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A&C Black, 1. 4. 1994 - 256 strán (strany)
The age of Elizabeth I exercises a fascination unmatched by other periods of English history. Yet while the leading figures may seem familiar, many Elizabethan personalities, including the queen herself, remain enigmatic; their attitudes to life, politics and religion often difficult to comprehend. Patrick Collinson redraws the main features of the political and religious struggle of the reign.In engaging with the virgin queen herself he tackles the old conundrum: was she a religious woman? He also investigatesthe no less inscrutable religious position adopted by the by the nototious turncoat, Andrew Perne, the reliability as a historian of the martyrologist John Foxe (whose religion is in no doubt) and the religious environment which shaped William Shakespeare.

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Or History with the Politics Put Back
2 The Monarchical Republic of Queen Elizabeth I
3 Puritans Men of Business and Elizabethan Parliaments
Questions about the Religion of Queen Elizabeth I
Women Men and Religious Transactions
The Veracity of John Foxes Book of Martyrs
An Elizabethan Reputation
8 William Shakespeares Religious Inheritance and Environment
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O tomto autorovi (1994)

Patrick Collinson is Regius Professor of Modern History, Emeritus, in the University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of Trinity College. He is the author of The Elizabethan Puritan Movement and two earlier collections of essays, Godly People and Elizabethans.

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