Original Ballads by Living Authors, 1850

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Henry Thompson
J. Masters, 1850 - 256 strán (strany)

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Strana 222 - If by your art, my dearest father, you have Put the wild waters in this roar, allay them : The sky, it seems, would pour down stinking pitch, But that the sea, mounting to the welkin's cheek, Dashes the fire out. O ! I have suffered With those that I saw suffer : a brave vessel, Who had no doubt some noble creature in her, Dash'd all to pieces.
Strana 178 - ... the highest festival of the Goths. There was metal yet more attractive, and younger hearts, whose welcome, if less loud, was as sincere as that of the jolly Udaller.
Strana 177 - Bessie Bell I lo'ed yestreen, And thocht I ne'er could alter ; But Mary Gray's twa pawky een Gar'd a' my fancy falter. Bessie's hair's like a lint-tap, She smiles like a May mornin', When Phoebus starts frae Thetis
Strana 200 - Then come with me to his house. We must find him, though it is so early ! " It was now four, and the Clerk of the Crown lived in Chancery Lane. There was no hackney coach, and they almost ran. The Clerk of the Crown had a country house, and meaning to have a long holiday, he was at that moment .stepping into his gig, to go to his villa. Astonished at the visit of the Under-Secretary at such an hour, he was still more so at his business.
Strana 200 - It was brought. Sir Evan sent to the Post Office for the trustiest and fleetest express, and the reprieve reached York at the moment the unhappy people were ascending the cart.
Strana 200 - A reprieve to be sent to York for the coiners ordered for execution the next day." It struck him that he had had no return to his order to send the reprieve ; and he searched the minutes, but could not find it. In alarm he went to the house of the chief clerk, who lived in...
Strana 200 - You are scarcely awake," said Sir Evan, il recollect yourself; it must have been sent." The clerk said that he now recollected he had sent it to the clerk of the crown, whose business it was to forward it to York. " Good," said Sir Evan, ''but have you his receipt and certificate that it is gone?
Strana 227 - Through the air rings shout and outcry — through the streets a red tide pours, — To the booming of the cannon the ancient city roars : For wilder than the tempest is human passion's strife, And deadlier than the elements the waste of human life : No breathing time for pity ; 'tis the long stern tug of might: The war of poor against the rich, and both against the right : Each street and lane the artillery sweeps, — the rifle enfilades, — With stone and bar, with beam and spar, they pile the...
Strana 170 - But that which chiefly broke his peace, was the death of his daughter Claypole; who had been always his greatest joy, and who, in her sickness, which was of a nature the physicians knew not how to deal with, had several conferences with him, which exceedingly perplexed him.
Strana 228 - At the Rue d'Antoine the Garde Mobile have the better of the day" — "Some succour to the Port au Ble — they scarce can hold their own" — "Help, help ! or all is over at the Barriere du Trone!

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