Principles of Domestic Science as Applied to the Duties and Pleasures of Home: A Text-book for the Use of Young Ladies in Schools, Seminaries, and Colleges

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J.B. Ford, 1873 - 380 strán (strany)

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Strana 173 - divine precept, which requires us to do to others as we would that they should do to us. It is saying, by our deportment, to all around, that we consider their feelings, tastes, and conveniences, as equal in value to our own.
Strana 14 - Woman's profession embraces the care and nursing of the body in the critical periods of infancy and sickness, the training of the human mind in the most impressible period of childhood, the instruction and control of servants, and most of the government and economies of the family state. These duties of woman are as
Strana 42 - discharge into the right side of the heart. This impure blood passes to the capillaries of the air-cells in the lungs, where it gives off carbonic acid, and, taking oxygen from the air, then returns to the left side of the heart, from whence it is sent out through the aorta, and its myriad branching
Strana 275 - As the result, the young women in some of our country towns are, in mental culture, much' in advance of the males of the same household; but with this comes a physical delicacy, the result of an exclusive use of the brain and a neglect of the muscular system, with great inefficiency in
Strana 109 - and mouths. The vegetable world reverses the breathing process of the animal creation, restoring the elements which that has combined and rendered effete for its own purposes, to their original condition. The salt-water ocean is a great aquarium. The air ocean in which we live is a ' Wardian\ case,' of larger dimensions.
Strana 230 - there are twenty ways of going wrong to one way of going right, and you will get some idea of the enormous mischief that is almost everywhere inflicted by the thoughtless, hap-hazard system in common use.
Strana 272 - In this country, our democratic institutions have removed the superincumbent pressure which in the Old World confines the servants to a regular orbit. They come here feeling that this is somehow- a land of liberty, and with very • dim and confused notions of what liberty is. They are very extensively
Strana 144 - In regard to this, if one must choose for a friend or a child, on the one hand, the horrible torments inflicted by savage Indians or cruel inquisitors on their victims, or, on the other, the protracted agonies that result from such deformities and displacements, sometimes the former would be a merciful exchange.
Strana 231 - Nearly one half of the deaths, occurring during the first two years of existence, are ascribable to mismanagement, and to errors in diet. At birth, the stomach is feeble, and as yet unaccustomed to food; its cravings are consequently easily satisfied, and frequently renewed." " At that early age, there ought to be no fixed time for
Strana 272 - It is impossible, however, that any thing but early training and long experience can produce these results, and it is earnestly to be wished that the grandmothers of NewEngland had written down their experiences for our children ; they would have been a mine of maxims and traditions better than any other

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