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casionally—and what man of affairs is not - Modern Eloquence offers an inexhaustible fund of ideas, suggestions and examples.

And for the busy man who wants to be able to converse intelligently and convincingly on almost every conceivable subject, Modern Eloquence provides a quick, easy, and interesting means of doing so.

And for the young man seeking greater success, Modern Eloquence provides the opportunity to get acquainted with the powerful, convincing speech of men who swayed nations to action.

And for those who read for entertainment and for culture, Modern Eloquence is a never-failing source of inspiration, stimulus and comfort.

Modern Eloquence Modern Eloquence-original edition-was used and appreciated by thousands of men of affairs. It was the almost constant companion of thousands of young men who have since taken their places as men of affairs.

Now we have a new and revised edition of Modern Eloquence- just published—under the direction of an Editorial Board consisting of Ashley H. Thorodike, Brander Matthews, Sir Robert Laird Borden, Nicholas Murray Butler, John W. Davis, Henry Cabot Lodge, Elihu Root, Oscar S. Straus, Augustus Thomas and Henry Van Dyke.

Under the supervision of this distinguished Editorial Board over a year was spent in collecting, classifying and making available from every possible source, the most outstanding addresses of the most noted speakers on every question in which the world was or is vitally interested.

There are over 450 contributors to thisgreat work, including such men as Chauncey Depew, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Lloyd George, Russell H. Conwell, Edward Bok and othersevery contributor is immediately recognized as the leader in his particular field.

You can get sample

pages and full particulars about Modern Eloquence without expense or obligation- just send in the coupon with your name and address.

What Others Say Modern Eloquence, Dewand revised edition, is enthusiastically received by men of affairskeen, discriminating men whose time is limited and who realize the value of getting quickly what they want thru the crystallized thought of the great men of modern times. Elbert H. Gary, Chairman of the Board, U. S. Steel Corp.:

"I congratulate you on the splendid work you bave
done in collecting and presenting to the public in
convenient form the fine addresses, many of them
masterpieces, contained in the new edition of Mod.

ern Eloquence."
Charles M. Schwab, Chairman Bethlehem Steel Corp.:

"Tbe old edition was in the libraries of most of
those people who chose their books carefully. It
strikes me that your care and effort in preparing a
new Modern Eloquence will be rewarded by a simi-
lar demand from book lovers and otbers throughout

the country."
Charles G. Dawes, former Director of the Federal Budget:

"I bave examined your new 'Modern Eloquence'
with some care, and congratulate you upon the

great value and excellence of your work." Lynch Davidson, Ex-Lieutenant Governor of Texas:

"I bave never before bougbt a volume or set of
books so perfectly satisfactory as is Modern Elo-
quence. It is a library almost in itself, and I con-

gratulate you on the production." James M. Curley, Mayor of Boston :

“The literary value of this publication is of emi-
dent merit, and I assure you I have been very pleased

to include the volumes in the library of my bome." Frank O. Lowden, former Governor of Illinois:

"When one is at a loss for the moment as to just
what to read, be will always find something in these
volumes that fits the hour. I shall be glad, indeed,

to bave the new edition." (Order enclosed.) What is the reason for the great popularity of Modern Eloquence? Why is it the most prized set in the libraries of those who choose their books carefully?" It is not alone the fact that Modern

Eloquence offers inspiration and suggestion for the preparation of a speech on almost any subject. But it is a work you may go to at any time for information, for entertainment and for inspiration. You can find something for every mood and for every occasion-history, politics, business and fun. They are all here in great profusion.

A Liberal Education This is not a set of books which you must read in the sense of studying hours at a time. Continuity of reading is not required. While the speeches are all complete-no excerpts-you can read any one in thirty minutes or less. And in that time you will acquire more helpful information and ideas than you can obtain in several hours' reading of almost any other literature. In Modern Eloquence you get the crystallized thought of great minds so stated as to be instantly understood.

Here you will find After-Dinner Speeches that abound in wit, wisdom and eloquence-speeches filled with anecdote and repartee, but which point to a moral or establish a principle in very few words - Addresses of eminent men before bar associations, medical societies, fraternal organizations and other important occasionsMasterpieces thru which you can trace the course of modern history from the American Revolution to the present time including the Great World War;

- more than five hundred of the best anecdotes told by the best story tellers;-men like Irvin Cobb, George Ade, Chauncey Depew are here represented by their best stories; and an index that makes every subject instantly available.

Tbruout the volumes there is a series of articles on bow to plan, how to prepare and how to deliver a speech by such emi. nent authorities as Joseph French Jobnson, Harry Morgan Ayres Albert J. Beveridge and others.

Sample Pages-Free You can bardly afford not to know all about Modern Eloquence, Send the coupon for illustrated booklet of sample pages and full particulars. free and witbout obligation. Mail the coupon today. Modern Eloquence

13 Astor Place
Dept. C1676
N. Y.

Modern Eloquence
13 Astor Place
Dept. C1676

New York, N. Y.
Gentlemen: Please send me free Sample
Pages of Modern Eloquence and full particulars.


This will be sent to you

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In this issue of The Outlook

September 3, 1924

Vol. 138

No. 1

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The Feminine Arm is a comprehensive one in England and embraces every

of the Law

a sort of problem from shoplifters to suicides. All the interest and variety in the life of a woman on a local police force in Great Britain is described in an article in next week's issue of The Outlook by Eveline W. Brainerd.

Published weekly by The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York. Copyright, 1924, by The Outlook Company. By subscription $5.00 a year. Single copies 15 cents each. For foreign subscription to countries in the

postal Union, $6.56.

HAROLD T. PULSIFER, President and Managir.g Editor
RAYMOND B. BOWEN, Vice-President and Business Manager
FRANK C. HOYT, Treasurer

ERNEST HAMLIN ABBOTT, Editor-in-Chiej and Secretary
LAWRENCE F. ABBOTT, Contributing Editor
ARTHUR E. CARPENTER, Advertising Manager

The International Interpreterwas taken over by the Outlook Company on June 11, 1924

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Eat and Be Well!

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Sent Free

Contributors' Gallery

At Our

MASON is a

Expense— Cool,

lecturer on music

By FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG Comfortable Shaving

and Associate Pro

The Sat. Review of Literature says:

"A work of great distinction." THE HE verdict is now in your hands

fessor of Music at

The Literary Review: “The beauty and -If you do not find from actual

power he displays in handling the comuse that Ingram's Therapeutic Shay

Columbia Univer

plexes of his three chief characters give ing Creamgives you a quicker, closer

to this African story its intensity and shave, without the customary smart

sity. He has com- graphic quality." ing after effect-and that it leaves

New York Herald-Tribune: "A quite your face as soft and cool as though

posed a number of
remarkable book."

$2.00 you had used a lotion-we will refund its full purchase price. Get a jar

distinguished works

(C) G. M. Kesslere from your druggist, or if he cannot

for the piano, string supply you send 500 with his name

TheWIDOW'S HOUSE and address and we will mail a jar direct to you. If you are not entirely quartette, and the orchestra, and his

By KATHLEEN COYLE satisfied, return thejar and

books, which include "From Grieg to your money will be re

An unusual version of an ever interfunded. Or send 2c stamp,


Brahms," "Beethoven and his Fore- esting and vital question: Can an atfor sample. Recommended

tractive widow who marries a solitary particularly for a tender skin,

runners," "The Romantic Composers, youth, in her loneliness, hold his love Frederick F. Ingram Co.

against the witchery and call of youth in Ingram's and “Contemporary Composers, are

a younger woman? Therapeutic

The author drama672 Tenth St., Detroit, Mich.

tizes the personal relationships between Also Windsor, Ont, Shaving Cream used as guides to musical taste and learn- men and women with penetrating insight

and lights up with peculiar subtlety the ing in this country.

secret recesses of the heart of a woman

who loves for the second time. $2.00 LBERT G. INGALLS is a writer of scientific articles and reviews for

THE OLD FIRM numerous periodicals, the "Scientific

By F. MORTON HOWARD American” in particular. He has fre

Author of "Happy Rascals" and A condensed set of health rules-many of which

“Strictly Business” may be easily followed right in your own home, quently written unsigned editorial para

The Evening Post, N. Y.: "Lovers of or while traveling. You will find in this little

the earlier W. W. Jacobs, who can still book a wealth of information about food elements graphs on scientific subjects for The

remember their chuckles and and their relation to physical welfare.

chortles Outlook.

over some of his tales of old salts, have CONTROL YOUR WEIGHT WITHOUT DRUGS

a treat in store for them in "The Old OR TIRESOME EXERCISES

Firm.' . .. Mr. Howard's book is delightC. GREGG has the advan

ful and we recommend it as one of the Effective weight control diets, add and bland diets, laxative and blood-building

most entertaining of the year. He is a tage of being able to see the West diets, and diets used in the correction

humorist worth knowing about and folof various chronic maladies.


$2.00 The book is for FREE circulation,

through Eastern eyes and the East
Not a mail . order advertisement.

through Western eyes. Educated in
Name and address on card will
bring it without cost or obligation.
Nebraska and a successful head of a

HEALTH EXTENSION BUREAU large manufacturing company in New

By SHEILA KAYE-SMITH 294 Good Health Building, Battle Creek, Mich. Jersey, Mr. Gregg is in a position, as few

Author of "Joanna Godden," "The End

of the House of Alard,” etc. others are, to balance and weigh the so

The N. Y. Times: "The characters of

her book have the knack of living.” $2.00 cial conditions in both sections.

E. MCGILLICUDDY, of the editorial on Gallon of Gasoline

• department of the Toronto "Star," THE MONGOL IN with Air Friction Carburetor We guarantee all other cars nearly double has given us an article called "The Prince

OUR MIDST present mileage, power and flexibility.

Or, MAN AND HIS THREE FACES áo ter than new. See our mileage guarantees. Models for any car, truck, tractor, marino Finds Peace," in the thought that Outlook readers might be interested in

By Dr. F. G. CROOKSHANK Ford......34 mi. Chevrolet..32 mi. Dodge. ...28 mi.

That "Mongolism" and "Mongolian ImMarwell ..30 mi, Overland... 32 mi. Oakland. . 24 mi. 1 1:1 the ranch which the Prince of Wales has becility''

80-called Mileago guarantee on any other car sent on request.

"White" populations, the Nordics, the SENT ON 30 DAY'S TRIAL drive bought and developed into one of the Alpines and the Mediterraneans of West

ern and Central Europe, the British Isles car in heaviest traffic without shifting gears. Starts off on "high in any weather without priming or heating-No jerking most select stock farms on the continent. and Dominions and the United States, is

the contention of the author who presents or choking. Agents Wanted. AIR-FRICTION CARBURETOR COMPANY It is stated on the best authority-his

a mass of evidence and draws his conclu1243 Raymond Building Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A.

sions on the origin of the human race. own—that the heir to the British throne


As stimulating and provocative as Ask for Horlick's

DAEDALUS personal liberty and real recreation than The ORIGINAL

By J. B. S. HALDANE Malted Milk he finds anywhere else.

and For Infants,


Children, Invalids,

is a native of

Nursing Mothers

Each, $1.00
Texas and a gradu-
Avoid Imitations

ate of the University TEACHERS' AGENCIES

CANCER of Texas. At the

HOW IT IS CAUSED AND The Pratt Teachers Agency

present time he is

HOW IT CAN BE PREVENTED 70 Fifth Avenue, New York


practicing law Recominenda teachers to colleges, public and private schools.

By J. ELLIS BARKER Advises parents about schools. Wm. 0. Pratt, Mgr.

Francis Carter Wood, Director of the New York City. He Inst.

Cancer Research, Columbia

University, writes: SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES

has an intimate

"It is a fact not without interest that

the subject of cancer has within the last Massachusetts

personal knowledge

few years apparently begun to possess

what is commonly called 'news value.' of the politics of

One of the chief values of this book CUSHING ACADEMY

lies in the very large collection of what Texas and the fight over the impeachbas installed a new dormitory for 20 boys of thirteen, four

might be entitled 'Readings on Cancer.'" teen, and fifteen years, who are leaving home for the first ment of Mrs. Ferguson's husband, a

N. Y. Times: "A very excellent and time to enter preparatory school. Masters in charge have

valuable book that is receiving the corbeen chosen for special fitness as counselors and comrades former Governor of the State.

dial endorsement of physicians of high of boys. Fall term opens Sept. 24. Apply in person or by


$3.00 HERVEY S. COWELL, A.M., Pd.D., Principal, Ashburnham, Mass.


At all bookstores or
McAllister School Massachusetts

A School for Young Boys. Prepares for Andover,

E. P. DUTTON & CO. Exeter, Groton, Loomis, Middlesex, Milton, Pomfret, and all

681 Fifth Ave.

New York secondary schools. Emphasizes training in self-reliance, application and self-control. Residence under home conditions with attention to moral and physical well-being.



FORDS-34 Miles


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Safe considers that his ranch affords more




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