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How the Carters Became Famous for Their Sunday Evening Suppers


By Jessie E. Sinclair

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Carters to drop in on them sometime Sunday afternoon and stay for supper.

Of course, they are lovely people, Mr. and Mrs. Carter-jolly, hospitable, always glad to see you, congenial with young and Id. Mr. Carter is a man who can talk terestingly and entertainingly on any und every subject. And Julia Carter is he most whole-souled and big-sisterly oman I know, and it's a joy to get off Foue with her and tell her


troubles nd get her always practical advice. But there is another attraction about e Carters that I'll confess is possibly strongest of all. Fulia Carter is the most versatile, resource

and successful hostess in our town. You a drop in on her any day in the week and - time of day, and if it is anywhere near altime, she's sure to make you stay. And o, presto! There's a treat for you such rou'd ordinarily have to go to an exsive restaurant to get. 'e used to wonder what delicious dainty coming next, for she'd rarely have the

thing twice. And we didn't know for g time how she was able to vary her is so delightfully. tone Sunday evening when all the dishes washed and the crowd of us, women were on the front porch waiting for the to come back from their walk, somepopped the questions that had long in our minds. ow do you do it, Julia ? Where do you these treats you have been giving us ? do you always manage to have somegood on hand, no matter what the day e of day ?" ell, I'll tell you, girls," she replied. “I'm ple of Frank E. Davis of Gloucester,

Very likely you've seen his picture e of the magazines. He's a wonderful

man right down there where the fishicks come in fresh from their trips to hing banks and deep sea fishing met Mr. Davis myself-have been his plant in Gloucester-and I tell s a character. That man is as much Est as a business man. He and his und all his ancestors for 300 years en born and lived all their lives in ter, where nearly every man has ng to do with the sea. Somehow years ago he got the idea in his head eone ought to give inland folks, too, f the true, fresh-from-the-sea flavor ds. And he made up his mind that ping to be the man. 's built up a really unique business. up the most delicious sea treats in y that there is something about them ther similar foods seem to have5s, a sweetness and a true deep-sea I've never been able to find any. ept right down in Gloucester itself. arse some like one thing best and her, but I must say I like every sinIr. Davis puts up. But if you want e before you buy, it happens he has ttle assortment that he offers at a ce that includes, I believe, fourteen d-bits. I remember I tried that asrst, after I came back from my

trip, and since then I've just kept my pantry stocked with three or four cans of each thing.

“That's what you girls have been having here for some time past. Mr. Davis sends along a mighty interesting and attractive little cook-book, too, with over a hundred recipes in it, so that you don't need to have the same thing twice in a good long time.”

Well, I tell you, folks, it was a revelation and has been a godsend to me.

I sent right on for the assortment Julia spoke of—it's called the “Special Get-ACquainted Offer." And I had the same experience as Julia-I liked every single morsel. So I've followed her plan right through. 1 keep several cans of each kind on hand all the time.

And now I never have to worry in a pinch, or any other time. If company drops in unexpectedly, I'm ready for them in no time with a delicious lobster, shrimp, crab meat, tunny or salmon salad—you see there are half a dozen or more different salads alone I can make if I choose. Or I can take the same foods and fix them à la Newburg or stewed or fricasseed or creamed or several other appetizing ways.

If I want a nice soup, I can have a real New England clam chowder. And I can have codhish soufflé or sardine rarebit or kippered herring or fish flake timbales.

And if we are to go on a picnic or take a motor trip, goodness, I can make a dozen kinds of tasty sandwiches and do it in a jiffy, without going out of the house.

Best of all, every one of these dishes is as different from the store" kind as day from night. That man Davis is unique. I believe he actually knows how to put up the clear, clean, exhilarating sea ozone itself with his seafoods. There is something fresh, pure and sweet about them that just proves to you he's taken them practically right from the water, prepared them on the very shore and preserved for you what you can't usually get in any other way than going right down to Gloucester and eating at a skipper's table. And you ought to see John dig into them, it does my heart good.

Excuse me for raving, but I can't help it. Mr. Davis wrote and asked me as a customer to say just a few words about his lovely foods and here I've gone and written a book,


nearly. I musn't forget, though, to tell one other important thing about that “Special Get-Acquainted Offer.” Mr. Davis sends it out, charges paid, east of Kansas, at his risk. Think of that! When the postman delivers it to you, you pay him only $3.65 for the entire assortment. And then you try two of the foods—any two you like. If you are the slightest bit disappointed, you can send the rest back and Mr. Davis will refund your $3.65.

Here's the assortment you receive: 1 can shrimps, 1 can tunny fish, 1 can fresh lobster, I can royal Chinook salmon, 1 can clam chowder, 1 can lobster sandwich filling, 1 can fish flakes, 1 can Norway sardines, I can California sardines, 1 can kippered herring, 1 lb. salt cod. fish, 1 can fresh codfish, 1 can "Down East clams, 1 jar boneless herring, combination can opener and New Seafood Cook Book.

All you need to do to get the assortment is to fill out the coupon that will be printed with this article. You don't need to send a penny. And remember, you don't take a bit of risk. Mr. Davis will send back every cent if you are at all dissatisfied.

P. S.-Mr. Davis has authorized me to say to readers of this magazine who fill out the coupon right away that as a special induce. ment to them he'll include, besides the fourteen items that ordinarily make up the assortment, a can of his famous Finnan Haddie. That's just one extra treat, folks. Frank E. Davis Fish Co.,59 Central Wharf, Gloucester, Mass.

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59 Central Wharf, Gloucester, Mass. I would like to try, at your risk, your Special Get-Acquainted Assortment. Please send me, all charges prepaid (east of Kansas) the package of sea products listed above. And please be sure to send the extra FREE can of Fivnan Haddie. I agree to pay the postman $3.65 in full payment on delivery. It is understood, however, that if after trying any two packages I am not completely satisfied, I can feel perfectly free to return the othur packages and my $3.65 will be immediately refunded.




If you are likely to be out when the postuan
calls, you may send cash with order. Mr.
Davis's guarantee protects you just the same.

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