The Baviad, and Maeviad

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J. Wright, 1797 - 145 strán (strany)

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Strana 116 - I am turn'd to clay, Shall duly to her grave repair, And pluck the ragged moss away, And weeds that have
Strana 34 - Pafquin's head Be full as hard, and near as thick, as thine ; Yet has the world admiring on it read Many a keen gibe, and many a fportive line.
Strana 117 - I offer at thy shrine , Thy grave must then undecked remain, And all thy memory fade with mine. And can thy soft persuasive look, Thy voice that might with music vie, Thy air that every gazer took, Thy matchless eloquence of eye ; Thy spirits...
Strana 20 - tis sweet, To hear " That's HE !" from every one we meet : That's HE whom critic Bell declares divine, For whom the fair diurnal laurels twine; Whom magazines, reviews, conspire to praise And Greathead calls the Homer of our days.
Strana 117 - I DID IT : and, would fate allow. Should visit still, should still deplore But health and strength have left me now, And I, alas ! can weep no more. Take then, sweet maid ! this simple strain, The last I offer at thy shrine ; Thy grave must then undeck'd remain, And all thy memory fade with mine. And can thy soft persuasive look...
Strana 36 - This has induced me to lay aside a second castigation which I had prepared for him, though I do not think it expedient to omit what I had formerly written. HERE on the rack of Satire let him lie, Fit garbage for the hell-hound Infamy.
Strana 114 - Lo ! while your buds prepare to blow, On icy pinions comes the blast, And nips your root, and lays you low. 'Alas, for such ungentle doom ! But I will shield you; and supply A kindlier soil on which to bloom, A nobler bed on which to die.
Strana 52 - Who made goose-pinions and white rags so dear. Yet Oldham, in his rude, unpolish'd strain, Could hiss the clamorous, and deride the vain, 305 Who bawl'd their rhymes incessant thro" the town, Or brib'd the hawkers for a day's renown.
Strana 51 - Come then, around their works a circle draw, And near it plant the dragons of the law ; With labels writ, " Critics far hence remove, Nor dare to censure what the great approve.
Strana 40 - Words of gigantic bulk, and uncouth sound, In rattling triads the long sentence bound ; While points with points, with periods periods jar, And the whole work seems one continued war ! Is not THIS sad? Friend. ' 'Tis pitiful, God knows,

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