Tam O'Shanter and Souter Johnny, a Poem

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Marsh and Miller, 1830 - 16 strán (strany)
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Strana 4 - Whare sits our sulky sullen dame, Gathering her brows like gathering storm, Nursing her wrath to keep it warm. This truth fand honest Tarn o...
Strana 6 - Or like the Borealis race, That flit ere you can point their place; Or like the rainbow's lovely form, Evanishing amid the storm.-— Nae man can tether time or tide, The hour approaches, Tam maun ride ; That hour o...
Strana 9 - The doubling storm roars thro' the woods; The lightnings flash from pole to pole; Near and more near the thunders roll: When, glimmering thro' the groaning trees, Kirk-Alloway seem'd in a bleeze, Thro, ilka bore the beams were glancing, And loud resounded mirth and dancing. Inspiring bold John Barleycorn, What dangers thou canst make us scorn! Wi' tippenny, we fear nae evil; Wi' usquabae, we'll face the Devil!
Strana 5 - Kirkton Jean till Monday. She prophesy'd that, late or soon, Thou would be found, deep drown'd in Doon ; Or catch'd wi' warlocks in the mirk, By Alloway's auld haunted kirk. Ah, gentle dames! it gars me greet, To think how mony counsels sweet, How mony lengthen'd sage advices, The husband frae the wife despises ! But to our tale : Ae market night, Tam had got planted unco right ; Fast by an ingle, bleezing finely, Wi...
Strana 6 - The night drave on wi' sangs and clatter; And ay the ale was growing better: The landlady and Tam grew gracious, Wi' favours, secret, sweet, and precious: The souter tauld his queerest stories; The landlord's laugh was ready chorus: The storm without might rair and rustle, Tam did na mind the storm a whistle. Care, mad to see a man sae happy, E'en drown'd himsel amang the nappy: As bees flee hame wi...
Strana 9 - Wi' tippenny, we fear nae evil ; Wi' usquebae, we'll face the devil ! The swats sae ream'd in Tammie's noddle Fair play, he car'd na Deils a boddle.
Strana 3 - WHEN chapman billies leave the street, And drouthy neebors, neebors meet, As market-days are wearing late, An' folk begin to tak the gate ; While we sit bousing at the nappy, An...
Strana 6 - Tarn skelpit on thro' dub and mire, Despising wind, and rain, and fire ; Whiles hauding fast his guid blue bonnet ; Whiles crooning o'er some auld Scots sonnet ; Whiles glowring round wi' prudent cares, Lest bogles catch him unawares ; Kirk-Alloway was drawing nigh, Whare ghaists and houlets nightly cry. — By this time he was cross the ford, Whare in the snaw the chapman smoor'd ; And past the birks and meikle stane, Whare drunken Charlie brak 's neck-bane ; And thro...

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