The Complete Works of Henry Fielding, Esq: Plays and poems

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Strana 280 - Greatness by poets still is painted, With many followers acquainted ; This too doth in my favour speak, Your levee is but twice a week ; From mine I can exclude but one day, My door is quiet on a Sunday.
Strana 131 - Custom may lead a man into many errors, but it justifies none ; nor are any of its laws more absurd and unjust than those relating to the commerce between the sexes : for what can be more ridiculous...
Strana 298 - Dixit, et avertens rosea cervice refulsit, ambrosiaeque comae divinum vertice odorem spiravere, pedes vestis defluxit ad imos, et vera incessu patuit dea.
Strana 281 - Suppose a secretary o' this isle, Just to be doing with a while ; Admiral, general, judge, or bishop : Or I can foreign treaties dish up. If the good genius of the nation Should call me to negotiation, Tuscan and French are in my head, Latin I write, and Greek — I read. If you should ask, what pleases best ? To get the most, and do the least ; What fittest for ? — you know, I'm sure, I'm fittest for — a sinecure.
Strana 280 - Indo, Am never seen but at my window. If with my greatness you're offended, The fault is easily amended ; For I'll come down, with wondrous ease, Into whatever place you please. I'm not ambitious ; little matters Will serve us great, but humble creatures. Suppose a secretary o...
Strana 280 - To think those greater who're above us ; Another instance of my glory, Who live above you, twice two story ; And from my garret can look down On the whole street of Arlington.
Strana 242 - To confess the truth, my narrative is rather of such actions which he might have performed, or would, or should have performed, than what he really did; and may, in reality, as well suit any other such great man, as the person himself whose name it bears.
Strana 248 - I was last Winter laid up in the Gout, with a favourite Child dying in one Bed, and my Wife in a Condition very little better, on another, attended with other Circumstances, which served as very proper Decorations to such a Scene.
Strana 243 - But without considering Newgate as no other than Human Nature with its Mask off, which some very shameless Writers have done, a Thought which no Price should purchase me to entertain, I think we may be excused for suspecting, that the splendid Palaces of the Great are often no other than Newgate with the Mask on. Nor do I know any thing which can raise an honest Man's Indignation higher than that the same Morals should be in one Place attended with all imaginable Misery and Infamy, and in the other,...
Strana 299 - s image to his eyes. In Lock 's or Newton 's page her learning glows ; Dryden the sweetness of her numbers shews ; In all their various excellence I find The various beauties of her perfect mind. How vain in wine a short relief I boast ! Each sparkling glass recalls my charming toast. To women then successless I repair, Engage the young, the witty, and the fair. When Sappho's wit each envious breast alarms, And Rosalinda looks ten thousand charms; In vain to them my restless thoughts would run ;...

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