De Quincey's works, Zväzok 12

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Strana 42 - In the worst inn's worst room, with mat half -hung, The floors of plaster, and the walls of dung, On once a flock-bed, but repaired with straw, With tape-tied curtains, never meant to draw, The George and Garter dangling from that bed Where tawdry yellow strove with dirty red, Great Villiers lies...
Strana 108 - Vice thus abused, demands a nation's care ; This calls the Church to deprecate our sin, And hurls the thunder of the laws on gin. Let modest Foster, if he will, excel Ten Metropolitans in preaching well...
Strana 8 - ... summos posse viros et magna exempla daturos vervecum in patria crassoque sub aere nasci.
Strana 99 - I may so say, highly gentlemanly. I do not remember his common gait; he always entered a room in that style of affected delicacy, which fashion had then made almost natural; chapeau bras between his hands, as if he wished to compress it, or under his arm ; knees bent, and feet on tiptoe, as if afraid of a wet floor.
Strana 199 - The pretty, flesh-and-blood spirit of that night, if you do not know it, was Philina. The story was in truth a hard dower for me; but if we cannot be content with such things, we should not be in love.
Strana 138 - The means, which nature employs to bring about the development of all the tendencies she has laid in man, is the antagonism of these tendencies in the social state — no farther, however, than to that point at which this antagonism becomes the cause of social arrangements founded in law.
Strana 117 - ... the same plethoric fulness of thought, the same fine sense of the beautiful — and (I think) the same incapacity for dealing with simple and austere grandeur.
Strana 216 - I know it," answered Wilhelm with a smile, and holding out his hand. "I accept it then," said she, and made a movement with her right hand, as if meaning to take hold of his: but instantly she darted it into her pocket, pulled out her dagger quick as lightning, and scored with the edge and point of it across his hand. He hastily drew it back, but the blood was already running down. "One must mark you men rather sharply, if one would have you take heed," cried she with a wild mirth, which soon passed...
Strana 99 - His eyes were remarkably bright and penetrating, very dark and lively; his voice was not strong; but his tones were extremely pleasant, and, if I may so say, highly gentlemanly. I do not remember his common gait: he always entered a room in that style of affected delicacy which fashion had then made...
Strana 75 - Mackintosh has not overlooked it ; he has in fact expressed it repeatedly, but always in terms that would hardly have conveyed the full meaning to my mind if I had not been expressly seeking for such a meaning. At p. 14 (vol. i. ) he thus distinguishes : — " These momentous inquiries relate to at least two perfectly distinct subjects : I. The nature of the distinction between Right and Wrong in human conduct ; and, II. The nature of those feelings with which Right and Wrong are contemplated by...

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