunbar, Dock House, co. Wexford.

of Mockrum, Bart.; M.A. of Brasepose At Bristol, aged 72, Mrs. Eugenia Pelly, College, Oxford. Mr. Duobar was Keeper of Brook Lodge, near Wrington, relict of of the Ashmolean Museum, from 1815 to Rev. John Pelly, Rector of Weston Sub

He took his degree of M.A. in edge, whither her remains were carried, 1808,

1 822,

1831.] OBITUARY.

189 LEICESTERSHIRE.-Jan. 30. At Leicester, SALOP.-Jan. 7. At Hales-Owen, aged aged 72, Jane, widow of John King, esq. 87, Catherine, widow of Mr. John Walker,

Jan. 31. At Hinckley, Robert Chessher, of Lea Hall, Yardley. esq. who, for upwards of forty years, distio- Jan. 21. Elizabeth, eldest dan. of late guished bimself in every branch of the me- Thomas Vaughan, esq. of Burlton Hall. dical profession, but particularly in the

Feb. 2. At Bridgnorth, age ! 74, Sarah, successful treatment of deformities of the relict of Rev. Thomas Crane Johnstone, human frame. The great number of wealthy Rector of Aston Botterell, and Vicar of patients committed to his care contributed Worfield. greatly to the welfare of the town and neigh- SOMERSET.-Jan. 28. At Bath, aged 81, bourhood. On the 9th Feb. his remains Samuel Taunton, esq. a very old and highly were attended to Peckletoa church by eight respected inhabitant. mourning coaches and four, and a long train

Feb. 8. At her son's, in Bath, Mary, of gentlemen's carriages.

widow of John Hill, esq. late of Freemantle, LINCOLNSHIRE.-Jan. 14. At Gainsbro', near Southampton. aged 20, William, eldest son of Mr. A. Feb. 9. At Bath, aged 54, Henry BulStark, bookseller.

lock, esq. late of Overton House, Wilts., Jan. 15. At Lincoln, aged 78, Thomas leaving a wife and eleven children. Money, esq. for many years Captain and Feb. 18. At Cricket St. Thomas, aged Paymaster of the North Lincolo Militia. 85, the Right Hon. Mary Sophia Dowager

Jan. 18. At Louth, aged 81, Samuel Viscountess Bridport. She was the only C. Pettener, esq. surgeon. He was the se. dau. and heiress of Tho. Bray, esq. ; becaine nior member of che Corporation, and filled the 2d wife of Adm. Lord Visc. Bridport, the office of Warden, or chief Magistrate, June 26, 1788, and was left his widow, seven times.

without issue, May 3, 1814. Her contriJan. 20. Aged 34, Mr. M. Errington, butions to all works of benevolence and Clerk of the Works to the Witham Naviga- utility were always on the most liberal scale, tion Company, Lincoln.

and her private charities very extensive. Jan. 30. At Sudbrook Park, aged 13, STAFFORDSHIRE.-Jan. 7. At King's Harriet-Louisa, second dau. of Right Hon. Bromley, aged 9 months, Albert-William, Robert Wilmot Horton.

2d son of Mr. and the Hon. Mrs. Newton Feb. 5. At Louth, aged 76, Adam Eve, Lane. esq. About thirty years ago he established Jan. 8. Mrs. Sarah Wetton, widow, of a carpet manufactory at Louth, the first in Moss Pit, near Stafford, in her 100th year. the county, and by uoremitting attention Feb. 9. Ac Harborue, aged 68, George bronght it to such perfection, that his goods Sinicox, esq. long known as an active magisare held in the highest estimation, not only trate, and a zealous promoter of the reliin this kingdom, but in America, where, for gious and civil welfare of Birmingham. several years, Ire had an extensive contract. SUPPOLK.-Jan. 23. Aged 73, George

Feb. 8. At Sleaford, aged 72, Frances, Bloomfield, of Bury St. Edmund's, shoerelict of Joho Turner, esq. of Gainsbro'. maker. He was the elder brother of Robert

MIDDLESEX.-Feb. 3. Ac Chiswick, aged Bloomfield, the author of “ The Farmer's 84, Ann, widow of John Harwood, esq. Boy," and held at one time much correspon

Feb. 10. At Isleworth, at an advanced dence with the distinguished patrons of his age, Mrs. Mary James, formerly of Russell- brother. For some years past he had been house, Streatham.

in a state of dependence on the kind and NORTHAMPTON.-Jan. 30. At Cosgrove humane attentions of a few friends. Priory, Maria, youngest child of C. R. Jan. 30. Aged 73, Susan, wife of AnMoorsom, esq. Capt. R. N.

drew Hunter, of Bury St. Edmund's. NORTHUMBERLAND.-Oct. 28. At New- Feb. 10. Ac Chelsworth, in bis 63d year, castle, aged 49, Sir Thomas Heron, Bart. Vincent John Shortland, esq. formerly of

Feb. 4. Aged 73, John Steavenson, esq. Oxford. Alderman, and Collector of Customs, at SURREY.-Jan. 13. Aged 71, William Berwick.

Malbon, esq. of Milford Cottage, Dear GodFeb. 11. At Newcastle, aged 75, George alming, for many years a Clerk in the SePickersgill, brother to the late John Pick- cretary's office, East India House, and broersgill, of Leeming-lane, and uncle to Fran- ther of the late Capt. Micaiah Malbon of the cis and Richard Pickersgill, carriers from Royal Navy. Newcastle to Leeds, &c.

Feb. 7.

At Wimbledon, aged 86, Mary, Oxon.- Jan. 27. At Oxford, aged 77, relict of Ralph Allen, esq. of Bathampton. the widow of S. W. Bishop, esq.

Feb. 8. At Hale House, the seat of Lee Feb. 5. Aged 46, Eliza, wife of Rev. Steere, esq. Eliza-Jane, youngest dau. of Walter Browo, Prebendary of Canterbury, late J. K. Watson, esq. of Hull

. and Rector of Stonesfield.

Feb. 15. Aged 76, Benj. Paterson, esq. RUTLAND.Jan. 18. At South Luffen- of Durnsford - lodge, Wimbledon. ham, aged 88, Capt. James Thomas, for- Sussex.—Jan. 27. At Brighton, Capt. merly of E. I. C.'s naval service.

Hare, of the Royal Sussex Militie


[Feb. Jan. 29. At Chichester, aged 82, Dr. Whitwell; esq., senior Alderman of CovenMackie ; of whom we hope to give a me- try, and thrice Mayor of thatfcity, in 1800, moir hereafter.

1828, and 1829. Feb. 6. At Hastings, in his 21st year, Feb. 6. At Atherstone, suddenly, Tho, the Hon. Frederick William Robinson, only mas Frear, esq. He had just returned from surviving son of Lord Grantham. By this the death-bed of Mr. William, Keay, a event his upcle Lord Viscount Guderich has highly respectable farmer at Durdon, and become heir presumptive to the Barony of

very old friend. Grantham, and (after Lord Grantham) to Jan 23. At Birmingham, Richard Bird, the Earldom of de Grey; but the Barony esq. of Lucas, created in 1663, with the singular Fel. 7. At the Poplars, dear Birmingremainder that on the failure of heirs male ham, aged 55, Thomas Mole, esq. (wbich occurred in 1740) it was to descend Feb. 9. At Toft, aged 62, John Dray: as other indivisible inheritances by the

son, esq. common law of this land,” will devolve on WESTMORELAND.-At Kendal,; aged 41, the eldest of Lord Grantham's two surviving Mr. Richard Lough, printer and proprietor daughters. This is the only English title of the Westmoreland Advertiser and Keoof Peerage so closely resembling the order dal Chronicle. of succession to the Crown.

Wilts.-- Jan. 29. At 'Bradford, aged Feb. 7. At Hastings, Elizabeth, wife of 61, Aun, relict of Charles Timbrell, esq. W.R. L. Sergeantson, esq. of Camp-hill, Feb. 3. John Pearse, esq. of Chilton Yorkshire, eldest dau. of late Henry Dawn Lodge, M.P. for Devizes. kins, esq. of Standlynch, Wilts.

WORCESTERSHIRE,—Feb. 7. At KidderAt Brighton, aged 70, Miss Susannah minster, Richard Jones, esq. M.D. Lee.

Yurk Lately. At Whixley-hall, near Feb. 13. At Brighton, aged 11, Sophia Kvaresborongh, aged 67, Mr. Thos. Upton, Sarah, youngest dau, of John Cocam, esq. brother to Jaines Upton, esq. of Throgmor. of Windsor.

ton-street. At Arundel, aged 17, Hugh, third son of Jan. 4. At an advanced age, Nathaniel the Rev. Edmund Cartwright, F.S.A. Fowler, esq. of Pontefract, aud formerly of

Warwick.–Jan. 15. Aged 72, Samuel Wakefield.

BILL OF MORTALITY, from Jan. 26 to Feb. 22, 1831.


2 and 5 279 50 and 60 198 Males - 11782 Males 1170

5 and 10 93 60 and 70 223 2330

2375 Females 1152 Females - 1205

10 and 20 53 70 and 80 196 Whereof have died under two years old


20 and 30 1 26 80 and 90 81

30 and 40 166 90 and 100 Salt 5s. per bushel; 1fd. per pound.

40 and 50 202





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PRICE OF HOPS, Feb. 21. Kent Bags ...

41. Os. to jil. Os. | Farnham (seconds).. 9l. Os. to 141. Os. Sussex

71. Os. to 81. Os. Kent Pockets .... 9. Os. to 141. Os. Essex ....

71. 10s. to 101.
Os. Sussex.......

............. 81. Os. to 91. os. Farnham (fine) ...... 151. Os. to 201. Os. Essex

........... 81. Os. to 11l.

Os. PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW, Feb. 21. Smithfield, Hay 21. 10s. to 4l. Os. Straw 11. 16s. to 21. Os, Clover 31. 3s. to 51. 55.

Beef ........

SMITHFIELD, Feb. 21. To sink the Offal—per stone of 8lbs.
35. od. to 5s. Od. | Lamb ........

Os. Od. to Os. Od. Mutton....

3s. cd. to 55. od. Head of Cattle at Market. Feb. 21 : Veal ...................... 58. Od. to 6s. 4d.


2,269 Calves 100 Pork.. ............. 35. 2d. to 5s. 4d.

Sheep and Lambs 14,590 Pigs 120 COAL MARKET, Feb. 21, 285. 6d. to 34s. 9d. TALLOW, per cwt.-Town Tallow, 50s. Od. Yellow Russia, 49s. Od. SOAP-Yellow, 76s. Mottled 82s. Curd, 845.-CANDLES, 8s. per doz. Moulds, øs. 6d.

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