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Ann. 1647.

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The sermon of peace and charity which your majesty was pleased to call for about twelve weeks since, by which means it had the favour to become one of the earliest addresses made to your majesty after the recalling of those votes , hath now taken the confidence to appear more public, that it may demonstrate and testify the reality of your majesty's inclinations to peace, (which alone could render this trifle considerable to you), and the sincere desire of your most private undisguised retirements, to make the way back to

. [Both houses of parliament had re- bly for the morning service of the same solved (Jan. 3 and 15) that they would day, and perhaps Hammond did not receive no more messages from the arrive at Carisbrook in time to preach king, and that they would send no ad- them. Hammond had been removed dress to him for the future, and that if from his attendance on the king Dec. any other person should do so he should 27 of the previous year, and upon his be considered guilty of high treason. expulsion from his canonry in March, This vote of non-addresses was repealed 1648, was with Sheldon kept in close August 3. The king probably sent for confinement, in Oxford, though most the sermon about the end of June, 1648, of the other expelled members of the if we may judge from the expression University had been banished from “twelve weeks since,” compared with Oxford. The reason of this no doubt the date of the dedication, Sept. 16. was to prevent their having access to Why it was not sent earlier than Au- the king, over whom it was feared that gust 3, it is not easy to say, but per- they might exert too much infuence. haps Hammond, who was at that time Their imprisonment was afterwards asunder confinement, had not access to signed as a reason why their attendhis papers. The sermon itself was ance could not be granted to his mapreached on St. Andiew's day, 16 +7, jesty at the treaty of Newport, Charles " the third of Advent,” but was proba- having requested their attendance in bly intended for the previous Sun- a letter dated August 28. It is to the day, the text being taken from the first refusal of the House of Commons that lesson for evening service. The last of he alludes in the concluding sentence these ten sermons was prepared proba- of the dedication.]

your throne by none but pacific means, even then when others thought it their duty by the sword to attempt it for you.

The other few sermons added to the volume have no errand but to attend this, that it may with a little more solemnity approach your sacred presence, and enjoy that liberty which is denied to

Your majesty's most obedient,

and most devoted subject and servant,


Sept. 16, 1648.

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