All the Year Round: A Weekly Journal, Zväzok 30

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Published at the Office, 1873

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Strana 297 - O Woman ! in our hours of ease, Uncertain, coy, and hard to please, And variable as the shade By the light quivering aspen made, When pain and anguish wring the brow, A ministering angel thou ! — Scarce were the piteous accents said, When, with the Baron's casque, the maid To the nigh streamlet ran.
Strana 320 - Wharton afterwards boasted that he had sung a King out of three kingdoms. But in truth the success of Lillibullero was the effect, and not the cause, of that excited state of public feeling which produced the Revolution.
Strana 89 - Greys and Enniskilleners went right at the centre of the Russian cavalry. The space between them was only a few hundred yards; it was scarce enough to let the horses 'gather way,' nor had the men quite space sufficient for the full play of their sword arms.
Strana 319 - I loved a lass, a fair one, As fair as e'er was seen; She was indeed a rare one, Another Sheba Queen: But, fool as then I was, I thought she loved me too: But now, alas! she's left me, Falero, lero, loo!
Strana 89 - Enniskilleners pierced through the dark masses of Russians. The shock was but for a moment. There was a clash of steel and a light play of sword-blades in the air, and then the Greys and the Red-coats disappear in the midst of the shaken and quivering columns. In another moment we see them...
Strana 89 - God help them, they are lost ! " was the exclamation of more than one man, and the thought of many. With unabated fire the noble hearts dashed at their enemy. It was a fight of heroes. The first line of Russians which had been...
Strana 280 - It was not a dark night, and the Prussians were wandering about to plunder (and the scene in Ferdinand, Count Fathom...
Strana 318 - TO all you ladies now at land We men at sea indite ; But first would have you understand How hard it is to write : The Muses now, and Neptune too, We must implore to write to you — With a fa, la, la, la, la.
Strana 522 - Then shall the infirm persons, one by one, be presented to the queen upon their knees ; and as every one is presented, and while the queen is laying her hands upon them, and putting the gold about their necks, the chaplain that officiates, turning...
Strana 88 - ... very soon lost the combat, for I parried it and cut him down through the head ; so that finished the contest for the eagle. After which I presumed to follow my comrades, eagle and all, but was stopped by the general, saying to me, " You brave fellow, take that to the rear : you have done enough until you get quit of it ;" which I was obliged to do, but with great reluctance.

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