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Strana 1005 - OLD King Cole was a merry old soul, And a merry old soul was he; He called for his pipe, and he called for his bowl, And he called for his fiddlers three.
Strana 1008 - FROM his brimstone bed at break of day A walking the Devil is gone, To visit his snug little farm the Earth, And see how his stock goes on.
Strana 721 - Twas but in a sort I blamed thee ; None e'er prosper'd who defamed thee ; Irony all, and feign'd abuse, Such as perplex'd lovers use, At a need, when, in despair To paint forth their fairest fair, Or in part but to express That exceeding comeliness Which their fancies doth so strike, They borrow language of dislike ; And, instead of Dearest Miss...
Strana 738 - Now the weak and wailing cry Of a stripling's agony ! Cold, by this, was the midnight air ; But the Abbot's blood ran colder, When he saw a gasping knight lie there. With a gash beneath his clotted hair, And a hump upon his shoulder. And the loyal churchman strove in vain To mutter a Pater...
Strana 763 - So they are," observed the elder Mr. Weller parenthetically. "'But now," continued Sam, — "'now I find what a reg'lar soft-headed, inkred'lous turnip I must ha' been; for there ain't nobody like you, though I like you better than nothin
Strana 720 - Bacchus' black servant, negro fine! Sorcerer! that mak'st us dote upon Thy begrimed complexion. And, for thy pernicious sake, More and greater oaths to break Than reclaimed lovers take 'Gainst women ! Thou thy siege dost lay Much, too, in the female way, While thou suck'st the laboring breath Faster than kisses, or than death.
Strana 1047 - Pulpit discourses have insensibly dwindled from speaking to reading ; a practice, of itself, sufficient to stifle every germ of eloquence. It is only by the fresh feelings of the heart, that mankind can be very powerfully affected. What can be more ludicrous, than an orator delivering stale indignation, and fervour of a week old; turning over whole pages of violent passions, written out in German text ; reading the tropes and apostrophes into which he is hurried by the...
Strana 906 - For time at last sets all things even — And if we do but watch the hour, There never yet was human power Which could evade, if unforgiven, The patient search and vigil long Of him who treasures up a wrong.
Strana 1067 - ... in England.* As to the return of his health and vigour, were you here, you might inquire of his hay-makers ; but as to his temperance, I can answer that (for one whole day) we have had nothing for dinner but mutton broth, beans and bacon, and a barn-door fowl.
Strana 766 - Oh, my soul! oh, my lamb! seek not after the things which concern thee not. Thou earnest unto us, and we welcomed thee: go in peace. Of a truth, thou hast spoken many words ; and there is no harm done, for the speaker is one and the listener is another. After the fashion of thy people thou hast wandered from one place to another until thou art happy and content in none.

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